What Does Pre Shipment Mean? Logistics Term You Should Know About

what does pre shipment mean
  • What does pre shipment mean? 
  • Why is my order stuck in pre-shipment?
  • How long does pre-shipment take?

If you are searching for the above queries then you are at the right place!

Just a few days after ordering products, you get a message on your phone that your package is in ‘Pre-Shipment.’ This can be due to many reasons, and some of the major explanations are described below. 

What Does Pre-Shipment Mean?


“Pre-Shipment” indicates that your package has exited the storehouse and is remaining to be scanned by USPS to start its travel to you. This whole procedure can take up to eight business days to update your parcel’s tracking information.

If you are tracking your package and the system shows you that your package is in the shipment process. That means your package is already leaving the warehouse. Then your package is waiting in the queue for scanning under the USPS. This is the last phase before you will reach your destination.

There are plenty of courses and instances that are responsible for which the packages are not getting scanned. But if this process is late, then this late process is directly affecting your package’s reaching time. Usually, the customers are waiting for at least eight business days. After eight business days, there is no news about the package scanning. Then they go for help desk support.

10 Common Reasons For Late Parcel Delivery After Pre Shipment

If your order is longer than two weeks, it may be a result of a missing item by the shipper or the item did not ship. Here are some of the common reasons for late delivery after you receive the pre shipment messages.

1. Arrival At Unity/Out For Delivery:

These scans show that the packet has been reviewed at the final postal unit, where delivery will be done, and verification from the mailman that the parcel has been picked up by the recipient.

2. In Transit:

For these packages, tracking on the USPS platform will display when a package is In-Transit and predicted to reach by the delivery time shown with “In-Transit: Arriving Late.”

3. Processed Through Sorting Facility:

This scan determines that the order has been processed and left the USPS sorting facility. The parcel is in transit to the destination at present.

4. Acceptance

This scan determines that a Postal Service worker has received the parcel at the Post Office and that the delivery person has picked up the item at a customer’s residence.

5. Electronic Shipping Info Received

This scam determines that the shipper has informed the Postal Service that they plan to submit the parcel for processing and delivery.

Before the tracking data is sent, the tracking page may display “Not Found.” But as soon as the information is sent, you may notice the tracking page shows “Pre-Shipment” with a “Label Created” time.

6. Traffic & Weather Conditions

You know now What does pre shipment means, and sometimes the ‘ late’ reasons are becoming very natural. The sudden attack of a tornado and typhoon or high snowfalls can also be the culprit for the late revival of the parcels.

7. High Volumes Of Shipments

Your retailers are sending the items to the shipment office at the right time. But due to the high amount of shipments, you do get the shipment right on time. This also can be the reason for late delivery of the products. And after receiving the shipment messages, you can not get your items at the right time.

8. Failing In The Delivery Attempt

If your delivery agent can’t get through the phone, you can ask your agent to drop the parcel in front of your porch. This is a simple solution to avoid late delivery-related issues.

9. Do Not Get The Customs Clearances

Many of the parcels are making the journey through the foreign countries. And if your parcel can not cross the customs clearances, then you absolutely do not get your parcels at the right time. This can also be a serious headache when you receive the pre-shipment messages but can not get your parcel at the expected time.

10. Lack Of The Package Items Clarity

During customs clearance, item clarity is the most required part of the game. If your packages and items contain any suspicious items, the customs will not give an excellent clean chit for the packages. And you will face a late package delivery. So before searching for the USPS late delivery reasons, analyze all the probable causes.

How Long Does Pre-Shipment Take?

How Long Does Pre-Shipment Take

Now you already know about “what does pre shipment mean”. As discussed,  the package has been prepared with the pre-shipped moment and is ready to go for delivery. But with the type of carrier, may vary. But you can expect approximately 24 hours (excluding weekends) for domestic packages.

However, the international package time can take more time depending upon factors such as travel distance and customs offices.

What Does Pre-Shipment Info Send USPS Awaits Item Mean?

You are searching the query with ‘USPS where is my package.’ But after trying for several hours, you receive a message saying your package is in the USPS Awaiting Items. What is the meaning of this message?  

This means your package is at its beginning journey. The shipping label is received and attached to your parcels. However, the USPS has not received the item from the shipper. That is the meaning of your USPS Items waiting in the queue.

Why Is My Package Stuck At Pre-Shipment?

So, you know what pre-shipment means and how long it takes for the package to arrive. But, it is still taking time and is delayed. What are the reasons for that?

For starters, USPS might still not have the package yet. Other potential reasons can cause the same issue. In most cases, these issues last for only a few days. Here are some reasons as to why this may happen –

The Package Was Not Scanned Well

When USPS receives the packages, they run a scan on all the packages with pre-purchased shipping labels. This arrival scan is mandatory for each of the items. However, some of the packages might miss this scan, which is very unfortunate and rare.

This usually happens when the shipping work is at its peak. Some of the labels might not be attached properly, hindering the process of scanning. However, you can make the scanning easier. Sellers need to place the labels flat on the package. They should also ensure that there are no smudges on the labels.

Peak Season And Difficult Deadlines

There are times when postal systems face a surge in delivery and shipments. This is the time when they are most likely to make a shipping error. You may also face significant delays in delivery due to this.

When they have too many packages to scan, it would be difficult for USPS to also regularly update you on the shipping process during the peak seasons. Such problems usually arise during the holiday shopping season and start during November, lasting until Christmas.

So, if you are ordering an item during one of these peak seasons, then the package might take a long time to arrive at the delivery destination. It is most likely that your package has already reached the post office. But they have not been able to scan it yet.

The Item Might Be Lost

There is a chance that the item will be lost. The seller could lose the package, or it could be lost before it reached the post office and was ready for the scan into their system.

However, you must know that this is usually not the case. This happens very rarely. The Postal System in the US is very careful and strict about the arrival of different packages at their designated locations. It is highly unlikely for the package to get lost. However, if your delivery is stuck in pre-shipment for more than five business days, I would suggest getting in touch with the sender. It is best to check in with the company responsible for sending you the package.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some relevant questions and answers related to pre-shipment.

1. Why Are My Packages Still In The Pre-Shipment?

Ans: Your package is still in the pre-shipment because they are still packing. Actually, it is packed but waiting to be collected by the courier.

2. What Does Pre-Shipment Mean USPS?

Ans: If your parcel is in pre-shipment, the U.S. Postal Service does not receive it yet. As soon as they receive it, they will scan and track it.

3. How Long Does Something Stay In Pre-Shipment?

Ans: Pre-shipment usually takes around 24 hours (excluding weekends).

4. Why Hasn’t USPS Shipped My Package?

Ans: If the U.S. Postal Service hasn’t shipped your package, then it can be due to various reasons such as loss, damage, or even a USPS tracking system failure to track.

5. Should I Worry If USPS Tracking Hasn’t Updated For Three Days?

Ans: You don’t have to worry if USPS tracking hasn’t been updated for three days. The tracking numbers of your parcels are scanned at each stop, and sometimes these scans are missed.

6. Can I Call USPS To See Where My Package Is?

Ans: Yes, if you want, you can call USPS to see where your package is. 1800-222-1811 is the number to track additional information on USPS Text Tracking.

The Final Thoughts

There can be many reasons why your package hasn’t been delivered yet. Pre-shipment means your parcel has left the warehouse and is waiting to be examined by USPS to begin its journey. Thus, this is all that you should know about “what does pre shipment mean”. And let me know in the comment section if you have any queries regarding the same. 

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