4 Ways To Generate Positive Buzz About Your Restaurant – And Why You Need It

By Barsha Bhattacharya

December 22, 2023

Generate Positive Buzz About Your Restaurant – And Why You Need It

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It takes hard work to maintain successful operations in the food and beverage industry. However, it has become more challenging in recent years, particularly for restaurants, as many have been forced to close temporarily or permanently due to the pandemic.

While the situation has somewhat improved, with dining establishments reopening and customers returning to cafes, gourmet destinations, and fast-food outlets, fewer restaurants exist today than before Covid-19 happened. Data show that about 631,000 restaurants were operational in the US in 2022 – 72,000 less than in 2019. Moreover, the numbers could still decrease before the end of this year, and experts don’t think it will return to pre-Covid levels by 2026.

Other factors also make it even more difficult for restaurants to survive in the industry, such as the prevalence of delivery or takeout options negatively impacting dine-in restaurants, inflation preventing consumers from dining out to save money, and soaring operating costs due to the increasing prices of ingredients and rental rates. Fortunately, there are still different strategies that can drive success in a restaurant business, and making proper use of good customer feedback is one of them.

Importance Of Customer Feedback And Recommendation In The Food Industry

Word of mouth can directly impact the success of a restaurant because of its association with customers’ genuine experiences and recommendations. Generally, people place greater trust in recommendations from friends and other customers since they come from real dining experiences, making them feel more reliable and authentic.

When good reviews are shared on social media or online review sites, they can quickly spread and reach many people, increasing a restaurant’s visibility. This can make people curious about the restaurant, leading to more customers and popularity, which is a more cost-effective way of promoting your business compared to investing in traditional advertising campaigns.

Customer feedback can also provide valuable insights, helping identify areas for improvement so you can make the necessary adjustments to drive continuous growth. Moreover, this feedback loop creates an environment that encourages loyalty and retention, resulting in a stable stream of repeat customers, which is essential for your long-term success.

Getting Customers To Talk About Your Business

In today’s competitive landscape, having customers talk about your restaurant can significantly influence the growth of your business. As such, word of mouth is still one of the most effective marketing strategies, making it indispensable in the restaurant business. You can accomplish this by consistently exceeding customer expectations, and here are some ideas to get you started:

Providing Exceptional Service

You can encourage your customers to spread good news about your restaurant in several ways, but it ultimately boils down to delivering an outstanding overall experience. Remember: the happier your customers are every time they visit your restaurant, the more they want to share and promote it in their circles.

One of the most effective methods is personalizing the customer experience using data, allowing you to tailor your service to each customer’s unique needs and preferences, thereby enhancing their satisfaction. This means that your staff can anticipate customer needs and cater to them proactively, be well-versed in all the dishes on your menu to make authentic recommendations, pair wines effectively, handle allergies or dietary restrictions, and answer any queries guests may have, among other considerations.

Ensuring Hygiene At All Times

Cleanliness in a restaurant is crucial to customer satisfaction and plays an integral role in service quality perception because sanitation conditions significantly affect the overall dining experience. A clean environment is equally necessary as serving great food quickly, making it crucial to fostering a positive image and trust among customers.

This standard applies to areas visible to your customers, as well as everywhere else in your restaurant, such as the kitchen. Cleanliness in the kitchen can affect food safety, service quality, and overall trust in the dining experience, which is why strict cleaning protocols must be in place to help reduce pathogen spread while ensuring food quality. If you lack the manpower to do this effectively and efficiently, consider employing commercial kitchen cleaning services to ensure the highest hygiene standards are always maintained.

Interacting With Customers And Responding To Reviews

Managing customer reviews and engaging with customers online or using restaurant loyalty software shows them you value their feedback, effectively building a solid online reputation for your restaurant.

The best way to respond is by directly expressing gratitude when receiving positive feedback and apologizing clearly for negative feedback while promptly addressing the concerns raised. Handling these reviews with professionalism, empathy, and a commitment to customer satisfaction can attract new customers and foster loyalty among existing patrons.

Creating Shareable Content

Sharing content from your restaurant can help increase visibility, helping you organically reach more audiences across various networks, resulting in heightened brand visibility and, often, new customer acquisition. Engagement is equally important as shareable content sparks customer conversations, creates a sense of community around your brand, and strengthens relationships, which are all essential in growing a sustainable restaurant business.

For example, regularly posting high-quality, alluring food photos or behind-the-scenes clips of your kitchen staff in action can endear customers to your restaurant and make them more likely to share the content. Customers typically eat with their eyes first, which means that well-shot, appetizing images posted on social media platforms can tempt potential customers. Meanwhile, sharing personal stories and behind-the-scenes looks at restaurant operations, such as individual narratives or spotlights on employees, allows customers to connect with and appreciate the human element behind your brand.

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