Check Out 8 Tips on How to Sell on Instagram to Stand Out!

By Sumona

June 18, 2022

How to Sell on Instagram

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Want to find out how to sell on Instagram? Know that, in recent years, the social network has gone from just a channel for sharing photos and images to a true showcase for selling various products and services. 

If you want to learn how to boost sales on Instagram, this article is for you. Come, check it out!

Why is Instagram so important to your business?

Instagram is an important social network for the most diverse types of business, mainly because it is a sales showcase for companies of different niches and sizes. 

If you want to sell through Instagram, know that it is fundamental in a sales strategy because there are great possibilities for your audience to be present on this social network. 

To give you an idea of ​​the strength of Instagram for business, about 70% of brands are active on this social network, with 8 out of 10 users following company accounts.

You’re not going to risk missing the opportunity to be where your audience is, are you? Keep reading the article and discover how to sell on Instagram and increase your real estate business revenue with 8 tips. 

How to Sell on Instagram: 8 Practical Tips:

For those who want to know the best strategies on how to sell on Instagram, check out 8 practical tips that we have selected for you to be seen by your audience and, of course, increase your business sales.


  1. Create a Business Profile
  2. Publish Photos with Good Quality
  3. Create Interesting Captions For your Publications
  4. Use Hashtags
  5. Use the “Shop” Function
  6. Enjoy the Stories
  7. Partner with Digital Influencers
  8. Create Ads Through Instagram Ads

1. Create a Business Profile:

The first step is to create a business profile. That’s because this account modality allows you to use features that common accounts do not offer.

Business Profile

With it, you can check relevant information to sell on Instagram in an effective way, as you can analyze data, such as:

  • People who interacted with the post
  • Number of people who saw a post
  • Number of users who visited the profile
  • Number of clicks on your posts and links
  • Make announcements

2. Publish Photos with Good Quality:

Among the main practices of how to sell on Instagramthe main one, without a doubt, is the publication of good-quality photos.

Good Quality feed

It is useless to publish low-resolution images where the user cannot see the advantages of your product. Keep an eye on that! 

3. Create Interesting Captions For your Publications:

Another point that deserves your attention to sell on Instagram is to create interesting captions in your publications. 

Interesting Instagram Captions

Ideally, the subtitles should be persuasive and present the advantages of that product. Remember to use easy-to-understand language that meets the profile of your audience. 

4. Use Hashtags:

Hashtags are the main way of indexing content on social networks and are considered one of the strategies on how to sell on Instagram. 

Trendy Hashtags

That’s because these little words can attract new followers to your page. Therefore, use hashtags in your niche market so that your profile can be found by your audience, even by those users who do not follow your page. 

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5. Use the “Shop” Function:

Want to know how to sell on Instagram efficiently? Then, use the store function, which allows brands to register and sell their products or services directly on the social network. 

instagram "Shop" Function

This tool allows your profile to be found more easily, as it shortens the customer’s purchase path, who does not need to leave the social network to buy or negotiate a property, for example. 

6. Enjoy the Stories:

If you want to learn how to sell on Instagram and the best strategies, know that one of them is stories, a tool to generate engagement between the brand and the followers. 

instagram  Stories

This dynamic publication format allows the creation of a closer relationship with the consumer. Take advantage of stories to ask your followers questions, polls, and tests, creating interactive content.

7. Partner with Digital Influencers:

Another good practice on how to sell on Instagram efficiently is to partner with digital influencers, as it is an alternative to create a bridge between the brand and the potential customer.

Digital Influencers

This partnership benefits brands, as users of a particular influencer, have confidence in the indications of that profile, which can influence the purchase decision. 

But remember to partner with influencers who are relevant to your industry; otherwise, this partnership will not deliver the expected results.

8. Create Ads Through Instagram Ads:

If you want to learn how to sell on Instagram and increase your revenue, a tip is to create ads through Instagram Ads. 

 Instagram Ads

That is because this tool is able to increase the reach of your publications. When advertising through Instagram Ads, users who are interested in buying a house, for example, will be impacted by your advertisement, generating more sales opportunities.


With our tips, now you know how to put together the best strategies on how to sell on Instagram, right? Remember to follow our tips because your profile will be booming and of course, your sales will increase.

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