What Is A Proxy Server And What Is It Used For

What Is A Proxy Server

Proxy servers act as an intermediary between the user and the final service to which you need to switch (website, online application, and so on). This changes your IP address, which allows you to remain anonymous and significantly expand your own capabilities.

Proxy is a multifunctional tool that is used to solve various tasks. We will talk about some of them in this article.

Proxy For Trading Platforms

Proxy For Trading Platforms

A change of IP will be required to effectively solve such tasks:

  1. Purchase of goods that are not available on Amazon, eBay, etc. for your state.
  2. Protection of personal data, including payment data.
  3. Creating multiple accounts so that in the future, for example, you can repeatedly use a one-time discount.

As a rule, IPv4 server proxies are sufficient for such tasks, which allow you to work with multiple accounts without leaving traces. In some cases, resident proxies may be required, which makes you indistinguishable in the eyes of the system from the resident of the country you want to become.

If you need to buy proxy for Amazon and other trading platforms, we recommend using the website proxy.io.

Proxy For Parsing

Parsing is a very significant aspect of SEO optimization, but by doing it, you inevitably face difficulties. If a large number of requests from a single IP address are detected, blocking will happen almost inevitably. Proxies are necessary in order to constantly change the address and not face sanctions. The benefits of using proxy servers for parsing are expressed in the following:

  1. Effective circumvention of any restrictions on IP.
  2. Sending requests specifying the desired region.
  3. Comfortable work without entering a captcha.

For parsing, mobile proxies are most often used, which provide a large pool of IP addresses. This allows you to make requests with great speed without the risk of getting banned.

Proxy For Working With Social Networks

Proxy For Working With Social Networks

Social networks track their users by IP. If suspicious activity is observed from a certain IP address, for example, visiting several accounts at the same time or their mass registration, the user can get banned. To circumvent such restrictions, you need to use a proxy and preferably with 1 proxy to enter 1-2 accounts, no more.

Paid and free proxies

Choosing a proxy is a very important part on which the anonymity of the user fully depends. The most difficult choice is when you need to choose paid or free proxies. Let’s figure out in which cases each of these options is suitable.

Paid (Individual) Proxies

  1. Guarantee the uniqueness of the provided IP address and its absence in the “black” databases.
  2. Provide optimal ping, ensuring comfortable operation.
  3. They do not create problems and failures when connecting.
  4. Support excellent speed.

Such proxies are used for the most serious tasks. For example, for multicoating in social networks and bookmakers, where maximum anonymity is required.

Free (Public) Proxies

Using these proxies entails serious risks.

Such tools for changing IP have a lot of significant drawbacks. The most notable are:

  1. Significant risks are associated with the fact that a large number of questionable requests pass through free proxies.
  2. Unavoidable blockages and other sanctions negate any sense of changing the IP.

Free proxies are also allowed to be used, but only in one-time tasks. For example, when you need to access a resource that is closed to your IP once. In the long run, free proxies lead to the problems that we discussed above.

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