How To Keep Electric Cars Safe During Monsoon?

Published on: August 26, 2022

Last Updated on: August 27, 2022

How to Keep Electric Cars Safe during Monsoon

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Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular in India. Today, more and more people are opting for eco-friendly and clean fuel vehicles. However, electric vehicles (EVs) are very different from petrol and diesel vehicles. This difference is even more highlighted during the rains. An EV needs special care during monsoons.

Now, an important care measure for your e-car is purchasing a car insurance policy. In the process, you can be assured of financial coverage for your e-car for damages arising out of accidents, natural disasters, and other mishaps.

Here are some electric car care tips to prevent your electric car from bearing the brunt of torrential rains.

How To Keep Electric Cars Safe During Monsoon?

1. Charge in dry areas

E-cars run on electric energy for which you have to charge the vehicles. Charging your EV during the monsoon comes with its own set of problems. Floods during rains are common in India. Therefore, the possibility of current shocks causing vehicle damage cannot be ruled out. Also, short circuits in the charging point can affect the functioning of the internal circuits of your vehicle.

You can prevent these problems by charging your car in a dry and covered area. Consequently, you can prevent your e-car from any contact with rainwater.

Buy vehicle insurance to safeguard yourself against any e-car damage costs during the monsoon season.

2. Use only certified chargers

Charge your EV only with an OEM-certified charger or the charger that you receive with your EV. They are equipped with in-built protective layers that are suitable to use during harsh weather conditions.

Besides, you should use only dry and clean chargers. Also, do not charge your EV during very rough weather conditions such as lightning and thunderstorms.

Ensure to also renew your motor insurance every year to keep both your e-car insured and yourself financially protected.

3. Park in a covered area

When you approach ICICI Lombard for buying a car insurance policy to insure your e-car, you will be advised to cover your EV when parked, especially during the wet season. Doing so is important to prevent any changes in the appearance of your EV.

In addition, the mechanical parts including battery connectors run the risk of rusting and corrosion because of the rise in humidity levels during rainy weather. All this impacts the life cycle and efficiency of your e-car. Again, you must always park your EV in a dry place to prevent such problems. Also, do not forget to keep the windows rolled up and the interiors of your car dry.

4. Keep the insides of your e-car as dry as possible

Not only should you pay attention to the electrical parts of your car, but you should also keep a check on the cabin. Hence, avoid keeping wet umbrellas, shoes, and clothes inside your car. That’s because they start to emit an awful smell after some time.

Certainly, wiping the wet areas with newspaper or tissue can help to get rid of the bad odours. So, make sure to keep them in your car always.

More so, you can use hair dryers around wet corners of your EV to dry them. After parking your car in a shed or garage, roll down the windows and keep the doors open for some time. This way, you allow the cabin to breathe and can eliminate any trapped moisture.

Now, it is not possible to prevent your EV from water contact at all times. Hence, you should think of getting added cover including against water damage when purchasing vehicle insurance for your e-car. Then, in cases of your e-car suffering water-linked damage such as rusting or short circuits, you will have insurance to cover your loss.

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5. Cover with waterproof covers

You must protect your e-car battery and internal circuits from moisture and water. You can do so by covering your EV with waterproof covers when parked. There are fewer chances of water seeping inside your vehicle if you do so. This also helps to keep your car functioning at its optimum potential for a longer duration.


With a few simple steps, you can increase not only your e-car’s life but also its performance. Do not forget to renew motor insurance for your e-car in time. While third-party insurance is mandatory, it may not be enough to protect your car at all times. Instead, buy ICICI Lombard comprehensive vehicle insurance for wide coverage. With it, you can save yourself from the burden of heavy car repair and accident expenses.


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