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International Luxury Marketing: Understanding Its Pillars

By Sumona

July 12, 2022

International Luxury Marketing

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International luxury marketing trends are constantly changing. Using the standard luxury marketing method can ensure good sales numbers for your brand, but what if you can find and tune your marketing strategies for your product? If you can do that, the results will prove multiple folds.

Luxury marketing strategies are the strategies used by businesses to promote their high-end premium products. While the marketing might seem like standard marketing, there are a few notes where the luxury marketing strategies are different.

For instance, when you are running a luxury marketing strategy, it becomes essential that you incorporate data about your market potential.

As the younger generation is taking up the majority of consumer space, the luxury market is becoming more relevant than ever. While there can be many strategies to work with, the best luxury marketing efforts focus on who can easily afford luxury products.

If you are a brand with premium products and want to target customers who are willing to pay for luxury products without a second, you first need to understand the luxury consumers.

Understanding The Luxury Consumer

Unlike standard consumers, reaching out to luxury consumers can be different. Your consumer might change in the course of a few years. After all, wealth just keeps changing hands. That means your consumers are the ones where wealth goes.

But, it is not limited to this one. When you learn more about your luxury consumer, their habits, and buying behavior, you are able to find more ways to influence them to buy your high-end product.

Luxury Consumer

You might think that only wealthy people are more inclined to buy luxury goods. However, that is not the case. There are a certain group of people who save for years to buy their dream car, bikes, suites, and other branded things.

Today, International Luxury Marketing is not solely dependent on managing brand reputation and recognition. It is also dependent on understanding your consumer behavior and intentions and using this information to motivate the buyers.

Pillars Of Luxury Marketing

Although luxury brands have always been fascinating for people, they were only able to become luxury brands by following the most complicated disciplines of the following Ps.

  1. Persona
  2. Performance
  3. Pedigree
  4. Public Relations
  5. Pricing

1. Persona

The personality of the brands really matters. It is what gives the feeling to the audiences when they hear about a brand name.

Personal is largely the result of the distinctive projection of its applications and brand communication through advertising.

2. Performance

The performance here refers to the deliverability of the same high-quality product every single time. While we are talking about the superior experience of a brand, we are talking about the experience at two different levels – Product Level and Experiential level.

At the product level, it must offer satisfactory functionality. And at the experiential level, it needs to be the best product in terms of design, precision, craftsmanship, material, technology, and innovations.

3. Pedigree

Many luxury brands have a rich history. This history becomes part of the brand and gives the mystic feeling we love. This mystique is built around the past of the founder, giving the brand its personality.

So, when a consumer buys luxury products, they are not buying because of their high-quality products but also because they want to become a part of that mysticism.

4. Public Relations

Public relations is what drives luxury brands. It is the proliferation of those brands that help influence public opinion about their brands. This is the reason why luxury brands have an exclusive PR team working on building good relationships with the consumer.

Furthermore, maintaining good public relations helps maintain the brand’s personality, mystique, and emotional values.

5. Pricing

Pricing plays an important role in how people perceive luxury brands. Consumers tend to generate a luxury structure on how brands price their products.

Therefore, brands need to be careful to set the price right so that it’s just above the consumer’s expectations and are willing to push themselves extra hard to get the product.

What Does The Future Hold?

Luxury marketing has been hit hard by the ongoing pandemic. Traditionally, luxury marketing was all about high-advertising investment driving customers to a high-end retail experience.

With the changing consumer landscape and behavior, brands need to work hard to adapt to the new world of reduced mobility.

Luxury marketing Future Hold

While luxury marketing is something that will stay in the market for ages to come, the current market and the trends will certainly affect how effective it will be for your brand.

You can go through this guide, where we have talked about the principles on which luxury marketing works. However, if you want to know more, you are always welcome to ask us your queries.




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