How To Introduce Your Brand Mascot To Your Audience

By Sumona

April 6, 2022

Brand Mascot

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A brand mascot can work as a key element of your branding plan. It gives your business a personality by replicating its values and message.

You can leverage it to build connections with the audience and make your business memorable to them. But these benefits do not come by themselves. If you want to unlock value from a mascot, you must take a strategic approach to introduce it to your audience.

Here Are a Few Practical Steps to Introduce Your Brand Mascot: 

1. Build an effective content strategy

The content strategy for launching your brand mascot is as significant as its look and feel. Look to enhance the design with visual storytelling as it creates an emotional connection.

Moreover, you must plan how, where, and when to use the mascot to support your branding initiative. Essentially, you must create a consistent and cohesive content strategy that resonates with the audience.

2. Unveil on social media

Unveil on social media

Social media platforms are the best place to introduce your mascot even before they are ready. You can start creating a buzz well before the actual launch by sharing teasers and images on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Running contests and quizzes around the teasers is a great idea as they generate curiosity among the public.

This way, they will probably know your mascot even before its first public appearance.

3. Plan a grand launch

A grand launch can give your mascot the visibility and reach it needs to connect with the audience and gain attention for your business.

You can use a prop to display it or invest in a Custom Mascot Costume for events and retail outlets. Put it up everywhere your target audience is likely to see it, whether billboards, retail spaces, sports venues, print ads, and digital channels. Do not cut corners, but make the launch as grand as possible.

4. Give away freebies

4. Give away freebies

Another surefire way to maximize the attention to your new mascot is by distributing freebies. You can create merchandise such as keychains, coffee mugs, pens, and t-shirts showing it off. Distribute it at events or give them away as freebies to your retail shoppers.

The expense is worthwhile because these people end up being your promoters as they flaunt the freebies. Not to mention, they feel connected with your brand and stick with it for good.

5. Seek feedback

Remember not to take a set-and-forget approach to mascot marketing because the best brands may fail to make a noise even after the greatest launch.

You must seek your audience’s feedback and realign your content strategy to match their expectations. The easiest way to gather feedback is through social media platforms. Acting on it shows how much you care for your buyers, and it goes a long way in cultivating strong relationships with them.

Brand mascots work as catalysts for businesses in the competitive landscape. But merely creating one does not ensure success. You must introduce them strategically to make a great first impression on the audience and retain their attention down the line.

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