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Hobby Lobby Hours – Opening And Closing Time For You

Published on: December 15, 2022

Last Updated on: December 16, 2022

Hobby Lobby Hours

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Hobby lobby hours?

When do they open? Also, what time do they close?

Christmas is closing in, and with that, the need for decorating your home becomes more and more important. It is that time of the year when everybody is happy.

Hobby Lobby is the go-to store for the art and crafts you need for decorating your house. Also, with Christmas at the door, asking about Hobby Lobby hours is just too convenient.

You want to get to the store on time and purchase all the goodies during the Hobby Lobby Black Friday Sales. If you want to know Hobby Lobby Hours, the following article might be able to help.

About Hobby Lobby

The Hobby Lobby Store was founded in 1970 by David and Barbara Green. They started with a $600 loan and one store. They started as an art and craft store in the US, and currently, there are more than 900 Hobby Lobby Stores in the US.

It is the largest private art & craft store in the US as of now. They are known for selling different home decor, seasonal decor, tableware, craft supplies, floral, art supplies, yarn, fabric, and jewelry.

Not only the US, Hobby Lobby now owns stores in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Yiwu, China.

Things To Buy At Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby hours at different locations might be different. It depends upon your location. However, if you are thinking of buying arts and crafts, you can choose from a varied range of products in Hobby Lobby. From their shop department, you can buy different art and crafts such as –

Things To Buy At Hobby Lobby
  • Home decor & frames.
  • Fabric & Sewing
  • Scrapbook & Paper Crafts.
  • Floral & Wedding
  • Party & Baking
  • Yarn & Needle
  • Beads & Jewelry.
  • DIY arts

These are just some demonstrations of what you can buy from the Hobby Lobby Store. Christmas is near, and you can buy almost everything, even artificial Christmas trees, wall decors, mirrors, pillows, red T-shirts, gift baskets for thanksgiving, and more.

Opening & Closing Time

Thankfully, you don’t have to wait for a specific day for the Hobby Lobby stores to open. You can buy on any day starting from Monday to Saturday. However, you are out of luck if you are planning to buy anything on Sunday.

Opening & Closing Time of hoby loby

The store owner believes that Sundays are dedicated to worshiping the lord and resting. That is why Hobby Lobby Stores don’t open on Sundays. Also, the Hobby Lobby Hours range from 9 in the morning to 8 at night. But, surprisingly, Hobby Lobby is open on certain Holidays. Here, you can take a look at the Hobby Lobby Hours –

DayHobby Lobby Opening HourHobby Lobby Closing Hour
Monday9 AM8 PM
Tuesday9 AM8 PM
Wednesday9 AM8 PM
Thursday9 AM8 PM
Friday9 AM8 PM
Saturday9 AM8 PM

How To Find Hobby Lobby Hours Near Me?

If you want to find the hobby lobby hours in the stores near you, you can do so by going online. First, you need to locate the hobby lobby stores near you and see the opening and closing hours at those stores.

Find Hobby Lobby Hours

It is better to know the store locations in different places in your neighborhood. However, if that seems like a hassle, you can use Google Maps and search for Hobby Lobby Stores near your location. From the results displayed in the form of red marks, you can find the hobby lobby store near you.

You can also use the hobby lobby store locator on their official website. The website lists the stores according to the states. Once you go to a Hobby Lobby store page in your area, you will find the hobby lobby hours there.

Is Hobby Lobby Open During Holidays?

Hobby lobby stores remain open during many holidays. It is among those exceptional stores opening on holidays. Here is a list of holidays and hobby lobby hours on holidays:

HolidaysOpen / ClosedHobby Lobby Hours
Christmas EveOpen9 AM to 5:30 PM
Christmas DayClosed
Labor DayOpen
Friday & Saturday after ThanksgivingOpen8 AM to 9 PM
Veterans DayOpen
Independence DayOpen9 AM to 5:30 PM
Father’s DayOpen
Memorial DayOpen9 AM to 5:30 PM
New Years Eve & New Years Day Open9 AM to 5:30 PM
Mother’s DayOpen
Black FridayOpen
Good FridayOpen
Cinco de MayoOpen
Columbus DayOpen
President’s DayOpen
St. Patrick’s DayOpen
Valentine’s DayOpen
Tax DayOpen

Hobby Lobby Online Store

If you feel free to order online, then you can do so from the Hobby Lobby online stores. You can browse their products from their website. From there, you can purchase your products.

Hobby Lobby Online Store 

Once you find things you want to purchase, you can add them to your cart. Then you can order them online. Also, you can use major credit cards and PayPal for payment. They offer free shipping for orders above the price of $50.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I hope you have found the answer to your queries. Here are some questions people usually ask about the store online.

1. What Day Is Hobby Lobby 50 Off?

Ans: The Hobby Lobby store updates its weekly Ad with new markdowns on different products such as fabrics, crafts, decor, jewelry-making tools, and more. Shoppers can find 50% off on different best-selling products on Sundays.

2. How Long Is The Christmas Sale At Hobby Lobby?

Ans: You can avail Christmas sale at Hobby Lobby starting from the middle of June till the end of November. You get a 40% discount on Hobby Lobby products. By the end of October, the discount may go up to a whopping 50%. In the first two weeks of November, you can get 80% off on different products.

3. Does Hobby Lobby Give Military Discounts?

Ans: Hobby Lobby does not have any special discounts for the military. However, the armed forces of the US might have some discount coupons and codes. They can save as much as 25% on each of their purchases.

Bottom Line

Hobby Lobby hours usually start at 9 am in the morning, and they remain open until 8 am at night. If you visit their local stores during that time, you can buy whatever you want from them.

I hope you have found the answer you were looking for. However, if you have similar queries, you can ask them in the comment.

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