What Do You Need To Know About React?


To create a website or web application that offers complex features, you need to have the technology to develop optimal and efficient software.

From button click control to company logo animation, developers are constantly looking for the best tools for creating interactive interfaces, and one of them is the React library.

Let’s take a closer look at this platform, which simplifies the work process for developers. But before moving on to the main information, do not forget that you can turn to react js consulting if you have any difficulties.

What is React?

It is an open-source library that is mainly used to create interfaces. That is, it is a technology focused on interactivity. It is focused on the front end (the piece of software that users use) and its adoption has been on the rise in recent years.

React is presented as a great alternative for building all kinds of web apps, SPAs (Single Page Applications), and even mobile apps. It stands out for having a complete ecosystem of modules, tools, and components that allow you to develop complex features in a short amount of time.

react definition

In this sense, React offers a solid working environment for programming using the JavaScript language. In addition, it provides certain possibilities for creating dynamic user interfaces.

However, with React, we are developing only a part of the web application, the front end, so this technology needs to be integrated with others to form a complete solution.

The characteristic element of this library is the component, the central part of the user interface. We must remember that when designing with React, you create independent and reusable components to create modular and adaptable interfaces.

All applications developed with React have a component, which is always called a “root” component, and in turn, has other so-called elements that make up a tree of components intertwined with each other.

A Brief History of the React Library

React was launched and developed by Facebook in 2013. They are responsible for maintaining it along with the community of independent developers and other companies.

It is free software under the MIT license and has a growing community of developers today. Its creation was carried out to meet the specific needs that arose in connection with developing a well-known social network. They were looking not only for dynamic interfaces but also for high-performance interfaces far superior to other alternatives on the market.

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When building React, they realized that application performance was compromised by relationships between views and data, so they created a new dynamic by optimizing the way views are rendered (generated) versus how the application data changes.

Since then, the use of this technology has yielded positive results in Facebook, which meant its implementation in the development of Instagram. This library has proved so effective that it has been adopted by other platforms such as WhatsApp, Airbnb, Netflix, Dropbox, BBC, Uber, Twitter, Reddit, and PayPal.

How does React work?

To understand how React works, let’s put ourselves in context: when you study web development, you gain knowledge of three basic concepts:

HTML (the structure, semantics, and information of a web page that would be the skeleton of our page), CSS (language style sheets, to be more metaphorical, this will be the appearance of our page), and JavaScript (it gives interactivity to the created site and will be like the brain of the page, which determines what to do based on what happens in the application), with these technologies the network already lives and guarantees a certain level of dynamism.

However, these three concepts worked separately, in different folders and files, which made it difficult to scale and extract different parts of the code to port or reuse features. But now everything has changed and it has become much easier and faster to create and implement projects.


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