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General Wholesale VS. Liquidation Wholesale. Which One Is Better For Your Business?

By Arnab Dey

May 17, 2022

General Wholesale

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Getting products is possible in bulk both from general wholesale or the chance to buy liquidation pallets wholesale. But they are completely different based on the source from where people buy them and the possible chances of making profits. Understanding the aspects of the two sets of wholesale products, the one which is best for business gets easier to understand.

General Wholesale

General wholesale products are unique goods that buyers can get in bulk. But the products are listed under a single product and not a category. Buyers can only get a single product from the general wholesale in bulk as they need.

It is not possible to buy the products as two or three. It gets chosen in bulk and hence only those with that much requirement can buy these. Here, the best part is that products directly come from a supplier or manufacturer. So, the products are as new as it gets.


  • All the products are new and straight from the manufacturer to the hands of the user.
  • It is perfect for businesses that are going to sell specific products in bulk. There is no need to inspect products much as it is new.


  • It costs relatively more since it is brand new, but still, it is way less than MRP.
  • If there is a need for a few things, this is not a suitable option.

Liquidation Pallets Wholesale

Liquidation pallets can come from reselling and closeout of businesses. The best part about this is they are separated into categories. While people buy liquidation pallets, there is a chance of getting varied types of products from a single pallet.

The best part about the liquidation pallets is that they are available at extremely low prices. Some of the products are not new but there are multiple products from clearance or overstock which are completely new and unused. Getting the products from liquidation wholesale does not disappoint.


  • Buying liquidation pallets get easier with liquidation companies that provide shipping with orders. With proper inspecting online it is best to buy pallets of specific categories from the best liquidation companies.
  • It gets so cheap that multiple products come under the budget. There is an option to negotiate prices too and compared to wholesale prices it is really low.


  • Some of the products can be pre-owned which have very low resell value. It is important to inspect the packages as they reach to get the usable products.
  • Not all products come with perfect packaging and they cannot be re-ordered. These are products from company clearance and they are sold only once.

General Wholesale Vs Liquidation Wholesale

Comparing the general wholesale products with liquidation wholesale gets easier with specially dedicated pros and cons of each. With proper market research, it gets easier to have the perfect products from the market.

  • Liquidation wholesale comes at the cheapest possible price which is way less compared to general wholesale prices of products.
  • There is a variance of products available from the pallets from the best wholesale liquidation companies. Buying a specific category of pallet different types of products are available. General wholesale is available for the bulk of specific products.
  • General wholesale comes from suppliers directly while liquidation assets are from overstock, clearance, or even returned products. So, the general wholesale products will be brand new.

It is best to buy liquidation stocks like most companies buy because it has multiple options and come under a budget. But the only thing which people need to take care of is they can order from general wholesale without inspecting, while proper inspecting is required for buying liquidation pallets wholesale.

Based on the pros, even after taking time and inspecting the packages, ordering liquidation wholesale pallets for bulk products is best. This is because multiple types of products can be present in each of the wholesale pallets.


Among the general and liquidation wholesale, the one which brings the highest business is liquidation asset. This is because it brings more profits as the margin of buying and selling can be really high.

In some cases, there are brand new products too from liquidation assets of clearance and overstock. This brings a lot of profit but getting items from general wholesale costs more with fewer variants, which is why it is not a suitable option for people in reselling business.

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