What’s the Difference Between LLCs and Corporations?

LLCs and Corporations

In the past year, around 10 million people began turning to freelance work to gain more flexibility. When pursuing independent work or opening a business, you’ll have the option of filing under an LLC or a corporation.

Individuals must understand the difference between an LLC and a corporation. This short guide will give you the ins and outs of how LLCs and corporations differ.

LLCs and Corporations

When people ask: what is the better between the two? The answer is neither, one is not better than the other. It is dependent upon the goal of the individual and what they want to accomplish.

It can offer different benefits depending on what you want to accomplish in your business. Both provide different angles for helping you when starting a business.

Corporations and LLCs limit liability with investors from the debt they incur. It also limits liability with any lawsuits against the business. It limits the individual’s or business’ investment with another corporation.

What Is a Corporation?

What Is a Corporation?

Corporations have a strong liability shield for their owners. This is the main reason why we see an abundance of corporations. If you want to protect the individual’s assets, a corporation is a wise choice.

Corporation filings are commonplace with big more serious entities. If you want to grow like Microsoft and go public, you may want to consider corporations. Owning a corporation allows you to associate with these larger entities.

But, there are some drawbacks to using a corporation. One major disadvantage is being subjected to double taxation. This is both at the corporate and individual levels.

One of the biggest disadvantages is the inflexibility of the corporate structure. You will always need a board and executives to execute these actions. Most people prefer sole proprietorship due to the ease of decision-making.

What Is an LLC?

What Is an LLC

Limited Liability Companys are the most popular option available. Especially when compared to individuals starting a business.

One of the biggest advantages is that you get a corporation’s liability shield. You share equal protection over the owners that a corporation provides. This protection is unique to all other entities in that it provides this similar corporate protection.

With an LLC, you get the most flexibility with how you want to distribute taxation, even more so than corporations. So, it’s a wise choice to choose an LLC to help save money. Freedom tax can provide some tips on forming LLC.

On the same note, it can also provide flexibility within the structure of the entity. You can choose to structure the business in any way including a partnership.

One of the bigger disadvantages is that it’s not commonplace among major corporations. If you intend to go public, this can limit your visibility. ‘

Difference Between an LLC and a Corporation

Many entities ask what is the difference between an LLC and a Corporation. Both provide many advantages and disadvantages when filing.

Both filings provide significant protection over the owners. But, they require different business structures. So, in the end, it is dependent upon the end goal of your business.

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