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Top 3 Programs For Scanning And Cleaning The PC

Published on: April 29, 2023

Last Updated on: May 13, 2023


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When you buy a new computer, you are happy to boot it and see how fast, smoothly, and effortlessly it works. However, several months pass, and you start noticing that things are not so cloudless.

You may experience slowdowns when you upload the program or open the website you used to open quickly several weeks ago. Still, it humbles and stumbles now, or does some other operations you got accustomed to doing fast but now cannot perform like that.

Here, the need for an effective cleaner emerges. But, again, such a need depends on what kind of user you are. You may want to check emails, watch funny videos, or do Word work. But, then, you do not care so much about the speed of your PC.

You may even prefer spontaneous cleaning or using the in-build computer software to hide or clear out your personal information if it is considered too visible by the system.

However, if you are a professional user, a seasoned gamer, or feel excited about possible leaks of your sensitive data, you may need more extended cleaning software. Here the industry of PC cleaners starts. The issue of choice comes to being because most cleaners are fee-paying.

If you do not need to do a lot of complicated operations or use your PC occasionally, you may not have to spend a fortune on expensive software for malware scanning and cleaning. Therefore, you tend to use the free options, which are less secure than you might think.

That is why we have compiled a list of the most effective scanning and cleaning programs with free trial versions for conventional users.



MacPaw releases this app, and you may need clarification on whether it is suitable for Windows. However, it is one of a few pieces of software produced for Windows-powered PCs by the company that mainly works in the macOS environment.

Since its developments originate from the simplicity of Mac, the program offers an easy-to-use interface and a set of fast and convenient cleaning features meant for both experienced computer users and people who could be more technically savvy.

You can use it to clean space, start programs, manage browser extensions, and delete unsecured files. You can free space on your PC with one click on the ‘Scan’ and the other click on the ‘Clean’ button.

The app also has the Registry Maintenance section, which is believed to be very helpful by professionals, an on-demand cleaning option, and background monitoring to keep track of the Recycle Bin using

CleanMyPC has a free trial option, and you may decide whether you need the full version or not because it may seem too expensive (about $40) for a typical user. The company limits the cleaned space to 500 MB while you are testing other features and trying to decide whether you need them.

The software is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 and with XP or Windows Vista, though this will need other options to make you feel secure in the modern Net environment.

The main disadvantage of this program is that it may seem too expensive if you want to use it for multiple devices in your household. However, it is very simple for a casual user, and you will not need to pay for any professional features and capacities if you do not need them.



If you ask us what software wins the comparison of CCleaner vs. Glary Utilities, we will answer that CCleaner is a better option. This program is one of the most widely used and well-appreciated computer scanning and cleaning programs among all represented on the modern market.

Despite the security problems the developing team experienced in September 2017, they overcame them and improved the software to meet all the present-day requirements and challenges. The app has been around since 2004 and has continually been updated, so many users got accustomed to it and know how reliable and helpful it is.

The program has free and fee-paying versions, with additional features that include the Speed and Security part and the chance to schedule cleaning and computer monitoring in real-time.

The program is easy to download and use. It does not take much space on the hardware – just 77 MB and is compatible with all Windows versions beginning with Windows 7. Its Health Check finished in a few moments and highlights privacy trackers, different types of malware and junk to clean, the startup files to remove, and the apps that need updating.

After scanning, you can also review the options and decide whether to remove them. It is very convenient because they are scanned by groups, such as Recycle Bin, Temporary System Files, and so on.

You can also use a Custom Clean option to detect cache files. Cleaning them will make your browsing much faster. The overall capacity of cleaning is about 3.09 GB of PC space. Scheduling scanning and cleaning is available only in the Professional Mode. SmartCleaning can switch automatically when the amount of junk files reaches 500 MB by default.

You can also use Driver Update to ensure that everything will run smoothly. For example, it can find drivers needing updating audio software, Bluetooth, and biometrics. Using the program is easy and essential for most common household PCs.

Norton Utilities

Norton Utilities

This app was developed by Norton LifeLock, the prominent American software company for PC monitoring and optimization, and has been successfully used by both private and business entities for many years. It has a very convenient interface and two versions: Premium and Ultimate.

All the scanning and cleaning features are bundled together here. In addition, a One-Click Optimization performs perfectly if you want to use additional features, such as checking duplicate files or securing vital files from deletion.

The software also detects broken links and unreliable websites. It fights caches and adware effectively, too. The app helps analyze, optimize, and configure the hard disk automatically. It is compatible with the latest versions of Windows and Mac.

The scanning and virus deletion software can be used separately or as a suite of different features. It also includes the function to restore deleted files, defragment the disk, and clean the changes to the Registry made by harmful or low-quality files.

The software is very effective, but it may be considered rather costly. You will need to pay about $70 for a yearly subscription. Though if you are a first-time user, you will get a discount of 42%. The free trial period is only seven days, but you can decide whether you need this app for your computer and how efficient it is.  

Final Thoughts

Scanning and cleaning PC apps have covered a long way of development and improvements. However, some tools are less popular nowadays than even a year ago. When selecting an appropriate scanning and cleaning program for your needs, consider how well, how often, and how professionally you use your computer.

You only need to pay a little if you do something complex and challenging. However, avoid downloading free software on your PC or using it online because low-quality apps can do more harm than good.

We hope that you will make the right choice based on the information in this article and the reviews you may find on independent customer review sites and forums.

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