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Trigger Marketing: What It Is And How To Leverage It

By Sumona

July 19, 2022

Trigger Marketing

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As a brand owner, you always want your company to thrive and multiply profits. You put tremendous effort into polishing the products or services you sell, but the truth is, you can’t fully influence people’s decisions and make them make a purchase.

However excellent your product may be, the customer makes the final step. Does it mean you should give up the idea of moving people to do certain things? Absolutely not.

With such an excellent and practical thing as trigger marketing, your promotional campaigns can be real game-changers.

Below, we’ll define trigger marketing along with its benefits and provide you with efficient tips to convert as many people into customers as possible.

Trigger Marketing: Definition

Trigger marketing definition

Simply put, trigger marketing is the marketing strategy that reacts to people’s behavior and aims to regain or enhance their interest in a specific product or service.

To illustrate, assume you are looking for a particular course partially available as a free trial. You download and start completing it, but it doesn’t seem exciting at some point, so you give up on buying it.

There are many reasons for your decision, from the hard-to-read writing style to the lack of crucial information.

More importantly, you have already decided not to buy the book. Still, suddenly, you see an ad regarding this book with information that entices you to make a purchase.

What Makes Trigger Marketing An Effective Tool?

Trigger Marketing tool

Importantly, trigger marketing empowers you to be on the lookout for people’s consumer conduct and address issues and concerns they have, which often play the determining role in the purchasing process.

Of course, tailoring to people’s wishes and wants and appearing in the right place at the right time is easier said than done. Neither is it always successful when applied.

But even if you add trigger marketing to your campaign and use it thoughtfully, chances are you’ll eventually reach people and influence their decisions. Overall, the following is what makes trigger marketing valuable to marketers:

  • It helps automate marketing techniques to convert a lead
  • It sparks attention and nudges people to click to visit a web page, subscribe to the newsletter, etc.
  • It allows for building trust and maintaining good communication
  • It is affordable, practical, and relevant to any campaign

Benefitting From Trigger Marketing: Tips And Tricks

trigger marketing

Although trigger marketing often goes hand in hand with automation tools and minimizes human intrusion, it’s still imperative to do a number of steps to ensure it works well and provides the desired result. Here is a list of tips to help you make the most of trigger marketing.

1. Сraft a persona

Trigger marketing revolves around customers’ behavior and moves that make the final step in the purchasing process less possible with further effort to reverse their actions.

Thus, it’s vitally important to know clients’ pain points, motivations and takes to acknowledge the turnaround element that made the person abstain from completing the final move.

Crafting a persona will allow you to gather a corpus of data with such decisions and create a set of responses to such things that will do what they aim to – trigger the client to finish what they started to do.

2. Provide unique solutions to people

Maintaining high CRM is pivotal for brands to grow, as it shows that the company takes great care of its customers. Try to define where your clients are in their purchasing trip and how you can help them move forward and finish it.

3. Let the software do the mundane job

Unlike what was said about automation earlier, turning to it is still essential. Various repetitive tasks, such as email sending, can be performed automatically, and it’s your chance to let the tool do its job effectively while investing yourself in more demanding activities the software might not handle.

4. Define the causality of actions

Mapping out triggers as a response to actions is an excellent strategy to make trigger marketing practical and fruitful. Software is vitally important, especially in marketing, as it can automate actions and ease marketers’ lives enormously without losing efficiency.

But occasionally, approaching the task yourself may yield unusual and surprisingly effective outcomes, and trigger marketing is no exception. Try working on the criteria/action strategy. Think about what the user would see when making a particular step.

For instance, if the prospect browses a specific product, then you might want to notify them about the discount.

To make sure the if/then equation works flawlessly, you need to complete two steps: identify triggering situations, i.e., actions taken on your web page, criteria met in the corpus of data, and previous campaigns, and decide on the steps the system should complete as a response to such triggers.

5. Collect data and make use of it

Collecting data about prospects may not be the most enjoyable task in marketing, but piling it up and making it clean and accurate will power up your trigger marketing and make it insightful and more qualitative.

Also, remember to audit and review your data to make sure your trigger-based marketing tactics are integral and efficient.


Trigger marketing is an approach a few people apply. While underestimated, it can lead to tremendous results, helping your brand expand and engage with prospects on an entirely different level. Make trigger marketing part of your digital marketing strategy, and you will benefit from it shortly.




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