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Ways To Attract More Followers On Instagram For Your Business Account

By Arnab Dey

August 26, 2022

Attract More Followers On Instagram

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It is undeniable that social media has had a tremendous impact on our day-to-day lives and the way we do business.

The social media space itself has evolved sporadically since the embryonic days of Facebook and Twitter, up to the Instagram and TikTok fraternities of today.

Through all of these changes, however, one thing remains the same. People have always been in a quest for a large followership base.

Quantity, they say, is the juice of social media. So it is no gainsaying that having a large social media presence is a potential goldmine.

Instagram, in particular, remains one of the most used and revered socials with over 1.3 billion active users on the platform. For this reason, individuals and businesspersons alike are constantly trying to build their repertoire on the service.

But that certainly takes some skills and patience for it to work. Some of these skills we will discuss for this post: Ways to Attract More Followers on Instagram for Your Business Account. Continue reading…

1. Ensure You Are Running A Business Profile

Business profile

The first thing to watch out for as a business owner trying to attract more followers on Instagram is the type of profile you operate. Is it an individual or a business profile? If you currently run an individual profile, then it is time to switch over to a business one. A business profile is far advantageous in many ways. For one, it grants you access to helpful tools such as analytics.

Instagram’s analytics tool shows you who your followers are, where they are from, as well as the kinds of content they engage with best. It also shows you your growth rate, whether or not you are gaining or losing followers.

Now, that last part is the most important for businesses trying to track their performance on the platform. It is clear now why a business profile should be in order.

2. Post-High-Quality Content Regularly

Content is always king on Instagram. The platform is filled to the brim with nonstop high-quality content that you can’t afford to post anything short of. Instagram’s content is made up of both still photos and videos.

Do well to make use of both formats in ample proportion when dropping content. Also, remember to make use of Instagram’s prime functionalities, such as the “story” feature or its “reels” feature for making videos.

It is equally important too that you post content frequently as well. At least 3 to 4 posts daily is a very sure way to grow a healthy following. As a bonus tip, if you don’t want to go through the stress of growing organically, you can opt to buy real Instagram followers instead.

3. Promote Your IG Profile on Your Other Socials

While you are actively present on Instagram, it is safe to assume that you are involved with other socials as well. So why not use that to your advantage? You can do some cross-platform campaigns across your other socials, such as Facebook and Twitter to reach out to a wider network.

There are several ways to do this. One, you can add your Instagram handle to the bio of other social media profiles.

Alternatively, you could link your Instagram directly to your other socials, such as that once you drop a post, it appears on these other timelines. This way, once your followers on your Facebook and Twitter see your Instagram post, they can immediately follow the link back to your profile. You can build a lot of engagement this way.

4. Use the Appropriate HashTags

Since the hashtag feature became a thing, people haven’t stopped using them in their social media posts. Hashtags are equally very important on Instagram and your posts can really gain a lot of traction using them.

It is said that posts with hashtags perform about 12.6% better than those without. That is because people follow hashtags and engage more with Instagram using relevant hashtags.

As a business, you must incorporate the right hashtags into your posts. Take some time to do your research in the industry you operate in. Most likely, you will find between 10 and 20 highly-niched hashtags that can pull people towards your content and ultimately convert them to loyal followers.

5. Always Time Your Posts

Instagram Post

Lastly, you should know the right time to post content. Simply posting for the fun of it may not be a good strategy if you want to grow your engagement and following. Have at the back of your mind that different times work best than others.

For instance, it may not be wise to post at midnight or in the afternoons on a weekday as most people will either be asleep or at work.

The peak times on Instagram are usually early in the morning and in the evenings on most weekdays. As a bonus tip, post more during the weekends since most people are relaxed during these times.

You Can Start Growing Those Followers Now

Yep! We have just discussed five ways to attract more followers on Instagram for your business account. Test out all the tips we’ve shared and even add some of your own.

It wouldn’t be long before you too can start building large followership on the platform, which will ultimately boost your business. Take that with some good luck.

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