How To Use An Amazon FBA Product Finder To Find Low-Competition Niches

By Abdul Aziz Mondal

May 9, 2023

Amazon FBA Product Finder

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No matter if you wish to begin selling your goods on Amazon, or you are already a seller on Amazon, you need to use an Amazon FBA product finder to find low-competition niches for your business.

Amazon is among the most acceptable eCommerce channel that helps both beginner and experienced sellers make money. However, unluckily, Amazon is among the most popular and biggest eCommerce channel, where the competition is also brutal.

Thus, to grow your business on Amazon, you need to use the best Amazon FBA product finder and find the best niches for your business.

However, in case it seems to be hard to find low-competition yet high-demand products to vend on Amazon, don’t worry – you’re not alone here. Both experienced and beginner Amazon sellers face challenges as soon as looking for the proper products to sell.

There are a lot of products from which you can choose and also a lot of competing sellers out there. Nevertheless, with the proper strategies and tools, you can effortlessly find low-competition yet high-demand products to add to your product list on Amazon.

So, let’s learn how to use an Amazon FBA product finder to find low-competition yet high-demand products.

Things To Consider While Choosing Product Niches For Amazon

Here we are listing down a few things that you need to consider while choosing the right product niches for your Amazon business.

Find Low-Competition Products:

Using an Amazon FBA product finder, check how many sellers are selling the product you are intending to sell. High-competition products have the lowest chance of success for you. You may have to go through high promotion expenses to beat the high competition.

Find Products With High-Demand:

You must pay attention to the demand. Unless a product has high demand, you may fail to sell and make a profit out of the product. Thus, you use an Amazon FBA product finder to select products that buyers are keen to buy at the offered prices.

Find Products With Higher Profit Margin:

The concept of selling a product is always to earn a profit. Thus, the higher your profit margins are, the more profitable the product is.

However, you need to pay attention to the product demand along with the profit margin. Meaning you should not choose a product that has a good profit margin but merely has demand.

Seasonality Of The Product:

Products that come with demand variations based on seasons are tricky to make a profit. Always estimate your timing well as soon as you choose seasonal products. This will help you avoid unwanted products as soon as the season ends.

Calculate The Selling Price Of The Product:

Most shoppers go for items presented at the lowest costs, particularly when purchasing general items. Unless you want to sell special brands, you should consider picking products with lower costs.

Purchasing Frequency:

Items that need a refill generally make the best alternative. This’s because one can keep marketing to the same shoppers repeatedly.

Step-By-Step Guide To Using an Amazon FBA Product Finder

There are many Amazon FBA product finder tools available in the market. A few of them help you to find out low competition and high-demand products within a few seconds. Also, these tools are quite easy to use.

Some of the best Amazon FBA product finder tools are Hellium10, Zonbase, and JungleScout which are used by a lot of sellers all over the world to find the best product niches for their Amazon business.

Using any of these tools, you can easily do the following to find the best product niches:

  • Track the competitors
  • Find ideas for products
  • Study keywords buyers are utilizing to search products on Amazon
  • Create a database for products and analyze it by filtering & sorting

Best of all, these tools support Chrome extensions, meaning the tools easy to use. Using these tools, you can easily analyze a current product on Amazon simply by clicking an option on your Chrome browser.

These tools lower the hassle of finding the best product niches manually to sell on Amazon. Unlike the manual process, all you have to do is to open the Amazon FBA product finder and simply click, click, and click and you will get the perfect idea for the best product niches!

How to use such an Amazon FBA product finder tool? Let us explain the procedure below:

Using Product Database

With the help of the product database, filter your products by:

  • Price
  • Competition (Number of sellers)
  • Demand
  • Rating
  • Estimated sales
  • Seasonality and so many more

You’ll not only get the full Amazon catalog but also get extended filtering choices. Using these fantastic filters, drill down to the least competitive yet most profitable products on Amazon.

Using Product Tracker

It helps the sellers to easily track the real-time information of a product. It even helps sellers to perform competitor research. Also, the seller will get the following:

  • Marketing activities by sellers (such as price reduction, promotion, etc.)
  • Inventory left
  • Real-time sales and so many more.

The product tracker even provides a detail of all inventory information. This real-time information is necessary to follow the latest or trending product niches on Amazon.

While the database of the product provides you with historical information, the product tracker is concentrated on offering real-time data.

Using Niche Finder

It’s an insanely strong feature of Amazon FBA product finder tools. You can easily diversify the product listing by recognizing new niche markets utilizing the product niche finder. It shows the following:

  • Competition score
  • Demand score
  • Seller metrics
  • Opportunity score
  • The quality of listing score for any keyword or product niche

In case you are a beginner online seller on Amazon, then Amazon FBA product niche finder can be the gold mine for you. And, if you are an experienced seller on Amazon, product niche finder will be the most promising tool to get new profitable product niches in your product category.


Without wasting your time on costly tools that do not meet their promises choose the best Amazon FBA product finder like ZonBase, Hellium10, or JungleScout. By using these Amazon FBA product finder tools, and following the step-by-step guide above, you can easily select the right product niches.

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