How to get people excited about your upcoming product launch event

By Mashum Mollah

February 10, 2021

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If your company has just been adding the finishing touches to a new product and is now ready to unleash it onto the market, you naturally want the product to quickly clock up a flurry of sales. You can’t expect that to happen, though, unless you foster the public’s interest in that product first.

You can’t do that by just putting up a few adverts here and there, though advertising is indeed one part of the puzzle. Once your company has scheduled a launch event for its next product, here are a few things you could do to get the word out about that event.

Let thought leaders know what you’re planning:

It’s easy to envy a company like Apple, which gets people around the world talking and speculating about its next line of iPhones long before Apple has even publicly confirmed their existence. Your own firm could still, however, reach out to people well-positioned to treat its next product similarly.

Marketing guru Jeff Bullas advises that you research what sites and blogs have reviewed your competitors’ products. You could then approach these sites’ webmasters and offer them your product free of charge in exchange for the site reporting about your product before it is unveiled.

Let some details of your product trickle out to build suspense:  

Another good reason to envy Apple: they need only put out a press invitation for their next event and many online commentators will inevitably start speculating on what can be deciphered even just from the graphics and text on the invite.

You can have people in suspense yourself by teasing well in advance – such as on the press invite as well as in adverts about the upcoming launch event – that the product you are about to unveil will radically change people’s lives for the better.

Advertise extensively on social media

Two especially obvious platforms where you can do this are Facebook and Twitter. With Facebook, ads can be weaved natively into users’ newsfeeds. Give each of your Facebook native ads an eye-catching headline to go with a body of text that hints at what people can expect from the product.

As for Twitter, that would let you tweet a brief advert – comprising up to 140 characters – that could be inserted into users’ feeds as a promoted tweet, even if those users don’t follow your brand’s Twitter account. Twitter ads can be targeted to users on account of interests and demographics.

Find a new, creative way to hold the event:

While holding an in-person event is trickier than it used to be in pre-COVID times, it’s not impossible. The South Florida Business Journal suggests you could host a socially-distanced event to which just a few key media figures or influencers are invited.

In preparation for inviting these people, you could invest in slitters cutters creasers for use in creating the invitations. These sophisticated machines can combine slitting, cutting, and creasing in just one piece of equipment so that even vividly-designed invitations can be produced more time-effectively.

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