5 Squire Patton Boggs lawyers named Top Latino Lawyers 2022

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In its issue published in late December, Latino Leaders magazine has included another list of its Top Latino lawyers. A number of high-profile firms stand out among the entrants, but one seems to have enjoyed special attention.

Included on the list are José Feris and Rhina Martinez Brea, partners at Squire Patton Boggs, a respected international corporate law firm. Also included is the firm’s principal, Paula Galhardo. On a separate “Lawyers to Keep on the Watch” list, we find senior associates Francisco J. Battle and Miguel Cano.

What is the Latino Leaders Magazine?

What is the Latino Leaders Magazine?

The magazine is the brainchild of two Mexican businessmen: brothers Raul and Jorge Ferraez. They aim to showcase stories of Latino success that often don’t reach the attention of the mainstream media. The magazine, for more than a decade, has told the stories of famous politicians, sportspeople, and business leaders with a Hispanic background.

The mission of the magazine is associated with the brothers and the founders of Latino: Leader’s magazine. This magazine was designed to promote the success story of the Latini business personalities. The Latino leaders showcase the success stories as more Latino people are getting influenced by their success stories. As in this magazine, you can find many more stories about  Latino lawyers which are apart from the mainstream media.

5 Squire Patton Boggs Lawyers Of Top Latino Lawyers

When you are going to see the record, you will find the five popular names of Latino Leaders magazine. These Lawyers are popular with the names of Latino lawyers. You will find the Squire Patton Boggs partners on the top of this list. So undoubtedly, their success story is pretty innovative.

Here are the five names of the five Latino lawyers.

  • Squire Patton Boggs partners
  • José Feris
  • Rhina Martinez Brea
  •  Paula Galhardo

All of these five leaders succeed in the story you find from the magazine. And among these list on the first positions, you can find the names of the Boggs partners.

Why is it vital to celebrate lawyers from different backgrounds?

Why is it vital to celebrate lawyers from different backgrounds?

You might wonder why there’s any point in categorizing lawyers by their ethnicity. After all, shouldn’t we care about attributes like competence and intelligence rather than immutable ethnic characteristics?

One of the great strengths of a diverse workforce, particularly at the leadership level, is to eliminate potential blind spots and thereby improve the collective competence of the firm.

Individuals of one background may have access to insights and hidden context which those of another background might lack. In the case of Latino lawyers, this means familiarity with Hispanic communities and culture and the ability to solve problems particular to Latinos.

According to the American Bar Association 2020, around 5% of all lawyers in the US are Hispanic – compared with the overall population, which is 18.5%. There has been progress on this front since the figure was 1% a decade ago – but we should also bear in mind that the overall proportion of Hispanics in the US population has risen over the same period.

Another caveat should be attached: not all state bars in the US track race and ethnicity, so the picture we end up with is almost certain to be incomplete.


The Latino lawyers’ success story is a motivation for all the Hispanic people. Most often, the success stories of the Hispanic people you can not find from the mainstream business magazines. But this magazine is specially dedicated to Latino lawyers.

There are a number of reasons why Hispanics are under-represented in the legal profession. But among them is the fact that many young Hispanics lack role models in the industry. By recognizing the success of the Squire Patton Boggs quintet, we can help to address this problem!

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