5 Credible Ways To Boost Your Cyber Security Performance In 2021

Cyber Security Performance

Are you a business owner or a high-ranking executive looking to improve the cybersecurity infrastructure of your organization?

Do you know how cybercriminals are resorting to work-from-home vulnerabilities and attacking employees and organizations?

Have you tried looking at credible security alternatives like ensuring PKI certification, engaging in employee training, and secure VPN?

There is no doubt that digital transformation has been able to help businesses of all scales and sizes in terms of growth and increases in revenues. Businesses have been able to reach out to newer markets, discover and engage new target audiences, and build their brand.

Digital has also come to the rescue of millions of businesses and employees who could manage to continue operations with remote work during the pandemic.

However, the digital is a double-edged sword, meaning, it has its pros and cons. One of its biggest problems is that it is vulnerable to security threats, data stealing, and financial irregularities.

In this article, we speak to leading digital security experts and ask them about five credible ways businesses can boost their cybersecurity performance in 2021 but before that businesses can think of employing employees who have undergone some Cyber security course available in the market.

Why Cyber Threats and Attacks are growing at an alarming rate?

According to cybersecurity experts, the following are some of the reasons why attacks and threats are growing in 2020:

  • More and more people are working remotely, using unprotected networks and connectivity. This is making it easier for hackers to target them.
  • The use of open-source apps, which do not have proven credibility has been on the rise. The compromised nature of security makes them fertile grounds for attacks.
  • While data has become incredibly important, attention is not being paid to the security of storage, access, and analysis. This means that data is unprotected and vulnerable.
  • Too many devices are being used to work. Employees working from home are accessing company files on tablets, smartphones, desktops, and laptops. All of them are not secured at all times.
  • Hacking techniques are advancing rapidly. Cybercriminals are using sophisticated techniques to target unsuspecting people accessing emails at home (phishing attacks).

List of 5 Credible Ways to Boost Cyber Security Performance in 2021

1. PKI Certification

PKI stands for Public Key Infrastructure and concerns using Private and Public Keys between senders and receivers to make the encryption process more secure. In the last few years, PKI has become an important component for companies looking to boost their security infrastructure digitally. The PKI system uses a ‘handshake’ through a secure encryption process.

2. Updating to Two-Factor-Authentication-

In 2021, it is important that businesses use 2FA and MFA to increase the levels of security of their files. 2FA stands for Two Factor Authentication while MFA stands for Multi-Factor Authentication. This adds an additional layer to the security and makes it difficult for hackers to gain access, even if they have been successful in breaching the first tier of the security infrastructure.

3. Employee Trading Modules on Cyber Security-

No business will be able to successfully implement complete security solutions unless all its employees are aligned. This means organizing and holding security seminars to familiarise and train employees on how cybersecurity works. Businesses, which are looking to make changes to their software use should always carry out a training session before going in for adoption.

4. Secure Bandwidth and Connectivity-

If employees are working remotely, they might be doing office work from a café or a restaurant using public Wi-Fi. According to data, unprotected networks are the number one entry point for hackers and cybercriminals. Businesses should use a secure VPN and ensure that all business-related work is done through the secure network at all times.

5. Password Protection-

As we stated, employees, working from home use several devices to access official files. Most of the time, they have similar passwords on everything from Netflix to Drive. This is something, that most warn against. Using a Password Manager to manage all your passwords and ensure that you are using secure ones, can ensure complete protection.

The Final Word

It is important to note that cybersecurity is an alarming concern for all businesses. Data breaches can result in disastrous consequences to businesses and hence they should always hire internet lawyers from Mullen Law Firm. With so many laws being framed on cybersecurity by the authorities, it is good judgment to have expert legal counsel available at all times.

In the year 2021, cybersecurity should be the topmost priority for most businesses. This is especially true if you are a company looking to continue with remote working in the near future. You need to understand that as security systems improve, so too will the level of sophistication of cybercriminals.

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