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The 16 Best iPhone Cases for 2022

By Sumona

November 1, 2022

iPhone Cases

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Smartphones from Apple are good in every way: they are productive, beautiful, and modern. These gadgets have created a fashion for mobile accessories.

With the help of a stylish accessory, you can emphasize your taste for iPhone cases and stand out from the crowd. 

Each brand that produces mobile equipment also cares about protection. Therefore, buying an iPhone case is a very good idea. But you need to choose genuine iPhone, case models.

Various manufacturers offer interesting options for protecting your smartphone from external influences. On sale, you can find shockproof variants, models with a built-in stand, waterproof, and much more accessories. 

The Best Genuine Leather Models

The iPhone cases should always look wise, modern, and pretty smart. As for holding the best gadget, of course, you will need a very strong and solid leather model as a holder.

Genuine Leather Models

Here are some of the iPhone cases’ top leather models, which you can try and experiment with a new look for your iPhone.

Labodét leather case

The iPhone cases and the cover is constructed of natural material, during the processing of which the manufacturer’s developments were used to maintain the durability and recognizable texture.

A well-tailored Himalaya iPhone case made of real reptile skin will help emphasize the taste and sense of style of the owner.

Melkco Face cover

It combines ergonomics and sophisticated design to provide reliable protection. The cover is crafted of soft handmade leather; all elements are securely stitched. The Disney 3d iphone 6 cases also look very pretty with the leather finish. So it is going to be a good option for iPhone cases that you can try on.

Apple Folio

The case, designed of specially treated European-made leather, is pleasant to the touch, exactly following the contours of the iPhone. There is a special compartment where it is convenient to store checks, banknotes, and bank cards.

Native Union Clic Classic

The discreet design is complemented by the iPhone cases along with the brand’s signature logo and is presented in the most relevant colors of the season.

UAG Civilian

Civilian Series cases are designed with HyperCush technology, which absorbs and dissipates the energy generated when a mobile device collides with another surface.

The Best Shockproof Models

There are really cute iphone 5c cases shockproof models. You can try experimenting with the new look for iphone cases.

Pitaka MagEZ case

It is an iPhone cover constructed of high-tech material — aramid, which is unusually light and strong. So, it is used in the aircraft industry, as well as in the manufacture of racing cars and bulletproof vests.

UAG Plasma

The shell features the iPhone case reinforced construction that is combined with an impact-resistant composite case.

UAG Monarch

The iPhone case bases are manufactured of polycarbonate. The inner layer is reinforced with TPU. The final detail is a frame made of metalized polycarbonate.

Deppa Chic case

The iPhone case covers are made elastic, resistant to kinks, and do not turn yellow even after prolonged use. The internal rough surface prevents fogging.

Giardini Crystal Ice

The iPhone case models are made with durable silicone, which fits perfectly to the body of the gadget, preventing dirt and dust from entering, as well as protecting against scratches.

The Best Cases With A Stand

Origami Snap

The shell packs an impressive punch with a variety of 2-in-1 standing postures which also allows you to make hands-free FaceTime calls, watch videos on soft surfaces, and surf the web hands-free.

Uniq Transforma Rigor

Unique transformer iPhone case model with a patented design. The pad is constructed of two materials: a transforming insert produced of wear-resistant fabric and a frame bumper made of flexible thermoplastic polyurethane.

Moshi Capto

The slim cover features a MultiStrap that keeps the device secure in your hand while shooting or walking. The model can be turned into a stand when watching videos.

The Best MagSafe Cases

Best MagSafe Cases

Apple MagSafe

The cover slips on easily and conforms to the contours of your iPhone without being bulky.

Native Union Clic Canvas

Slim and lightweight iPhone cases shell with reinforced construction, soft microfiber lining on the inside, and extended sides to further protect the display and cameras.

Apple MagSafe Silicone

The outer silicone surface is specially treated and is very pleasant to the touch. It has built-in magnets aligned just exactly within the magnets on the back of your smartphone. It securely holds the case and makes the iPhone cases easy to remove.

Protect Your Precious Iphone With A Solid Cover

For all their exoticism, the products provide an acceptable level of protection: from dust, moisture, fingerprints, and contact with hard and sharp objects. Additionally, covers protect the body of the device in case of falls from a height. These types of iPhone cases are not only strong. These iPhone cases have a pretty gorgeous look. So which one are you going to choose?




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