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Learn About The Importance Of User Experience

By Arnab Dey

July 19, 2022

Importance Of User Experience

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User interface stands as one of the most important aspects that a business should take care of. There are many needs and issues that it can solve, defining the success of a brand and how customers interact at the same time.

Who Is In Charge Of User Experience?

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Before jumping into why user experience is so important for companies and their products or websites, something needs to be addressed. The people who are behind the projects, its design, architecture, usability, or interaction.

These people are known as user interface designers (or UX designers). This is pretty much an umbrella term since it fits many categories, but its goal is the same.

UX designers conduct the research, test the product along with the users and present it to the company, hence the importance. They are the voices of the users’ needs and the nexus with the company.

The Importance Of User Experience:

 Customer Experience

User experience is defined as, like the word says, what the user or consumer can experience. It involves everything: the website, product, business, and service. Since it can define a business’s success, there are many ways to improve and address it.

1. User Research

Designers that want to create a successful page and product to sell need to know that there are different ways to reach the public. It is important to know the target audience, since it helps to understand their needs and wants.

Acknowledging those two points will give a clear picture of how to develop a product and page. It also allows the customer to empathize with it somehow.

2. Choosing the Correct Design

People often think that the company owner exclusively chooses the designs, adapted to his tastes. But this is far from true if the company is looking to achieve success. Designs need to achieve many checks in order to create a good experience for a visitor.

Usability and accessibility are key to engaging with users. When it comes to websites, it also needs optimization for mobile devices, since most people visit from there. When a page works poorly on phones, it is most likely that customers will just leave and search for a better one.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that style isn’t important. Designers also aim to make an aesthetically pleasing product, clean and smooth for everyone.

Other Facets Of User Experience:

Facets Of User Experience

Usability and design are two of the most important points to develop a user experience. But there are many other facets that conform to it. If all of these points are correctly done, the user experience is ensured to be good.

1. Utility

Every product has a purpose to serve, so remarking that the user experience the customer receives is appropriate is a must. When an item does not have a clear purpose, it will struggle in the market since nobody will want it.

While the definition of something being useful depends on every person, some products are clearly more practical than others. A good example of this is video games. They are valuable to selected audiences and perform really well without real practical use.

2. Usability

Intuitive and efficient products play a big role in a great user experience. Implementing usability also gives a huge advantage, giving comfort and safety.

For example, the best example of this is vehicles. They need to prioritize safety to avoid any driving issues the client may have. But at the same time, comfort like radio, GPS, and seats is a must.

Phones are another clear product. Talking or chatting with friends while navigating through millions of apps or taking notes is an excellent example of usability.

3. Findability

Products need to be easy to navigate. This is very important for websites. Other sites, like video streaming, need high findability. Companies like Netflix, Disney, and the likes not only need to offer a good product. Allowing the customers to find it easy and quick is key.

4. Credibility

A company or product that ensures that it will last and deliver the expected result builds credibility. Not delivering a good product affects the user experience, worsening it. If a client notices the company is lying about what they bought, they will just leave elsewhere.

Loss of credibility is nocive for business, and it can take ages to regain that trust.

5. Desirability

Desirability takes a big part in business. It conforms to everything that makes an audience want to get a product. Identity and emotions are part of it. The more desirable products are, the bigger the follower audiences are. Clients will also brag about the product they bought.

These desirable products are those “I need to have one” objects, that provide certain status and followers to the ones who acquire them.

6. Accessibility

A good and strong product needs to cover a wide range of abilities to deliver a good user experience. Taking consideration of disabled people such as hearing or motion impaired and vision loss is important.

When a product is elaborated, adding the possibility to include larger texts, and color-blind options is key. Since it is a legal obligation, every product should prioritize it.

Overall helps the product since designers know the importance of user experience, and make them easy to use. This is not only focused on people with disabilities but on everyone else too.

7. Value

Every product has a value between the company and the consumer. The sum and total parts mentioned before add value to a product. Depending on the value, one facet of the product is more important than the other.


Designers know the importance of user experience. They know that if the company’s product wants to succeed, a series of rules need to be passed. These include not only targeting the correct target but also providing a perfect service.

A perfect service also means many things. It means giving comfort, and safety, being easy to use for everyone, and being worthy of trust. All of this adds value to the product, which varies from user to user. Not having any of these points will prevent customers from buying it.

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