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Recommended 25mm Push Button Switches in 2023 & 2024 

Published on: December 19, 2023

Last Updated on: February 7, 2024

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A push button switch is a basic device you can use to close or open the electric circuit of your equipment. They are suitable size for the use and space available in your facility. If you are working with compact devices, small push-button switches are the ideal choice. For industrial applications, larger sizes work best. 

Will your push button be mounted by flush mounting, panel mounting, or surface mounting? Answering this question is crucial during the selection process as it can affect the installation process. The 25 mm push button size is used in heavier agricultural and industrial applications. Let’s get started on some of its greatest models in 2023 & 2024.

What Is Push Button Switch 

The push button switches are the electrical actuators. They either open or close the electric circuits. They are capable of capable of regulating a variety of electronic gadgets.

These switches are designed as buttons or keys. The buttons that normally close are referred to as the push-to-break switch. At the same time, a normally open push-button switch is commonly known as a push-to-make switch. These switches are typically two-state switches. Each variant of the push button switch is employed in a range of applications. They include computers, crosswalks, industrial machinery, casino games, ATM military equipment, fitness equipment, and other gadgets. 

The maintained push button switch has a common link to the mechanism. It shuffles between holding and thereafter, releasing with successive pushes.  

The Working Of The Push Button Switches

Like the other types of electrical switches, these switches help in reconfiguring the electrical circuits. When the electrical circuits open, the flow of the electricity stops. Thus, the action of the equipment continuously stops. This denotes the circuit has a connection with the push button switch. It stops the operation of the device. Banking on their designs, these switches allow temporary circuit closure. These switch buttons are sometimes supplied with the springs that cause which cause the switch to retract.  Thus, it keeps the circuits open. 

The shutdown for a brief period allows the power to pass from different locations. The push buttons can maintain the electricity’s flow. Such switches possess the on and off positions.  

When you close the electric circuit, the push button switches, the electricity can flow uninterrupted across the circuits. Ultimately, it allows the operation of the device. The push button switches allow for either the sustained or the temporary circuit closure. These switches are supplied with springs, which causes the switch to retract, thus keeping the circuits open.

The brief shutdown of the circuit allows for the passage of power from one location to another. These switches allow you to regulate the control of the supply of electricity.

The Application Of The Push Button Switches 

There are several areas of application of the push button switches. 


The push buttons open the tactile switches that join to an electric circuit when passed or then disconnected when released. It means you must use your fingers to turn off and on the buttons, which finds frequent application in the variety of daily electrical divides.  


These push-button switches are widely used across the world. Before, a hammer activated the doorbells (contained electromagnets) while it struck a sound or melody. It remained there until the circuits got de-energized. After the release of the power switch, the hammer then returns to the regular position. 

The cycle begins there. But the modern doorbells have a built-in push switch.  Apart from these two, the push button switches find usage in the push button telephones, advanced machine controls, and other functions. 

Best 25mm Push Button Switches In 2023 & 2024 

10 Amp 25mm Latching Push Button Switch Angel Eye

Talk of high-grade aesthetics and a smooth touch! This push button is available in yellow, white, blue, green, and red LED rings, while the silver stainless-steel material guarantees it stands the test of time. The device has panels with a 1 – 10 mm thickness, which is a bonus when it comes to its versatility. This push button switch has a long lasting 100,000 hours LED life.

The push button has a built-in terminal pin, which allows for any high-current application. Additionally, it has an IP65 protection, making it dust and water-resistant. It comes with a rubber O-ring that improves the splash resistance.

However, you should avoid putting it in water during use. Its suitability in a harsh application environment is superb thanks to its temperature range of -22℃ – 55℃ temperature, which means you can easily use it in harsh surroundings.

10 Amp 25mm Momentary Push Button Switch Angel Eye

This momentary push button switch constitures of the stainless steel, which gives it a great touch feeling. It is ideal for a 25mm mounting hole size and comes with an LED ring. The colors available for this model are blue, red, green, yellow, and white. The perfect blend of the NO NC configuration and its momentary action allows for optimum operation and ease of use. You can apply some pressure to keep it on and then release it if you want it off. 

Features of this momentary push button, like the silver contact material, ensure it is ideal for applications in harsh conditions. Furthermore, the long lifespan of this device gets the guarantee of 500,000 electric cycles and 2 million mechanical cycles. 

25mm Latching Push Button Switch Flat Head

The flat head is the most unique feature of this push-button switch. Add on the durability of the stainless-steel material, the variety of LED ring colors, and its versatility, and you have the perfect choice. Another benefit of this model is that it is cost-effective and user-friendly. Additionally, it uses a NO NC configuration for efficient operation.


There are different types of 25mm push buttons in the market. Just evaluate your application needs and match them up with any option that is best suited. Other considerations you can make are your connection and circuit; for enhanced safety and operation, choose a type that will cater to your current and voltage needs. APIELE is a developer and provider of top-quality 25mm push button switches. Contact us today for the best deals or a prompt quote.

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