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Turn your Old Car into a Smart Car with these Useful Gadgets

Published on: December 16, 2021

Last Updated on: May 22, 2024

Smart Car

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Cars used to be solely seen as a mode of transportation. The engine, the style, and the interior comfortability were all deemed important. These factors are still critical, but the technological capability of a vehicle is now equally essential. Digital dashboards that show your phone’s apps, multimedia, 360-degree cams, and much more are all available in today’s vehicles.

However, many people continue to drive their vehicles for years, sometimes until the engines fail. These older automobiles may have some modern features, but they lack the kind of developments that are compatible with today’s mobile devices.

A Dashboard Camera

A Dashboard Camera

A dashboard camera will keep your vehicle safe while also giving you peace of mind. What’s the best part? It doesn’t cost a fortune. Don’t worry if you’re not tech smart; most dash cams don’t require an app because they use memory cards instead.

A dashcam, for the most part, is bigger than a standard dashboard mirror, giving you a larger field of vision. It also includes a small camera that can be turned on or off and records what happens on the road. This is useful not only in the event of an accident but also when you leave your automobile alone (dash cams have sensitive sensors).

An OBD II port

The port hidden beneath the steering wheel is like a hidden door to a whole new universe you probably never knew existed. It’s the onboard computer’s entry point, and it’s rarely used. Until now, that is. The inclusion of the OBDII allows telematics devices to process information such as engine rotations, speed of the vehicle, fault codes, fuel consumption, and more in a silent manner. This data can then be used by the telematics device to identify journey start and completion times, excessive revving, speeding, idling, and even fuel usage.

An Adapter for Car Tracking and Diagnostics

Older cars can benefit from big data as automakers use it to improve the performance of their vehicles. You may start synchronizing data collected about your automobile to an app by simply plugging in a car tracking and diagnostics adapter.

An automobile tracking adapter may be necessary for the safety of your vehicle. A vehicle should have four layers of protection, according to security agencies. One of these levels is a tracking system. If your car is stolen, the authorities can quickly track it down thanks to GPS.

Receiver for Auto head Units

With an Android auto head unit, you may have all the features of your smartphone at your fingertips. It’s essentially a Bluetooth receiver that connects a number of various gadgets in one convenient location on your dashboard.

It allows you to utilize GPS to navigate, access your favorite music app that is synced across all of your devices, and even operate your smartphone. You can utilize the unit without taking your eyes from the road because it is situated exactly at eye level on your dashboard.

A Blind Spot Mirror

Spot Mirror

A blind spot mirror is a useful device that is mounted on a car’s side mirrors to display the driver sections of the road that are hidden from their view. It effectively allows you to maintain track of the automobile behind you while also allowing you to change lanes without jeopardizing your safety.

Children enjoy converting parking lots into playgrounds, and if you aren’t careful, an accident may occur. By providing you with the finest possible rear and side view, a blind spot mirror can help you prevent such incidents. For Blind spot mirror sourcing from China, contact the best sourcing agent in China.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

A tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) alerts you when your vehicle’s tire pressure is low or is about to go flat. To install a monitoring system, get your vehicle to Billy Whittaker cars and trux for servicing. TPMS can improve your safety on the road by enhancing your vehicle’s handling, minimizing tire wear, lowering braking distance, and boosting fuel economy by assisting you in maintaining optimum tire pressure.

Since 2007, all new automobiles sold in the United States must have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System installed. All you have to do now is reset the new sensors after you’ve fitted the new wheels on your vehicle, and you’re good to go.

Air Purifier

Around the world, air pollution is a leading cause of upper respiratory and other health disorders. Because air knows no bounds, it has a huge impact on our automobiles. In reality, amidst a global pandemic like Covid-19, air pollution, as well as other airborne viruses, present a huge threat to our health and safety.

And, because public transit involves a higher risk of infection, our cars are our only means of transportation when we need to get anywhere. As a result, the greatest defense is to install a high-quality, user-friendly air purifier

Radar Detector

A radar detector’s primary benefit is to alert you to the presence of an officer who is utilizing an active radar device in the area. You may be sure to check your speed and reduce it if necessary once you’ve confirmed the presence of an active radar signal, avoiding a speeding citation.

It’s worth noting that some states prohibit radar detectors because they can distract drivers, particularly if a false alert occurs, and because they can obscure the driver’s view. As a result don’t install a radar detector if you reside in the states of California, Florida, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania. Note also that radar jammers are illegal under federal law for military reasons, so don’t even think about it.


Adding this technology to your car won’t make it as advanced as the computer-like vehicles on the market today, but it will help you make a more seamless transition between your high-tech lifestyle and your low-tech vehicle, and it will undoubtedly improve your driving.

The main benefit is, by incorporating this tech into any vehicle, you won’t have to pay $40k or more for a new car. Keep that sucker running for as long as possible and while you are upgrading your car interior don’t forget to also go for car light customization. Choose the finest car lights that best match your car’s model. Ascertain that they are extremely stylish and valuable, reflecting the true value of your vehicle at its best.

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