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Best Study Apps for College Students

By Sumona

November 19, 2021

Study Apps

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As a student, you probably know that studying is a vital method to maintain your grades and get through your tests. While studying may be quite time-consuming, it does not need to be boring! Since technology for digital is constantly evolving, it is possible to download more apps that can make studying enjoyable and easier.

Traditional methods of learning are no longer relevant in the 21st century. Who has the time to create flashcards or spend hours looking for necessary information in the textbooks?

There are a bunch of study apps for your smartphone and laptop that allow you to take notes across different platforms anytime. In fact, you will even find online platforms like offering essay writing services.

With everything from Evernote to Todoist applications, you will be able to stay focused, and boost your productivity in a single go. Let’s look through our favorite picks.

1. Evernote

At college, the importance of notes is essential. How else do you plan to prepare for your finals and pass every exam you take? Evernote assists students in keeping everything organized into one spot. It lets you equip notes with checklists and links, attachments, and much more! In the free version, you can transfer your notes to two computers and search for text within images or websites. Evernote Plus gives you the option to connect to unlimited devices at $34.99 per year.

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2. RefME

RefME is an electronic bibliographic reference application that supports more than 7,500 different citation styles (including APA, MLA, and Chicago) and provides citations for more than 40 different types of sources (websites, books, magazines, and so on).

RefMe is an essential tool for students, as well as non-fiction writers. If you’re working on a research or term paper, this app can create citations for you – just scan the barcode! It is then easy to export your reference list via email or Evernote.

3. iStudiez Pro LegendM

iStudiez Pro Legend lets students keep track of their assignments, schedules, and grades at any time. Are you not sure when you’ll need to submit your assignment, or what time the next exam will be? Go to your iStudiez app and check it out!

Just input the dates and other details, the app will handle all the rest. Never forget a task or class that is crucial! The most important thing? It is possible to connect the calendar of the app with other calendar applications, such as Google Calendar! The mobile version charges only $2.99 for the computer version, while the mobile version costs $9.99.

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4. StudyBlue

Students can use this brilliant app to upload materials used in class, create flashcards that can be used later, share material with friends, and take quizzes for practice.  You can control the way you study and are able to collaborate with your classmates at any time. It allows students to transform their everyday tasks into learning. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a line or just commuting, with this app you can make more use of your time.

5. Quizlet Go

The paper flashcards are so outdated! Bring back the 21st century using Quizlet Go! You can take the study sets of other users or make your own. The diagram and study set topics are infinite! For everything from “The French Word of the Day” to “Regression”, you’ll have all the knowledge you require to pass your next test. While you can access Quizlet without paying a cent, Quizlet Plus will cost you $1.67 per month or $19.99 a year.

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