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Six People You Need To Hire When Expanding Your Business

By Mashum Mollah

September 20, 2021

Expanding Your Business

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Business expansion is not only essential to maximize stakeholder value, but it is the eventual route businesses must take if they want to remain relevant in an increasingly dynamic business environment. And it isn’t possible if you’re used to running a one-person show at your small business or company. You will need additional help as business operations increase and there’s a lot more to manage.

As your small business grows further and further, you will have to onboard more team members to handle particular business tasks. It is crucial to think about these team members’ roles in growing your business, as filling up irrelevant job spots will inevitably drain your resources and cripple your plans.

For example, you might think of hiring a salesperson to increase potential customers’ interest in your services or products. However, know that a salesperson alone won’t grow your brand or company without a marketing plan that caters to new business opportunities. Keeping that in mind, we have compiled a list of people you need to hire when considering business expansion. These people include:

1. Business Process Analyst

It is not uncommon for you to find a disconnect between your business’s stated intentions and how it operates. Despite setting clear business goals, managerial ineptness can hamper routine business processes. Miscommunication, low performance, high costs, and other business inefficiencies will stand in your way when you want to grow your business. So, who will fix all of this? Well, the short answer is a business process analyst.

A seasoned business process analyst will help you identify the gaps that may arise when expanding and suggest ways to reduce them by process optimization. When you hire the resource, ensure that the business process analyst job description your HR manager outlines covers all essential tasks and responsibilities. Doing so will ensure that your business’s processes and operations align with its new goals.

2. Project Manager

Project Manager

While expanding your business, you need to ensure that your pipeline remains full. And to ensure that, you will have to hire someone who guarantees that your organizations’ timelines and deliverables stay and run according to plan. A project manager can do that for you.

These people are good at communication and hold your employees accountable for achieving milestones and completing business tasks on time. The project manager will also be responsible for information-sharing with company leaders and other stakeholders to share strategic changes for specific projects.

3. Marketing Reps

Marketing reps are your business’s bread and butter. They implement vital strategies selected by crucial business personnel such as managers and stakeholders. Moreover, marketing reps develop, manage, and track marketing campaigns and measure them according to the metrics you’ve deployed for your business.

So, hiring an experienced marketing rep – or reps, depending on the scale of your expansion – will ensure that your marketing team can meet new sales and revenue goals. Expanding the marketing will also enable it to identify gaps in your campaigns and optimize them whenever possible. Not to mention, they will also provide helpful information that will allow you to utilize shortcuts and alternate options to achieve your business’s marketing goals.

4. Content Strategist

4. Content Strategist

Expansion means more content. Therefore, hire a strategist who can help you develop and implement a proper plan. Your content strategist will work closely with your marketing team to ensure that your ad copies and other content are compelling enough. In addition, this resource will help you shape your business’s inbound marketing strategy with the deployment and development of impeccable content.

Excellent content strategists make it their mission to know more about your customers, their desires and needs, and what your business can do to fulfill them. Then, using the information they gather, your content strategist will develop content aimed at various customer personas for different buying cycle stages. These attributes make them instrumental in driving sustainable growth.

5. Website Developer

Building a website will be an integral part of your expansion plans if you own a new business. Whether large or small, numerous companies require a fully functional website to showcase their services/products and connect and communicate with consumers worldwide.

While some business owners think that website development only involves setting up an easy-to-install website development software, purchasing a web hosting service, and registering a domain name. However, they forget that the entire process has to be done by a web developer.

A web developer will develop your business website and ensure that it has excellent design elements, is user-friendly, easy to navigate, conforms to web standards, and easily integrates with your online marketing campaigns.

6. Attorney


The expansion comes with several legal issues, including company structure, international compliance, tax compliance, and possibly unhappy customers filing lawsuits. If you want to avoid litigation issues, lawyer up. A competent lawyer or legal firm can help you get out of a tricky situation. For example, an attorney can help you protect your copyrights and trademarks.

Moreover, an attorney will enable you to respect your employees’ rights to avoid labor legal disputes and issues. It is advisable to seek guidance from the best sexual harassment lawyer New York City from a competent legal firm. A skilled attorney can help you navigate these complex legal matters and protect your business’s interests. This is crucial to ensure that your employees remain satisfied and work towards achieving your business’s growth objectives. Furthermore, if you’ve registered your business under the corporation business structure, hiring an attorney is a no-brainer to avoid unnecessary tax issues and whatnot.


If growth is your main concern, don’t try to be a one-person company and invest in individuals and professionals who can assist and guide you to success in the business world. Business expansion is a new domain for every entrepreneur and includes many struggles and obstacles along the pathway. Therefore, you need to build a team of competent individuals who can make your business stronger and help it grow to heights that were only possible in your dreams. Consider hiring for the job roles mentioned above.

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