8 Best Threat Intelligence Platforms For 2021

Published on: August 18, 2021

Last Updated on: August 21, 2021

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Technological integration has been the backbone of almost every business sector. Through automation and ensuring a greater connectedness, the technological revolution is changing the social and economic world for good. Along with the extensive use of the technical and digital areas, threat intelligence platforms are becoming essential.

Therefore, there is a reason you should invest in technology. According to Dell Technologies, Companies that invest in cloud computing services, extensive data systems, mobile-friendliness, and adequate cybersecurity and threat intelligence platforms are more likely to realize a 53% increase in revenue. This stat is a justification as to why you need to invest in technology adequately. 

2 Cybersecurity Strategy Which You Should Never Be Amiss

2 Cybersecurity Strategy Which You Should Never Be Amiss

Over the years, new threats have emerged, prompting businesses to invest in threat intelligence platforms and tools. However, cybersecurity threats will always be there for as long as the internet exists.

Therefore, you have to employ proper cybersecurity tools and measures to safeguard your digital assets.

 Two things that should never be amiss in your cybersecurity strategy are:

  1. SSL certificate
  2. Threat Intelligence Platform

So basically, what an SSL cert does is that it encrypts the in-transit communication that is exchanged between the web browser and the client-server. This enhances cybersecurity by keeping out MITM attacks. Anyone can acquire an SSL certificate. However, investing in the right kind of SSL cert with the optimum validation level is equally important.

For example, if you own multiple first-level subdomains under the main domain and plan to add more such subdomains, you need to invest in a special kind of cert called the wildcard SSL certificate. This one comes in DV or OV validation level and affords premium security to the selected main domain plus an unlimited number of underlying first-level subdomains.

So with this single cert, you can eliminate the hassle of threat intelligence platforms and save a lot of money as well!

Threat intelligence platforms are one of the key players in the security of computer systems against cyber threats. The knowledge provides context by telling you who is attacking you, why they are attacking you, their strength and capabilities that should make you worried, and some of the threat indicators that prove you are under attack.

Threat Intelligence Platforms

Threat Intelligence Platforms

It will be hard to spot potential threats and mitigate them, especially when you are not an expert. Threat intelligence platforms come in to help. Their popularity can be proved by their increasing market share, as shown below. It is estimated that by 2024, their global market share will hit $6.63 billion.

There are several threat intelligence platforms that you should pick from. Some of the critical elements of a threat intelligence platform are;

  •       The platform should be able to consolidate all threat intelligence feeds from several sources.
  •       The threat intelligence platform should be well-positioned to contain novel cybersecurity threats.
  •       The threat intelligence platform should blend perfectly with other analytics and security tools, such as next-gen firewalls, SIEM, and EDR.

The following are some of the top threat intelligence platforms.

1. IBM X-Force Exchange

IBM X-Force Exchange is one of the best threat intelligence platforms that you can choose to work with. It is a cloud-based threat intelligence platform dedicated to helping IT experts and cybersecurity professionals pay more attention to the most critical security threats and speed up threat solutions.

IBM X-Force Exchange threat intelligence platform blends human-generated intelligence and automated feeds to give a unique perspective on existing and impending security threats.

IBM X-Force Exchange is one of the most dominant threat intelligence platforms, monitoring up to 25 billion websites across the globe.

One of the essential features that this platform offers is the timeline view feature. The feature allows security experts to track the level of cybersecurity risk and track how the stakes have changed over time.

2. SolarWinds Security Event manager

SolarWinds Security event managers are another popular threat intelligence platform. The powerful TIP combines a threat intelligence feed with live event tracking to identify and expose existing and impending cybersecurity threats.

One of the critical advantages of signing up with this TIP is that it would deploy a response mechanism that will help safeguard your system against the threats mentioned above after it has revealed the active or potential threats. The Threat Intelligence Platform is well-suited to identify and respond to on-site data centers and cloud storage systems threats.

3. LogRhythm TLM Platform 

LogRhythm Threat Lifecycle Management or TLM Platform offers organizations a harmonized threat through data analysis and fast and efficient response to potential future and present threat incidents. LogRhythm Threat Lifecycle Management Platform will enable you and your organization to speedily spot, defuse and recover from any forms of security threats.

The platform leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate the threat detection process, deliver Security information and event management, endpoint monitoring and threat mitigation, and network behavior analytics. The combination of capabilities makes LogRhythm Threat Lifecycle Management (TLM) one of the most effective threat intelligence platforms you should work with.

4. Anomali ThreatStream

The Anomali ThreatStream is a unique solution for organizations that require next-level protection. The threat intelligence platform offers speedy threat detection and visibility.  In addition, it blends turnkey integration with human and machine intelligence to give you one of the best threat intelligence platforms you can ever think of.

Its intelligence-driven security suite aggregates multiple threat indicators to reveal existing security breaches and enable cybersecurity teams and experts to understand and contain impending security breaches quickly.

One of the critical features of Anomali that makes it stand head and shoulder above the other threat intelligence platforms is its ability to integrate highly accurate machine learning and artificial intelligence. With this, the platform can assign scores to indicators of compromise. As such, security experts will know which security element of threat should be given more weight.

5. Palo Alto Networks Autofocus

The Palo Alto Networks AutoFocus is a comprehensive threat intelligence platform that businesses of all sizes can use. It equips security experts, and IT teams with the necessary knowledge, intelligence, context, correlation, and an automated threat prevention workflow they so much need to identify and secure their systems against real-time threats.

The TIP is famous for its unit 42 feature that warns end-users against malicious intruders that might compromise their data. 

6. LookingGlass Cyber Solutions

LookingGlass Cyber Solutions offers security teams a unique opportunity to detect, understand and prevent cybersecurity threats instantly. It is an excellent threat intelligence platform that will help your business grow and evolve to deal with novel cybersecurity threats.

Among the key elements that come with this platform is the ScoutPRIME. ScoutPRIME is a solution that will help frequently assess the general security posture and environment to analyze potential loopholes that could render your system vulnerable to attackers.

Another vital element of LookingGlass is the ScoutTHREAT for those organizations that need to identify or prioritize security gaps in their defenses. The TIP is known to provide a 24/7 managed threat intelligence that will allow organizations to monitor their threat landscape and ensure that it is safe and secure from cybersecurity threats.

7. AT&T Cybersecurity

Formerly known as the AlienVault, AT&T cybersecurity is a unified security management system that belongs in popular threat intelligence platforms list. It has an open threat exchange system that feeds it with threat intelligence. It is arguably one of the biggest crowd-sourced collaborative threat exchange platforms. 

It provides a centralized cybersecurity risk detection, immediate response plan, and compliance to cloud storage systems and on-premises environments. The system automatically updates itself every thirty minutes, thereby being well equipped to fight the emerging cybersecurity threats.

8. FireEye Mandiant Threat Intelligence Suite

This threat intelligence platform enhances organization’s security posture and makes them well placed to deal with international threats. In addition, FireEye Mandiant has over one thousand employees who are well-suited to respond to emerging threats and research attacks.

What makes FireEye unique from the other threat intelligence platforms is its ability to tailor strategic intelligence to the corporate risk management system of a business. Therefore, users can align security strategies to deal with the impending cybersecurity threats.

To Sum Up

You will need a versatile threat intelligence platform to help you affirm your cybersecurity posture. A great platform will reveal the existing and impending cybersecurity threats that could render you vulnerable to attacks. Therefore, working with the best platform is an obligation you must ensure. Luckily for you, this article has covered eight of the best threat intelligence platforms you should consider working with.

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