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The Must-Haves Of The Best Locksmith In Phoenix

By Arnab Dey

August 25, 2022


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To be considered a professional in the locksmith business, you must have certain aces up your sleeves. These unique traits don’t only make you a locksmith but also make your work easier and cool.

Some tools are for common or general use while there are also tools that have special uses. These special tools are those that help set you apart and help make difficult situations a wee bit easier for you to maneuver through.

What Are These Tools?

Here are some of the tools with both special and general uses that have to be in every locksmith’s toolkit:

1. Bench tools:

Bench tools are the tools like pliers which are used to complete basic tasks like bending and manipulating parts of the lock.

There are also hand punches that help to make holes and mark keys. These tools possess no special functions hence their basic status.

2. Lock picks:

Lock picks are very important and a must-have for any locksmith or aspiring one. These are used for opening locks in which the keys have either been destroyed or misplaced. They normally come in sets to cater to different lock sizes.

3. Drill bits and cutters:

Drill bits and cutters are used for drilling holes into which the locks would be fitted and for cutting damaged locks.

repairing a doorknob

It’s very important to have this in your locksmith arsenal in case you come in contact with locks that are hard to pick.

4. Key extractors:

This tool is very useful in removing keys that have, one way or the other, broken in their respective locks. This would normally be a difficult thing to do with a basic tool like a plier but with a key extractor, it is a lot easier to do and it does it in record time.

5. Lock-picking gun:

Lock-picking gun is essentially just an automatic lock-pick. It is very efficient and one that should be in every locksmith’s toolkit.

6. Key cutting machines:

Key-cutting machines are used for duplicating keys, i.e., making copies of lost keys. A lot of people lose their keys or even just want to make more for a certain reason. So, to save time that would be wasted from cutting keys manually, a key cutting machine would save you time and reduce stress. It’s something that should be a must-have.

7. Safety gloves:

When picking locks or even duplicate keys, you more often than not work with very sharp tools which put you in danger of cutting yourself.

Safety gloves

Good quality safety gloves help reduce the risk of cuts and scrapes that might result from the use of these tools.

8. Lock fitting tools:

Lock fitting tools these tools help make lock installation easier and helps broaden your skillset.

It makes the process of lock-fitting very much like any other easy job. This machine works by cutting the shape of the lock on the door and fitting it properly.


These tools were just some of the things recommended by the best locksmith in phoenix. He said that to make this business easy and reduce the risk of injury and unsatisfactory work, these tools are a step in the right direction.

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