How Can The Lean Six Sigma Process Help You Revolutionize Your Business?

By Shahnawaz Alam

April 16, 2024

lean six sigma process

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The business world’s recent developments continue fast. Every business enterprise is trying to adapt to the changes and develop as fast as possible. Consequently, it will help them stay in the positive frame of mind.. 

It would help if you considered some of the key methods that can help your business organization attain its goals and objectives. The lean Six Sigma process is one of the best alternatives available to you.

In this article, you will learn how the Lean Six Sigma process can completely change your business and help it grow as quickly as possible. You will also comprehend what this method is and how it works. Lastly, you will understand how your business can benefit from it. This is all the advice you need to implement it properly.

You Must First Understand the Basics of the Lean Six Sigma Process

Basics of the Lean Six Sigma Process

The Six Sigma process is a renowned methodology used to improve a business’s efficiency and productivity by eliminating errors and defects in its processes. You can make use of this methodology to make the best use of every part of your business. After continuous use, your business will observe that change, and its growth rate will increase enormously.

The main structure of this methodology is based on the DMAIC. It represents the following key elements: define, measure, analyze, improve, and lastly, the control steps. A professional who has a strong knowledge in the lean Six Sigma process can describe a process. 

Moreover, they can identify all the critical factors that require measurement and analysis. However, the prime focus is on creating the best solutions to improve the process based on the data collected.

Lastly, a trained expert in Six Sigma will also help you create a company culture. It will assist you with the right control and the persistent implementation of all the solutions. 

Such a measure is important to ensure that the changes made to your framework are permanent. Moreover, it will also be beneficial if you decide to continue using this method for other problematic processes in your business.

Top 4 Benefits of Implementing Six Sigma Process in Your Business


You can expect many different benefits from using the Six Sigma process, but four will have the biggest impact on your company. Below are four of them, together with some explanation as to how exactly your business will grow because of these advantages.

Reduction In Defects, Errors, And Variations

The core purpose of Six Sigma professionals is to eliminate all issues in your business processes. As a result, your business will waste fewer resources and maximize their usage.

Increased Satisfaction and Loyalty of the customers

In many cases, the problems with the process of your business organization may will have an impact on both loyalty and customer satisfaction. By solving them, you can also ensure that your clients return with satisfaction and will surely opt for your products and services again in the coming time.

Improved Efficiency, Productivity, And Profitability

In the fagend, all the mechanisms used in the lean Six-Sigma process are designed to  increase the efficiency and productivity. Consequently, the solutions used by this methodology will assist in expanding growth.

Enhanced Employee Engagement And Morale

As a result of the last step, your company’s employees will also enjoy the benefits of a new culture that will focus on the company’s overall benefit. That also includes the morale of your teams, which will also increase, making them more interested in the success of the company.

The 3 Most Underestimated Tools Used in the Lean Six Sigma Process

The lean six sigma process  uses many techniques and tools to achieve its purposes. Every step of the process uses them to increase the accuracy of the research used to find and create the best solutions. 

Many professionals tend to underestimate some of the tools, which forces them to waste more time later mastering their usage. To help you avoid these issues, you can find some of these tools and their importance below.

Process Mapping And Flowcharting

These find importance, and they are actually the most essential considerations because they help the Lean Six Sigma professional identify all the vital factors determining a process’s efficiency and productivity.

Statistical Process Control (Spc)

Professionals can use this tool for two purposes. First, it can help measure a process’s vital factors and determine where the errors and defects are. Second, it can be used to monitor the effectiveness of solutions.

Design Of Experiments (Doe)

 Any Six Sigma expert’s solutions will not be perfect from the start, regardless of how much data is collected. They will always start as experiments, and this tool can help professionals refine these solutions until they accomplish their purpose perfectly.

What Are the Steps You’ll Follow to Implement Six Sigma in Your Organization?

Although the five steps mentioned in the DMAIC may seem like the answer, they are not. That’s the Six Sigma structure, not the steps that you should follow to implement it. Then, what are the steps? First, you must either train or hire a team trained in this methodology. Without experts, your business won’t be able to get the maximum benefits from Six Sigma.

The team can then check all your business processes and find the most problematic ones. Only then will the DMAIC enter the field. Your professional team will use it to eliminate all the issues and maximize the productivity and efficiency of the process.

As a result, you can also expect the growth of your business to be elevated. Of course, just using this methodology once will not be enough to revolutionize your business.


Having an expert team on the payroll will mean that you can take every process and apply the lean six sigma process to it. 

The more parts of your business are optimized, the higher the benefits and growth rate of your business. As a result, you will discover that the investments you make in training an expert team will bring returns that are many times higher than your expectations.

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