19-Year-Old Founder Buys $115k ‘hello.app’ Domain


A teenager named Álvaro Pintado Santaularia has bought the hello.app domain for $115,000. He plans to use this purchase as a first step to create a network that will enable decentralized storage for mobile devices, iPads, and pc’s to contribute in adecentralized storage network in an easy to use way. 

Pintado is an 19-year-old entrepreneur from Spain who is known for his innovative ideas. He intends to establish a revolutionary decentralized storage network to transform how we store and access data on these devices. 

At first, Pintado began a business that focused on managing passwords securely but later realized that file storage management would be more valuable. 

He teamed up with a skilled technologist who shared his vision for transforming data storage. Together, they are a dynamic duo working to bring their decentralized storage network to life. 

They are confident that their innovative solution will redefine how we store and access data across all devices.

How Did Álvaro Present The Power Of Decentralization & Blockchain?

Alvaro embarked on a journey to change the world. He wanted to make his desire a reality rather than just a dream. This led him to explore the potential of decentralized storage and blockchain technology. 

hello.app is a company that uses blockchain technology and decentralized storage to make the internet safer, more transparent, and democratic. They’re changing the way we experience the internet. 

The company’s goal is to change how we interact with the internet completely. Therefore, it makes it easier for everyone to use.

Moreover, using blockchain technology, hello.app ensures secure and transparent user data. It also offers offering a more decentralized approach to data storage. 

This approach gives users more control over their online presence, reducing the risk of data breaches and misuse. 

Therefore, hello.app’s innovative approach is helping to create a more secure and democratic internet for everyone.

Data Storage With Hello.app

Álvaro, a young entrepreneur, is partnering with Alexander Baikalov, another tech-savvy person. They aim to revolutionize data storage by shifting the focus from big corporations to individual users.

hello.app utilizes blockchain technology to enhance its security measures. Unlike traditional, centralized data storage services, blockchain technology eliminates common flaws such as a single point of failure. This ensures that your data is secure and protected at all times.

hello.app, a cloud storage provider, offers a limited-time promotion to new customers. New users will receive 100GB of free storage space upon sign-up as part of the deal. 

The promotion aligns with the company’s mission to make cloud storage accessible to the general public. 

hello.app aims to simplify storing data in the cloud by offering a user-friendly interface and affordable pricing options. 

Therefore, with this promotion, the company hopes to encourage more users to try out their platform and experience the benefits of cloud storage.

Data Ownership For Individuals

It’s time for a change in how we handle our data, according to Álvaro. For a considerable amount of time, big centralized solutions controlled our data. 

However, with hello.app’s decentralized storage infrastructure, users have the power back. Álvaro believes that our data belongs to us and not to them. 

hello.app is different from other tech giants because it allows people to control their data, which is very important. 

Therefore, unlike other complicated solutions, Álvaro’s vision is to make decentralized technology easy to use for everyone.

Hello's decentralized storage

Decentralized Web3 For Individuals

Álvaro’s hello.app aims to create a safe and decentralized file storage infrastructure using Web 3.0 and blockchain technologies. It will be the largest such infrastructure in the world. 

Moreover, it seeks to provide people control over their data and free big Internet technology companies from hegemony. 

With its robust cloud hosting services, hello.app concentrates on file management, breaking the dominance of Google Drive and Dropbox.

The solution proposed for storing vast amounts of data is distributing it among billions of devices worldwide, such as computers, tablets, and mobile phones. This process is called distributed storage. 

Microservers store files for third-party users and receive rewards in return. This ensures that the files are secure and maintained. Therefore, this approach is similar to the process of crypto dynamics. 

Entrepreneurs must design the necessary technology and frictionless protocol to connect microservers or nodes in a peer-to-peer network securely. Similar to crypto, this will allow consumers to get recomposed photographs in seconds.

Sustainably Effective Option

hello.app, a better choice compared to the current options. It excels in terms of sustainability, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency. 

The solution utilizes all existing devices’ potential and eliminates the need for large server farms, which consume energy 24/7. 

hello.app’s storage services help improve the speed and reliability of data access, especially in a data center outage. Therefore, hello.app caters to both web3 users and the general public. 

The language is simple and easy to understand, avoiding technical jargon and legal language. The text is organized logically, with the most important information presented first and in short, concise sentences that are easy to read and understand. 

Their goal is to reach 10 million active users by the end of 2024. The company also emphasizes the need for greater resilience in case of data center destruction.

Álvaro, An Inspiration

Álvaro, a young founder of hello.app, emphasizes the importance of leadership in entrepreneurship. He believes that inspiring and motivating his team is crucial for their success. 

Álvaro has big plans for hello.app. He aims to turn the company into a unicorn startup within three years. hello.app’s innovative approach caught the attention of investors during a recent pre-seed funding round. 

Moreover, they secured €170,000 from Esade BAN, Casti Ventures, and Bcombinator. Álvaro’s mission aligns with mine: to create tools that simplify life for everyone. 

Creating a more democratic and secure internet is important to him. Therefore, the team at hello.app aims to make their platform user-friendly and accessible to all, regardless of technical expertise. 

hello.app aims to build a decentralized network of nodes that will enable anyone to contribute and shape the future of the Internet, regardless of their background. The network will be accessible to everyone and allow for equal participation. 

Therefore, Álvaro empowers individuals to take control of their data, allowing them to fully utilize the power of technology.

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