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What Happens When My Prepaid Mobile Data Expires? Let’s Find Out!

By Sumona

March 11, 2022

Prepaid Mobile Data

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SIM cards have become the daily drivers in our lives, and they play a key part in helping us stay connected with our loved ones, our work, and everything else. The internet from mobile data, SMS features, mobile phone calls – all this is made possible through the tiny SIM card that we get from our telephone operators.

SIM cards usually tend to be of two different types – prepaid and postpaid. Prepaid is one of the most widely popular plans as it offers everything that you need for a specific time period and gives you an idea of how much data you get, how many calls you can make, and the number of SMSes that you can send from your mobile device.

However, when the mobile data of your prepaid plan expires, you can face a lot of problems. That’s why, it is a good idea to get a prepaid plan that lasts you throughout the day, or month, and helps you get everything done faster.

What Is The Expiry Limit Of My Mobile Data?

What Is The Expiry Limit Of My Mobile Data?

The actual limit of your prepaid mobile data plan depends upon the pack that you have previously used to recharge your phone. For example, modern-day internet providers usually give internet packages on a per-day basis, such as 1 Gb, 1.5 GB, or 2 GB a day. You can also get total data on a lumpsum basis, for example, 6 GB of data for 84 days.

When these limits are exhausted on your smartphone, you no longer have access to super-fast mobile internet. Therefore, you always have to keep a watchful eye on how much data you are using every day and ensure that there is always enough data left on your current prepaid plan so that you don’t face any hiccups towards the end of your prepaid mobile data plan.

My Mobile Data Limit Has Expired. What Will Happen Now?

My Mobile Data Limit Has Expired. What Will Happen Now?

Exhausting the mobile data plan is not desirable and should ideally be avoided at all costs. However, in case you have been busy with your phone and the usage has been more than what you thought, then you definitely run the risk of exhausting your mobile data before the day ends or the plan validity.

If you have a prepaid plan that gives you mobile internet on a per-day basis, and you have exhausted the daily data limit, then you will still get mobile internet on your device but around 50 Kbps. This speed will not help you get a lot done, and scrolling through social media, sharing images, videos, video calls – all these activities cannot be performed anymore.

If your mobile data plan gets you a fixed amount of internet at the start of the month, and not on a per-day basis, then you will be accordingly charged for every extra MB of data that you use after the plan has exhausted.

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Can I get Fast Internet Again Without Buying a New Plan?

To get access to fast internet once again, you have to check the mobile recharge offers that your mobile operator provides. For example, you can check Airtel’s mobile recharge offers and get a data top-up plan, which will add extra data on your current active plan.

The extra data that you get added to your current plan will once again help you get high-speed internet, thereby making surfing the internet, social media sites, streaming or binge-watching shows on the internet, simple once again.

Another way to avoid expiring your prepaid mobile data plan is to get a broadband connection or connect your smartphone to the Wi-Fi whenever possible. Wi-Fi connection provides you with faster and more reliable internet and helps you save mobile data.

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