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Top Products To Sell Online In 2022

By Arnab Dey

June 16, 2022

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The coronavirus pandemic led to an e-commerce boost, whereby those who previously refrained from shopping online started buying from online stores.

This newfound confidence in the online marketplace enabled many new entrepreneurs to delve into e-commerce. Not only did this help improve economic activities, but it also led to productive competition between sellers, who started offering better deals to make their offers lucrative to potential customers.

Amazon, Shopify, and eBay connect buyers and sellers on their platforms, enabling many merchants to make use of the number of visitors they draw to sell online their products, Shopify operates a bit differently.

Unlike the aforementioned platforms, it helps merchants set up their online stores by offering its software as a service that enables all e-commerce activity via the cloud without the need for technical support staff.

While each of these platforms has its own pros and cons, the difference in selection can be attributed to the needs of the individuals.

Moreover, search engines and websites facilitate e-commerce, ranging from direct search results to affiliate links. They are complicated in nature because of the varying marketing techniques and simple because of direct routes through search engines.

Buyers can customize their gifts by ordering them to be wrapped in beautiful wrapping papers. So, if you were to Google “list of best shopify gift wrap apps,” you can order your favorite wraps for your gifts as well.

Staying abreast of the needs of the customers can set you apart from the competition.

It is also useful to be proactive when it comes to predicting the market’s patterns so that you can estimate what sort of products would sell better during a specific time period.

If you look into the markets and the way they operate, along with patterns of consumption, it can help you build a predictive ability, which will not only help you sell better products but also help your customers stay loyal.

With that said, we have compiled a list of products that have a high selling potential. If you are an online seller, this list will be useful for you, and even if these products do not align with your target demographics, you can still estimate if your customers will like something similar to these.

Here Are Top Nine Products To Sell Online In 2022:

Sell Online Products

1. Books:

Some things never go out of demand. Books are frequently bought online. Both soft and hard copies are sold through numerous online stores across the world.

Certain eBooks are hard to find and are, therefore, high in demand within specific countries. It is highly advisable to have a diverse catalog of books in your store, especially of the popular categories.

Genres that normally do well are as follows: Romance, crime, mystery, erotica, science fiction, etc.

2. Cables:

People tend to lose or break their USB cables way too often. Most customers prefer to buy an extra cable to avoid having to order one in times of emergencies. Moreover, if the USB cable that comes with the gadget is short, the demand for longer cables grows. This was particularly the case with USB-C cables.

3. Cosmetics:

If you are selling branded cosmetic products through your online store, people are likely to buy them as the online rates are lesser than in-store rates. Moreover, if the delivery time is less than your competitors’, it will give you an edge and allow you to make better, faster sales. Cosmetic products help people find confidence in their appearance and rarely ever go out of favor with the customers.

4. Perfumes:

Similar to cosmetics, people can buy scents from your store if you offer them the original products, especially those produced by well-known brands. Scents that are already famous are likely to have better sales than the ones that are new.

5. Computer parts:

Computer parts such as hard disk drives, solid-state drives, flash drives, keyboards, mouse, and displays are commonly sold online.

Considering how easy it is to replace computer parts these days, especially when there are countless videos on YouTube showing how it is done, people prefer to buy them online, rather than going to the store to buy them.

6. Cleaning supplies:

Most people usually purchase cleaning supplies during their monthly grocery shopping trips, and if they run out of anything during the month, they find it easy to order online.

Moreover, during the coronavirus pandemic, when going out of the house became risky, many people bought cleaning supplies through online stores to have them delivered to their doorstep so that they could keep safe and clean.

7. Face masks:

Since the pandemic still lingers, with new mutations of the virus emerging, many places still require people to wear masks. Those who are looking for something more fashionable than the standard face mask opt for masks that have design patterns on them.

Some of them even sport slogans. Therefore, in places where masks are still mandatory, demand is high.

8. Art supplies:

Many people order art supplies online. Parents buy art supplies for their children through online stores, and even professional artists make online purchases if they do not feel like going to a store.

Moreover, if a certain piece of equipment is unavailable in the market, it can be bought online. Though art supplies may not be for everyone, there is still a market for these products.

9. Clothes:

Clothes are among the most commonly bought products online. But it is difficult to sell online items of clothing if you are unaware of the latest trends.

Therefore, if you have to sell online clothes at your online store, it is advisable to not only keep up with the latest fashion trends but also feature a diverse portfolio, so people at least find something to buy while they are scrolling through the clothing section.


While the list of products cannot be exhaustive, the above-mentioned items can draw good sales if you offer them at competitive rates. You can also make use of social media to market your store and offers to draw in more customers.

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