Real Estate

Creating a Customer-Centric Experience in Real Estate

By Sumona

May 21, 2022

Real Estate

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Everybody knows the retail maxim, “the customer is always right.” Sales associates are trained to encourage customers and meet all their requests to complete the transaction.

Real estate is like this too, only the stakes are higher because buying a home is usually the most expensive thing a person ever buys.

Surely, there’s a difference in the buying process between purchasing, say, clothing versus a home that likely takes decades to pay off.

Today’s prop-tech platforms are designed from the ground up to cater to customers and tilt the playing field in their direction in a way that wasn’t possible to do before the existence of apps.

Let’s take a closer look at how they work.

A. Agents Compete for You

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There’s a difference between having one real estate agent do their best work for you and having multiple agents compete against each other to get you as a client. Disruptors like Regan McGee designed a platform called Noble, an open real estate market that gets customers the best offers in minutes as agents bid in real-time to land them their business.

When agents are forced into this type of competition, they offer customers better services and even thousands of dollars in cash back. These are the type of benefits customers get when power shifts back into their hands.

B. Transparency


In the past, homebuyers didn’t get easy access to comprehensive real estate information. Today’s prop-tech platforms eliminate the foggy veil surrounding real estate data by putting it at the homebuyer’s fingertips.

Once you’re on the platform, you’ll see the verified agent’s transaction histories, reviews, and even what incentives they’ll transfer to you. Millennials and other tech-savvy homebuyers are by now accustomed to platforms offering personalized, streamlined services, but real estate is a little different.

The best platforms help users ask better questions, educating them throughout their real estate journey. Buying a home is the worst time to make a mistake, so it’s better to sort out any confusion beforehand and make this crucial decision from a place of knowledge.

No error is more costly than the one that made your home needlessly expensive, and you’ll be reminded of it constantly because it’s a bad investment you’ll live inside for years. Get it right the first time by asking the right questions and using Noble to stay in the know effortlessly.

C. Control the Contact

Control the Contact

Homebuyers want support from committed professionals on their side, not a barrage of agents disturbing them throughout the day and night with solicitations. Nobody wants their mailbox flooded with flyers from realtors or the digital equivalent. The best prop-tech platforms keep all your user information private and secure.

Feel free to connect and communicate with multiple agents via phone, video calls, or chat without worrying that your private information will get given away or even sold.

The era of prop-tech is upon us, but it’s crucial to get past the slogans and find a disruptive platform that is genuinely designed to give the customer a boost.

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