At What Time Does USPS Stop Delivering? – Let’s Find Out (2024) 

what time does USPS stop delivering

The post office closes their working hours in the evening or sometimes before the evening. But you are expecting the packages even after their operating hours. So it is not uncommon sometimes the wait has become too long. And when you are waiting to get an essential item package like medicines or other necessary items. Then what time does USPS stop delivering? Hence after which timing your waiting is just getting wasted.

Does The USPS Deliver After Their Working Hours?

USPS Deliver After Working Hours

USPS is a government-run office. So, their working hours are fixed, and after the evening you cannot expect any delivery. But it is already recorded that in 2022 the USPS is delivering the packages at night. But that does not belong in their regular schedules. Then what time does USPS stop delivering? 

Here are the simple solutions to your question. Yes, that is true. Many customers are sharing their good impressions. However, USPS does not regularly record changes in their working hours. But if you are currently in situations where multiple natural phenomena hit you. 

Other than natural phenomena, it often happens during the holiday seasons. That means you can expect late-night delivery from USPS. Only during the holiday season and natural disaster times.

How Late Does USPS Deliver?

USPS Late Delivery

The United States Postal Service runs late delivery during the emergency or during the holiday season. The scheduled delivery is not delivered after 5 PM. When do you want to know at what time does USPS stop delivering each day? Then the suitable answer is only going to be not after the 5 P.M evening. 

The delivery window is a little bit wider than you thought. This is because the regular mail carriers arrive in the office earlier than 8 A.M. The parcel loading trucks are prepared before 8 A.M. mail, and the packages leave for the delivery destinations at 8 A.M. 

If the delivery address is far from the post office, then the delivery time will take only the transportation times. But it is sure the parcel receivers living in a little more distinct position from the post-offline have to wait for a little longer. 

USPS Mail And Package Arriving On The Weekends?

USPS Delivery System

The weekend delivery system of the USPS mail and the packages are simple. On the weekdays, the USPS delivery system follows the same schedule as the weekdays. But there is a simple difference in the system. During the delivery, the delivery agents often do not start as early as the other workweeks.

That means the first mail receivers are going to receive the packages after 8 A.M. and during the weekend. This time is also getting extended. That means the first parcel or mail received can be at 8.30 or 9 a.m. 

If you have a query like, what time does USPS stop delivering on weekends? Or does USPS deliver on Sunday? Then I must say the USPS has scheduled their weekend working hours between 8 A.M. and 5 P.M. But these times can vary depending on the different branches based on the geographical locations. 

Are you figuring out the USPS delivery truck in your neighborhood? Then, it means this was surely a holiday season. Only during the holiday season and natural disasters will the USPS attempt late delivery. But on the regular weekend days, there is no chance of receiving the parcel after 6 P.M. 

Can The USPS Deliver The Mails Same Time Each Day?

USPS Delivery Schedules

Want to have a fixed delivery time for the mail? Basically, this is merely possible to get. But now you know at what time does USPS stop delivering the parcels. However, if you would like to get the mail at a fixed time, then the delivery time depends on a few factors. 

Here are the factors which are responsible for the irregular USPS delivery schedules.

1. Different Parcel Loading Time

One is your transportation times and the distances. Another thing is total parcel strength. The time varies because the parcel loading and delivery times are entirely different every day. In addition, the parcel amounts are different. For example, one day, the delivery agent is loading 50 mail items, but on the next day, they have to pack 100 parcels. 

2. Different Mail Volume

The mail volume is never the same every day. This is because USPS drivers and mail delivery agents are training to fly out on the road to maintain their exact delivery time. But the schedules are never going to be the same. You do not know how much of the pending parcel delivery is scheduled. For example, the mail delivery guy has to take a halt only one spot on the first day before reaching your address. But on the next day, they have to deliver more different items before delivering your items. 

3. Weather Conditions And Traffics

USPS works on the 5 /1 rotating shifts. So in summer, you can expect your mail at the right time. But in the snowy winter, the schedule is pretty tough. However, the USPS is very professional in its delivery time. So delivery agents are trying to maintain it, attempting late delivery even though it is very rare. 

These three are the main culprits for the late delivery of USPS. But when you want to know the answer, at what time does USPS stop delivering? You must have to check the schedule first from your local USPS services. Then you will know the working hours, and if any unnatural things are not happening, then late delivery is not possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions!! (FAQs)

The following are some of the most common questions on the USPS Delivery System: 

Q1. Does The USPS Come Late at Night? 

Ans. The schedule is pretty simple. All mail deliveries are made between 5 p.m., but if any unnatural circumstances arise, like bad weather, traffic, or the holiday season, This time only you can expect late delivery of the USPS mail. 

Q2. Does USPS Deliver Packages After 8 pm?

Ans. Yes, it is possible if you are receiving first-class deliveries and mail. The regular mail does not deliver the items after 8 P.M. The late deliveries are out of the norm. But the regular deliveries do not run late. 

Q3. What Time Is the End of a Working Day for USPS? 

Ans. A delivery person can only take the rest after all their delivery reaches their exact destinations. This is the reason why some unnatural things are happening and due to the holiday season and the traffic. The delivery agent is getting late, and they are attempting to deliver the packages even after 10 P.M.

Q4. If You Do Not Attain the Receipts, Do the USPS Leave Your Package at the Door? 

Ans. Yes. If the delivery agent can make contact with the recipients. Then they can put the package in the right areas or specific locations. For example, they can ask the delivery guy to put the package anywhere near your garage or porch.

Q5. How Can You Track Your USPS Package?

Ans. To track the USPS packages, you have to follow some fundamental steps. After the introduction of digital systems, tracking systems became a much more convenient and easy process. 
You have to follow these steps to check the USPS tracking status:
Step 1: Go for the USPS Pre-Shipment status checking.
Step 2: Then send the pre-shipment Info to USPS.
Step 3: USPS then received an electronic transmission along with the manifest shipment information.
Step 4: After this process, transit the USPS to the next facility. 
Step 5: Then you will get the delivery alarm.
Step 6: Your item is delivered to the right destination.
Step 7: You will get the alert.

Q6. How Can the USPS See Your Tracking Times of The Package?

Ans. Your package can scan more than 13 times. This all starts from the postal facility. Also, at the same time you are applying for your USPS shipping labels, you have to make sure that your labels optimally give you better tracking visibility. 


The correct answer to ‘At what time does USPS stop delivering?’ is simple. On regular working days, you cannot expect to get the items after 5 p.m., but when you are having some natural disaster or are in the middle of the holiday season. You can expect the delivery late at night. How are your USPS delivery experiences? Do not forget to share your USPS delivery experiences in the comment sections. 

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