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Top 15 Best Logistics Companies In Chicago You MUST Know About In 2024!

Published on: May 8, 2024

Last Updated on: May 9, 2024

Logistics Companies Chicago

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The logistics industry is considered a vital component of any country’s economy. Proper logistics always help to move around stuff in an efficient and successful manner.  

The functions of a logistics service are to cover stuff, including moving things from the inventory, storing stuff when necessary, and making better contributions to a seamless supply chain. However, each logistics company chooses different areas to cover. 

So, understand what your business needs and choose the right kind of logistics that best fits your business.  

The Chicago metropolitan area is known as a national leader in freight transportation. Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport also plays a pivotal role in logistics operations and moving cargo ships. 

Furthermore, the Port of Chicago, located on Lake Michigan, is a great way for cargo ships and logistics operations.  

If your small business is looking for an opportunity for local transport or global logistics, you have landed in the right place. In this article, I have curated 15 top logistics companies Chicago has that can be reliable and help your business effectively.    

What Is Logistics, And What Is The Importance Of A Logistics Company? 

What Is Logistics

Logistics is a kind of service that allows you to acquire, store, and transport the resources, you are willing to move. This intricate process helps to get more goods or people from one location to another.  

The operation of logistics is multifaceted and plays a crucial role in the effortless movement of your supply chain. The operation enables you to move your materials and fulfillment of your services to the endpoint.   

This plays a critical role in the bottom line of a company. Moreover, it allows you to achieve competitive advantages. Businesses and logistics are deeply connected. Without the function of logistics operation, a company cannot win the competition in a specific industry.   

How Many Logistics Companies Are Present In Chicago?

How Many Logistics Companies Are Present In Chicago

Chicago is known as a hub for greater commerce and transportation, where the logistics companies operate vastly.  

According to Forbes, Chicago has over 100 logistics companies along with their headquarters. There has been a growth of 802% in capital for the Chicago logistics industry, becoming the highest among the peer cities.  

Companies like Brite Logistics, Avenue Logistics, and Wayfinder Logistics are some of the logistics companies Chicago has that are currently operating.      

These companies are responsible for contributing to a successful freight system and supply chain, ensuring easy movement of goods and materials.   

What Are The Top 15 Logistics Companies Chicago Has That You Must Know In 2024

1. Brite Logistics

Brite Logistics

To satisfy their customers, the company Brite Logistics provides predictive and safe drivers, motivated staff, top-level customer service, and properly equipped products. The company continuously works to provide the best services as a team.   

2. Redwood Logistics

Redwood Logistics

This is the fastest-growing company among Chicago’s logistics companies. It has successfully proven itself as one of the top 100 logistics services providers that have specifically integrated transportation and logistics into their services.     

The company owns an integration platform, RedwoodConnectSM, which is executed by logistics professionals. The software enables a potential way to integrate customers’ supply chains more rapidly and seamlessly.   

3. Chicago Consulting

Chicago Consulting

Chicago Consulting is a master in orchestrating various components such as sourcing, various inbound logistics as well as networking of plants. The company is famous for designing and engineering potential supply chains for manufacturers, retailers, and distributors. 

The firm uses software tools that are proprietary and help in optimizing an entire supply chain process instead of focusing on one specific component.      

4. FourKites


As another fast-growing supply chain platform among Chicago’s logistics companies, FourKites successfully delivers better accessibility and real-time visibility of its services. 

The company executes operations for the Fortune 500 companies and 70 other third-party logistics companies.   

The company currently has over 4 million GPS/ELD devices which are designed for the services through ocean and over-the-road delivery. They also provide ample security for the shipping and delivery processes.  

5. PLG Consulting

PLG Consulting

Situated in Illinois and Chicago, PLG Consulting is a famous veteran company in logistics and supply chain. The company is an expert in energy, bulk amounts of commodities, mineral sectors, and mining sectors.   

The company has some real-world experience and expertise in successful logistics and supply chain management. Moreover, they also customize solutions to manage efficiency while reducing costs.    

6. Puma Logistics

Puma Logistics

Imagine yourself as a small business owner looking for a Chicago logistics company. Puma logistics can be an option for you to help you with good and materials movements.  

The company focuses on the overall flow of products and services it provides to help other companies deliver services, such as supplying trucks.  

Puma Logistics aims to help businesses achieve the utmost market growth and demand.  

7. MoLo Solutions

MoLo Solutions 

Whether in food, plastics, metals, or papers, MoLo Solutions is experienced in providing the best solutions to their clients. They are committed to connecting different companies that help ship goods and hold the capacity to load.   

This growth-obsessed firm is committed to providing services that can bring success to both parties: the clients and the service providers.  

8. Avenue Logistics 

Avenue Logistics 

 The company, Avenue Logistics, is committed to helping businesses find the right avenue for success. This company specializes in over-the-road capacities and a private backhaul fleet. The company is dedicated to providing shipments and services.  

Avenue Logistics is also dedicated to creating a better logistics chain and transportation that can help with minimum cost and have a low impact on the environment.  

9. BMM Logistics

BMM Logistics 

Among all the fast-growing logistics companies Chicago has, BMM Logistics is another famous logistics company that is also a third-party service provider. The company provides services in both USA and Canada.  

BMM Logistics creates a bridge between businesses by delivering the required products and providing transportation for the companies. Being a family-owned business, BMM Logistics provides opportunities for young talents and helps them have successful careers.    

10. Kaizen Health

Kaizen Health 

Among all the logistics companies Chicago has, Kaizen Health continuously seeks improvement in the healthcare industry. They offer their logistics services for both providers and patients.   

Moreover, they are focusing on developing specific processes and technologies to focus solely on the treatment plans. It has the potential to minimize the burden from the administration and reduce the financial burden on you as a patient.  

11. Graf Air Freight

Graf Air Freight 

Headquartered in the USA, Graf Air freight has served for the past 50 years. Being a part of Chicago logistics companies, Graf Air freight specializes in transportation and critical shipments.  

The company has secured a better reputation and revenue with the help of customer satisfaction with every service provided.   

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12. Prinaj Services

Prinaj Services

Prinaj’s services have expanded beyond what logistics generally offer in Chicago or Worldwide. Over the years, the company has been able to earn trust and reliability from the businesses due to their commitment and best services.  

Apart from the supply chain and shipments, Prinaj Services also provides cargo trucks on rent, helps with airline ticketing, and helps with vacation booking. This expansion of services makes the company different from the logistics companies Chicago has and offers.    

13. Maestro Cargo

Maestro Cargo

Maestro Cargo is one of the custom-bonded warehouses in Chicago. The company handles the operations once an international ship arrives at the airport. It helps in processing and backhauling the airship while being a good ground service provider.   

14. Soflow Shipping

Soflow Shipping

The company SpFlow Shipping is known for its reliability. The company provides services that are mostly affordable and customer-oriented.  

SoFlow Shipping is a freight forwarding house that also takes part in the shipping network. Being one of the potential logistics companies Chicago has, the company offers various vehicles and equipment, including Automobiles, trucks, various trailers, and tractors.   

Apart from that, the company also provides services that assist the moving services on the global platform.  

15. Apple Express

Apple Express

Apple Express has been a loyal transportation service provider in Chicago, connecting roads that are miles apart. This company is based in Chicago and works as a 3PL or third-party logistics company.  

As a company, Apple Express is committed to providing rigorous transportation services to the industry.  

Apart from that, Apple Express also follows the principles of “just-in-time,” which helps them in becoming potential enough as a logistics service provider.  

The company has also engaged itself in simplifying complex transportation issues into simple solutions through the amalgamation of traditional assets and blended assets in its service offerings.   


In conclusion, the entire operation, which is related to logistics, is considered one of the most crucial points of modern operation. Almost all businesses are opting for suitable logistics.  

Logistics can help you plan, coordinate, and execute transportation, as well as store and distribute all kinds of goods and services. The objectives of logistics can help you achieve the utmost customer satisfaction, reduced costs, and improved supply chain visibility.  

Moreover, it allows you to control your logistics based on your business needs.  

You may have a business in Chicago or already have one and are looking for potential logistics. In that case, this article will guide you with a list of the top 15 logistics in Chicago for seamless logistics services.  

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