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Make Sure You Win Leads In Your Business With These 8 Tips

Published on: December 5, 2023

Last Updated on: April 27, 2024

Win Leads In Your Business With These 8 Tips

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Generating new leads is the lifeblood of your business. Without a steady flow of new prospects coming in the door, your business can stagnate and decline over time. Trade shows remain one of the most effective ways to engage potential customers face-to-face and collect leads for your sales pipeline.

However, simply showing up to an expo guarantees nothing in terms of results. You need to strategically make the most of these events to attract attendees to your booth and gather their contact information for follow-up after the show. This is where services like stands finders make sense, as they match your company with the right events and prime locations within each venue.

In this article, we will explore eight tips to help make sure your next trade show appearance wins quality leads to drive business growth. Here we go!

Have Clear Lead Generation Objectives

Having a clear objective for the number and quality of leads you want to generate is very important. Many exhibitors tend to have vague ambitions like “getting a lot of leads” or “capturing interest from potential customers. “Without defining specifics, you won’t know if your trade show presence was worth it.

We suggest you set very precise lead generation targets tailored to your business’s sales cycle and capacity. For example, you may set a goal of acquiring 100 qualified leads from an upcoming trade show. If you fall short of your objectives, it signals that your trade show strategy needs re-evaluation and improvements for next time.

Also, determine what constitutes a qualified lead for your purposes —perhaps having a meaningful conversation lasting at least 5 minutes with engaged participants who fit your target customer profile.  Once you have tangible lead targets set, you can focus your booth design, promotional giveaways, staff conversations, and follow-up tactics around hitting that goal during and after the expo.

Engaging With Attendees For Lead Generation

Your booth staff is your frontline for attracting, engaging, and converting trade show attendees into captured leads. That’s why you must train them in effective communication and outreach skills tailored to your offerings and target customer profiles.

For example, role-playpotential conversations and have a clear system to smoothly hand off prospects for follow-up post-show. You may also consider including contests, games, giveaways, and interactive elements to actively involve visitors at your stand. For example, you can offer entry into a substantial prize drawing for anyone willing to participate in a live demo of your latest product.

Getting potential customers to not just listen but physically participate activates more interest, enjoyment, and the inclination to provide contact information on the spot. Maybe you have simulations, building challenges, or technology trials. The more active participation you generate, the greater the prospect’s attachment and the richer the lead data you can gather.

Using Technology For Lead Capture

To gather leads efficiently at a bustling trade show, take advantage of digital retrieval technologies like QR codes and mobile apps. For example, have each staffer hold tablets that attendees can tap to access a lead capture form or distribute customized codes that allow visitors to easily submit contact details that sync to your sales database. This allows you to seamlessly collect lead information onsite.

Implement A Lead Scoring System

We suggest creating a lead scoring system that tags each prospect with metrics like “length of booth conversation” and “requested follow-up” so you can gauge engagement levels and priority. Then, you can categorize leads correctly from the initial capture stage through sales pipeline integration after the event. Doing this will help you implement efficient and tiered lead follow-through for maximum conversions.

Create An Eye-Catching Booth Design

Trade show floors are chaotic seas of competitors vying for attendees’ attention. Your booth should function as an eye-catching spectacle that urges visitors to engage. Here are some ideas on booth design for lead generation at trade shows:

  • Use large digital displays
  • Showcase video testimonials
  • Animated infographics on your capabilities or value propositions
  • Stream live product demos on screens to attract passersby
  • Use interactive elements like touchscreens

A polished, welcoming, and activity-filled stand drives higher foot traffic and participant time onsite to build meaningful conversations. It ultimately boosts your visibility and promotes your lead-generation efforts immensely.

Develop A Post-Event Follow-Up Strategy

Capturing leads is the first step. Developing a timely follow-up strategy is needed to truly convert them into sales opportunities post-show. You can start by personalizing and segmenting your outreach based on lead score tiers.

Example: Send a “Thank You” email within 24 hours to the top-priority contacts gathered, highlighting the solutions discussed and inviting further conversation.

A well-planned, personalized, and persistent follow-up campaign helps with lead maturation. Use the data gathered at the trade show to schedule relevant messaging post-event to turn contacts into strong pipeline candidates and close deals.

Giveaways And Promotions To Boost Engagement

Raffles, freebie handouts, and special discounts can entice booth traffic for lead generation. You can offer an exclusive one-day-only promotional code to encourage visitors to visit your stand for details and potential savings.  Another idea is to have attendees spin a prize wheel for giveaways like your branded electronics accessories or gift cards to capture their information onsite.

Do A Post-Show Debrief 

In the end, make sure you analyze your lead capture rates, most effective booth elements, highest-performing staff members, and other trade show metrics. Then, compare against your defined objectives to determine successes, shortcomings, and opportunities to improve.

For example, note which freebie items saw the fastest stock depletion and double down on those popular handouts next time. Or adjust staff training if certain personnel had noticeably higher lead conversion rates.

In A Nutshell

Trade shows are great for lead generation, pipeline growth, and driving business success.  Make them work for you by laying the strategic groundwork with defined numerical lead objectives, thorough staff preparation, and reliable lead retrieval systems. These events remain unmatched for interfacing with target customers en masse. We hope these tips will help your next trade show presence yield game-changing growth for your company.


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