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Is Real Estate A Good Career Path In 2024? – Let’s Find Out

Published on: January 16, 2024

Last Updated on: May 17, 2024

Is Real Estate A Good Career Path In 2024? - Let's Find Out

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Is real estate a good career path? – It is a good career path if you have the necessary skills and experience to adjust to continuous changes in the industry. There are a broad range of professions in the real estate industry. Apart from that, the real estate industry is also one of the major industries where you have a higher likelihood of earning a high salary. This industry also offers various self-employment opportunities.

In this article, you will learn about whether a career in real estate is a good option in 2024 or not. However, before that, you will have a general understanding of what a career in real estate looks like. Apart from that, we will discuss the major pros and cons of working in the real estate industry. Finally, we will share with you some of the best real estate jobs to look for.

What Does Real Estate As A Career Path Look Like?

According to Investopedia,

A career as a real estate agent or broker can be both challenging and financially rewarding. But keep in mind that there are many different unique opportunities for anyone who wants to work in the industry. You could be an agent or appraiser or a professional or investor. You might decide to work strictly with residential properties, or perhaps you’re more interested in commercial buildings.

In most cases, you will have to work as an independent contractor if you choose the job of real estate agent. However, due to changes in market conditions, you might need to get more information about the ins and outs of the market. Hence, you will need to ensure that you have a strong network through which you can retrieve essential information.

On the other hand, you will also need to have strong analytical skills. This will allow you to have a greater idea of how things will stand in the near future. As a result, you will have a better sense of how you need to act based on the needs and demands of the market.

Is Real Estate A Good Career Path?

Is Real Estate A Good Career Path

As compared to other careers, real estate is a good option due to its high potential for earning. There are a lot of perks you will have if you want to work as a real estate professional.

An article in the Harvard Business Review recommends –

Use your time with your peers and mentors to understand how they get work done, how they’ve carved their career paths, and what advice they’d give to someone who’s new to the industry. Shadow them during home showings and observe how they talk to people. Pay attention to how they negotiate with clients, especially the difficult ones.”

One of the best things about working in the real estate industry is that you will never go out of your role. This is because there shall always be demand for real estate properties and people who deal with real estate properties. Hence, there is job security in this industry. Such are the major factors that make real estate a good career path.

Is Real Estate A Good Career Path? – Pros And Cons

The following are some of the major pros and cons of working in the real estate industry:


Here are the major pros of the real estate industry that will benefit you a lot:

  • There are some roles that can allow you to work flexible schedules. Choose the job that best fits your personal life.
  • Since you are dealing with properties and commissions, the income potential is very high.
  • You can get satisfaction by helping your clients and customers get their dream homes.
  • With the right amount of experience, you can get career mobility and start working for yourself.
  • If you like networking, you will be able to meet many new people and form long-term relationships.


Here are a few cons of the real estate industry that you must be aware of:

  • Certain seasons will require you to work for longer hours. Furthermore, in some cases, you might have to work according to your client’s schedule.
  • There are periods of slower months. As a result, your income might be low in those situations.
  • The process of dealing with properties and giving the best service to your clients and customers can get stressful at times. Hence, developing a strong network is absolutely necessary.
  • You will have to deal with different types of customers with differing personalities. It might get stressful to cater to individual needs and demands.

Is Real Estate A Good Career Path? – Best Jobs To Look For

Regarding the number of roles in real estate, an article on states –

Real estate offers a broad range of professions, many of which come with the opportunity to earn a high salary. Depending on location and training, top performers in this industry regularly make more than $100,000 each year. This industry offers many jobs for those interested in investment or self-employment opportunities, some of which can be a profitable source of income.

The following are some of the best jobs to look for in the real estate industry in 2024 (salary in brackets):

1. Real Estate Manager ($51,497 per year)

2. Property Manager ($52,273 per year)

3. Escrow Officer ($58,746 per year)

4. Foreclosure Specialist ($60,243 per year)

5. Real Estate Associate ($52,808 per year)

6. Real Estate Appraiser ($62,521 per year)

7. Home Inspector ($53,134 per year)

8. Real Estate Broker ($72,626 per year)

9. Real Estate Agent ($85,081 per year)

10. Property Accountant ($65,832 per year)

Wrapping Up

Is real estate a good career path? I hope this article was helpful for you in getting a better understanding of whether real estate is a good career path for you or not. In this changing and tumultuous landscape of real estate in the United States, you will need to have patience. Basically, if you enjoy dealing with properties, you can really make it big in the industry.

Do you have further suggestions on how to get a real estate job? Consider sharing your ideas and opinions with us in the comments section below.

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