Why Is Vue.JS Such A Popular Javascript Framework?


When it comes to making a website using coding, JavaScript is certainly one of the popular forms that tend to get used.

That being said, it is worth noting that JavaScript is very much its own beast and as such, within it, there are different frameworks and libraries that make developers’ lives a lot easier when putting together sites using this technology.

Vue.JS is one of these frameworks. Think of it as if JavaScript was the entire alphabet: it is the foundation of the words we make, and then Vue.JS is the phrasebook that allows people to use the alphabet as a means of constructive communication.

What is Vue.JS Most Commonly Used For?

Vue.JS uses

You usually find that a lot of people will use Vue.JS as a means to build one-page applications and web interfaces. Businesses are able to recruit Vue.JS developers via ScrumLaunch in order to put together the above using this JavaScript framework.

You will also find that people enjoy using Vue.JS due to the fact it can be applied to applications on both desktops and mobiles, meaning it is chosen a lot of the time as a developer’s tool.

using Vue.JS

There are a number of reasons why Vue.JS is such a popular tool. They include the following:

1. It’s More Lightweight Than Other Frameworks
2. It’s Not as Complex
3. There are Helpful Tools Available

»It’s More Lightweight Than Other Frameworks

The framework is so lightweight that it doesn’t take long to download. In fact, the framework is so lightweight (coming in at only a mere 18 kilobytes) that you would struggle to find any other type of framework that takes up such little space and remains effective.

»It’s Not as Complex

A lot of developers enjoy using the framework that is set out by Vue.JS because it is a lot more straightforward than some of the other options that are out there.

Though a lot of the best developers out there will use Vue.JS, it doesn’t mean that if you want to get started in coding you need to be an expert or have encyclopedic knowledge, as you do have with other frameworks.

So long as you are coming to the table with a basic knowledge surrounding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you will be in a good position to begin coding using Vue.JS.

»There are Helpful Tools Available

There are a number of tools available to those who opt to use the Vue.JS framework. These are very helpful when it comes to end-to-end and unit testing.

You are also going to be able to find plugin installation systems, it’s very own browser on Vue.JS, and debugging tools. This means that when you are starting to get to work, you are well equipped to do so.


When it comes to coding and being able to build applications as a result, it is helpful to have a framework that will make doing so a lot more straightforward.

One of the most popular frameworks available comes in the form of Vue.JS, and this article has discussed in a bit more detail exactly why Vue.JS is so popular.

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