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How To Reduce The Risk Of Birth Injuries?

By Sumona

May 31, 2022

Birth Injuries

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Bringing a child into the world is a painfully beautiful process, but any injuries sustained during the process can have lifelong repercussions. During the birth, the birth injuries can be sustained by the child and the mother both. And this is due to the negligence of the medical team. 

The injuries can range from minor to major once; for example, a child can sustain brain injury during the birth, and this means that they will require lifelong care and assistance. Birth injury lawyers can help you in making a case against the concerned party and get you the best compensation.

 2 Types Of Common Birth Injuries

When you know the reasons for the problems, you can get over their issues. This is why you must first know the types of birth injuries. Then find the solutions for it.

Here are the two common types of birth injuries.

1. Recognizing The Risk Factors During Birth

For the medical team working on the case, it is imperative they understand the risks that are involved. Not all pregnancies are the same, so the doctors must understand the history before they start the birthing process. 

If the mother is already suffering from any health condition, this directly impacts the risk of a birth injury. Not only for the child, even there are possibilities of having birth injuries to the mother. And the target is very simple to keep the mother and the child in a safe condition.

Some medical health conditions are:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Heart diseases

The medical team should be ready to provide immediate care to the baby or the mother in case the condition deteriorates.

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2. Complicated Births

The pregnancy-related birth injuries are causing enough trouble, but in the case of twins or triplets, the chances of injuries increase manifolds. 

The more time the baby spends in the birth canal, the more chances there are that he/she will be devoid of oxygen, and a prolonged period without oxygen can directly have an effect on the brain.

How To Reduce Risks Of Birth Injuries?

You already know what the common causes of birth injuries are. Sometimes not only the health concerns due to the hospital and the medical staff, but birth injuries are also possible.

But when you are taking proper precautions before childbirth, you can get over the fatal chances of 40 to 50%. 

Here are the three ways to minimize the risk of birth injuries


  1. Intricate The Case Details First
  2. Proper Health Monitoring Process
  3. Do Not Miss The Appointments And The Instructions Of The Gyno
  4. Select The Best Service Providing Hospital That Has A Good Reputation

1. Intricate The Case Details First

The medical staff should be well aware of any of the intricate details of the case. The gynecologist associated with the case should document all the important information and case history. 

This is why it is also recommended that you should not change your doctor throughout your pregnancy, so no information is missed out.

2. Proper Health Monitoring Process

The factors that increase complications in a case, like blood pressure and diabetes, should be continuously monitored. The patient should also be informed about all these conditions so they can take extra measures to keep things under control.

Even many times, medical malpractice birth injuries are also possible. So it is better to diagnose the problems first. And apply the exact health monitoring process.

3. Do Not Miss The Appointments And The Instructions Of The Gyno

For a mother, there are quite a few things that can be practiced to prevent any birth injuries during the process.

This starts with continuous exercise during the pregnancy as prescribed by the doctor. Over-exertion at times can also lead to complications. Strengthening the pelvic muscles is imperative, and this can be achieved through pelvic exercises.

4. Select The Best Service Providing Hospital That Has A Good Reputation

The types of birth injuries to mother and child can be prevented if the right precautionary measures are taken. Choosing the right hospital and the staff to do your delivery will also ensure that you are saved from any trouble. 

It is always recommended to have the best doctors and hospitals on your insurance panel as the best healthcare ensures the best experience. In case you have suffered from any birth injuries, get yourself birth injury lawyers to present your case in court.

The hospital will do its best to prove itself innocent; however, you must charge them for the physical and emotional trauma. These are the best tips that you can follow to avoid medical malpractice birth injuries.


Having birth injuries for any newborn baby or a mother is a severe challenge. So it is always better to take some precautions first and avoid the chances of birth injuries. These are the steps that you can take to prevent newborn injury chances. When you are selecting any hospital, always check its reputation and consumer reviews.

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