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How To Fix A Sliding Door Without Taking It Down

By Sumona

April 26, 2022

How To Fix A Sliding Door

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Sliding doors are easy ways to make the most of space in your home, but sometimes they get stuck, and you need sliding door repair near you.

Sticking sliding doors can be pretty irritating, especially if you’re hosting a party or preparing for guests. You don’t have to take it down and rebuild it just because the track is dirty.

Here’s how to fix a sliding door that’s sticking or not gliding without taking it down.

How To Fix A Sliding Door Malfunctions?

How To Fix A Sliding Door Malfunctions?

To begin the process of how to fix a sliding door, you need some supplies to repair your sliding door hardware.

  • WD40 (or other lubricants)
  • Adjustable wrench and/or screwdrivers for removing the patio door handle (if equipped with one)

If your sliding door is not gliding smoothly, it may be because of a few things that you will need to address. There are only a couple of reasons why the sliding door gets stuck or damaged.

The first would be something wedged in the track, and the second would be corrosion on the tracks from exposure to air and moisture.

Before commencing any sliding door repair or fixes, you should start by checking the sliding door. Once you inspect it, you will be able to tell the exact problem you are dealing with. 

Here are the steps to follow, and at the end, you will know how to fix a sliding door track.

1. Lubricate The Track

The first step is to lubricate the track. But don’t just load it with WD-40. Since you’ll be spraying, make sure your sliding door isn’t open.

If not careful, the lubricant will cause dirt and grime to clog up your tracks. You can use a clean rag or even an old t-shirt to wipe any excess grease away.

How to fix a sliding closet door?

Sometimes sliding door blinds are trapped under the channel. And that is the problem. If you are facing this kind of problem, then first detangle the blinds and slowly remove the trapped blinds from the channel. After that, lubricate the track.

2. Get A Friend Or Two

Get A Friend Or Two

How to fix a sliding glass door? Better gather more hands before starting your project. You’ll need a friend’s help on this step. Or two. 

Have someone give you a boost from the back as you stand on the ground and reach up with your wrench, screwdriver, or whatever tool is necessary to open the door from where it is currently stopped entirely. Even during sliding door repair, you will need some support for the door.

For sliding glass door repair, you will need one hand as the glass doors are easily breakable. So for holding the glasses in the right places, you will require more hands to support your work.

Sometimes, the local glass logistics suppliers are also prepared to offer their human resources for repair works.

3. Lubricate And Fix It

Now that the door is fully open for lubricating the tracks where it seems to be having problems gliding back and forth. If you want to know how to fix a sliding door?

The first step is always the diagnosis of the problems. 

This step aims to have a thin coat of lubricant on your way instead of a pool or puddle. You can also use a screwdriver or wrench to adjust the hinges by loosening them.

Once you’ve finished, allow the door some time to work its way through (if it was previously stuck). Have your friend help guide it as needed until it seems like everything is flowing smoothly again.

When all is done, you should run a few tests to ascertain that the door has been fixed completely. Make sure that it slides smoothly and closes on its own. If your sliding door doesn’t close on its own, you may need to adjust the springs as well.

4. Sliding Door Lock Fixing

Sliding Door Lock Fixing

These sliding door lock malfunctions are the most common types of error.

For fixing the sliding door malfunctions, you will require some of the hardware, like screws and a new lock. After you find the problems with the sliding door locks, first, diagnose the problems. Then start to see the solutions for it.

Often sliding doors problems are associated with channel dislocations. And sliding door curtains malfunction. That means your curtains are becoming a barrier, and you can not close the door. So my suggestion is always to pick the specially designed curtains for the sliding doors. 

And take the help of the right person for installations. This way, you can minimize the error-making chances.


With these steps, you can now fix a sliding door without taking it down. Lubrication is vital in fixing any problem with your hinges or tracks. You should do this every year at the beginning of the spring so that your door is ready for any harsh weather conditions. So there you have it: how to fix a sliding door without taking it down. Of course, you can always hire a professional expert for advanced sliding door repair services.

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