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6 Biggest Misconceptions About Living in The Countryside

By mashum.mollah

October 14, 2021

Misconceptions About Living

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Living in the countryside in the UK has always appealed to crowds from different parts of the world. Many overseas investors prefer investing in a pleasant country where people are seen flocking in to settle down or start their new families. There are multiple properties for sale in Surrey and other neighboring boroughs, where people are seen investing their time and money.

People who’d like to get away from the bustling streets of busy city life prefer moving to the countryside. Despite the growing popularity of people enjoying their lives on the outskirts, there are still certain misconceptions that are hovering in people’s minds, making them have second thoughts about living in the countryside.

1. Cost-Effective Way Of Living

The first visual that comes to our mind when hearing the word countryside is a lineup of pastures in the green fields, an isolated house in the middle of nowhere with a patio, and breathtaking views of nature. Not all of it is true. There is a wide range of properties- from period townhouses to modern flats with multiple bedrooms. The cost of utilities is relatively higher with affordable property prices. Managing finances is crucial when living here. People with heavy wallets can effortlessly find a great place to live. People traveling to their workplace spend more on fuel for their vehicles.

2. Live In Complete Isolation

People usually think that the countryside is on the extreme outskirts of the city and takes a long while to reach there. Most rural boroughs of London and other regions of the UK are close to each other and are quickly reachable with local transport facilities like buses, tube stations, and railways. Many families are living in the countryside with a workplace in the cities. They take the tube network and reach on time. Some countryside regions are a walk away from the mainstream regions of London.

3. Quiet And Peaceful Lifestyle

Enjoying the serene neighborhoods is one of the biggest perks of living in the countryside, but not at all times. There are some streets where people can be seen enjoying the nightlife to its fullest. The absence of sirens and vehicle noises are balanced with the sounds of cattle and critters in the country. The lawns and open spaces are filled with tiny creatures that create sounds of varying decibels and are a significant contributing source of noise in the countryside. People can find many dogs here, barking all night and disturbing the neighbouring households.

4. Far Away From Important Places

The increasing number of families moving into the countryside has paved the way for many developments like schools, colleges, shopping centers, transport links and more. People can notice the flourishing marketplaces and restaurants in the countryside where people from cities are seen having their best time here. Likewise, workplaces located in the cities can now be accessed with the help of tube stations and railways that are a walk away from people’s place of residence in the countryside. Things have become easier, making people crave a comfortable life in the country.

5. Increased Safety In The Neighbourhoods

Most people move away from the cities to the countryside to enjoy a private and peaceful life, which is fulfilled most of the time. Many of them think that the country is safer in many aspects compared to city life which is correct to a great extent. However, it does not promise complete safety. Burglary, murders, and break-ins still exist in some parts of the countryside but are relatively lower compared to cities. It is, therefore, necessary for the residents to remain alert but simultaneously enjoy their life there.

6. Low Community Spirit

There is a line of independent and isolated households in the countryside where people enjoy privacy and spend quality time with their families. Many think that people don’t mingle easily here, which is a great misconception. People can easily find properties surrounded by a great community of people with the assistance of estate agents Surrey. The residents of the countryside are welcoming and friendly and new residents moving in here can experience a great community spirit compared to the city life. Many events are conducted by the local residents where new friends and acquaintances are often made.

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