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5 Important Questions to Ask Your Potential Moving Company

Published on: January 26, 2021

Last Updated on: June 19, 2024

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Knowing what questions to ask a potential moving company will save you from moving day surprises. The right questions will also help you hire the right moving company depending on your needs. According to a report, it’s estimated that around 9.8% of Americans relocate every year.

Proper planning is also crucial when moving houses. When considering the right questions to ask a potential moving company, ensure you’re as thorough as possible. Below are five key questions you should ask:

1. Get-to-Know-You Questions

Before settling for a company, it’s essential to know their background and business history as well as their references and qualifications. The answers to the below questions will help you determine if the company is the right fit for you:

  • How long has your business been operational?
  • Where can I find references for your services?
  • Are you insured, bonded, licensed, and in compliance with all the laws?
  • Will I receive any documentation or contract before moving day?

When you ask these questions, you get to know the company better and understand how they conduct their business. It also helps you gauge how they treat their customers.

In addition to that, you can also ask the moving company about their availability. Professional movers often take bookings from months ago in advance. Thus, it is important to make a booking and book your appointment with them.  

It is crucial to ensure that the company is available when you need it. This could save you from the last-minute hassle on the day of your moving.  

Once you have decided on the moving date, make a direct call to the moving company and book a slot that aligns with your desired date.  

You can also ask the moving company about their availability and choose a moving date accordingly.     

2. Are You Insured And Licensed?

Before even settling for a specific moving company, there is a less interesting yet most important thing you must ensure: whether the company is properly licensed. You have to ensure that they have all proper licenses, abide by the laws, and carry liable licenses.  

A license is more like a badge for a moving company. It clearly states that the company is not just some company with moving trucks. This license explains that they are being recognized by the government and state. 

It is enough to help you be free from any nightmare about moving scams while handling your products. On the other hand, insurance adds more value to the moving company. This isn’t just something that you check off from a list. 

Adequate insurance ensures that your products are in secure hands from the start to the end. We never know when an accident might occur.

Here is where insurance can be a big help for you. You can ask the below questions to the moving company:  

  • Do you have any insurance policies? 
  • Do your insurance policies cover damages during the time of moving? 
  • How do you handle an item lost during transit?  

Always ensure that you get a clear response from the moving company. You can also ask for evidence to support their statements.    

3. Money Matters 

Before signing any contract, ensure you know exactly how much money the moving company charges and any additional charges. Below are essential money-related questions you must ask a potential moving company:

  • How much will it cost to move my things?
  • How do you determine how much money to charge?
  • Is the estimated cost non-binding or binding?
  • Will there be any extra charges that I should be aware of?
  • Will I be charged extra for oversized things?

Asking these questions will help you adequately plan for any additional fees the moving company will be charging. Understanding how companies determine their charges will help you decide between long-distance moving companies and local moving companies.

4. Ask About Additional Moving Services

Ensure you check out any additional services offered by the moving company. Do they offer packing services? Will the professional movers long distance load and unload your things from the truck? And will they charge for these additional services?

Before settling for any company, ensure they offer additional services you may require. Moving is not easy; packing and moving around heavy or fragile items requires experience. Ensure you settle for a company that offers tilt-free delivery to avoid damages.

Choose a company with a level-lift system to move your packed valuables without tilting.

5. Ask About Packing And Unpacking Services

The thought of moving to a new place often feels exciting, but packing and unpacking might not seem that exciting. This is why it is vital to ask your moving company if they can help you by offering packing and unpacking services. 

Some people have different schedules. Some of us can be stuck in a busy routine, while others may just hate unpacking activities. This is why some of the moving companies have come into action. 

Their flexibility makes your moving, packing and unpacking easy. From fragile vases to your big flower pots. They take care of everything.  

You can ask the below questions to your moving company:  

  • Do you offer packing and unpacking services? 
  • Can you provide help in moving and unboxing all the items?  

Moving is a big deal, and it can be hectic for some of us. Thus, it is necessary to ensure that moving companies are providing the major services, including packing, loading, and even unpacking.   

Now You Know What To Ask The Moving Company Before Signing A Contract

There are numerous factors to consider when looking for a moving company. Ensure you ask your potential moving company the above five questions to have a stress-free moving day and avoid surprises.

For more tips to make your life easier, check out our other posts.

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