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5 Things To Know Before Buying A – Frame Tents

By Arnab Dey

September 2, 2022

Frame Tents

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You’re making the right move if you’re looking for tents as temporary or permanent solutions for your business or event displacements. Indeed, tents come with versatile and flexible purposes.

While they’re pretty commonly associated with camping and glamping, there are specific tent types that are suitable for agriculture, events, emergency relief, healthcare, and other industries. 

If you’re a newbie in the world of tents, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all their technical and mechanical details. But to make it easier for you, this article will offer insights about learning the nuts and bolts of A-frame tents.

These are cost-friendlier alternatives instead of spending on construction materials only to remove the structure later. Get ready to know what an A-frame tent is and what factors to consider before buying it.

What Are A-Frame Tents?

A-Frame tents are also called ridge tents. These are excellent tent choices for windier climates or long-term installations since they are sturdy.

Whether you have it for a month, a year, or a far more extended period, these high-quality tents can withstand external elements better than other tent types.

To ensure their stability, stakes can be drilled into the ground on grass or asphalt surfaces. They usually consist of a tent top that is supported by tent poles. 

What Are A-Frame Tents

This tent is aesthetically beautiful as poles are usually found on the sides, and the center is vacant, maximizing floor space even more. Many people go for A-Frame tents when they’re holding outdoor events like concerts, weddings, and birthday parties.

They’re also great tents for holding healthcare, emergency relief, and other charitable outreaches. No matter the number of people you expect to come to your event or outreach, there’s an A-Frame tent size perfect to fit the capacity.

Here are some things you should know more about A-Frame tents before you add one to your cart:

1. Choose The Appropriate Size 

Choosing the right tent size is the first step. Generally, you need to purchase a tent that can accommodate at least twice more than your expected capacity. By doing so, you’ll have enough room for any additional attendees and equipment, and other devices.

2. Know The Duration Of Setting Up The Tent 

A-Frame tents require enough time to be installed. And it’s essential to be aware of this before purchasing and selecting the best tent.

While you can install a clear span tent yourself, some tent companies include the setup and installation services upon your rent or purchase. You can instruct their staff regarding your preferred location and time, so they can install the tent on time.

It’s crucial to note that you shouldn’t rush this process. Setting up this large tent could take some time, and investing in this stage will ensure that everyone can be safe and protected while under this sturdy roof. Also, note that a more complex design and layout may be a better option for improved comfort and convenience.

3. Be Familiar With Their Features 

A-Frame tents are luxurious and stylish to use. You should be familiar with their features so they can guide you on what frame tent to purchase or rent. They’re usually neat and classy enough to use for luxurious parties and events.

Consider the following features when selecting the best A-Frame tent:

A. Materials

Go for tents that come with PVC fabric and are waterproof. The material should be fire retardant and mildew resistant. Considering that they’ll be used for a long time, it’s ideal to prioritize quality materials. 

B. Poles 

The poles of a tent must be balanced. As mentioned, A-Frame tents don’t come with poles in the middle. So, to ensure its stability, choose a tent that comes with enough thick and sturdy poles for your outdoor parties.

After all, a more robust structure requires more poles. Also, go for aluminum poles as they’re solid and can withstand external weather conditions more effectively.

C. Peak Height 

In the camping industry, tents are often measured by their peak height. A tent’s maximum height is measured at its highest point, usually its center.

Ensure to consider this feature when choosing the right A-Frame tent for your needs. Consider the height suitable to make the event more attractive and spacious.

4. Apply Care Guide For A-Frame Tents:

When you’re planning to purchase or rent an A-Frame tent for your company, it’s essential to learn some care and maintenance advice.

Here are some:

  • Ensure to keep your tent in good condition. When you’re done using them, ensure they are dry enough before dismantling or folding them. This reduces the chance of mold and mildew buildup, which can decay the tent’s quality. A closet or garage would be an excellent place to store it.
  • Choose the right location to set up your tent, and consider the ground and its condition first. Check to see if the soil is level and free of rocks and debris, as they can make the setup seem more challenging. Also, ensure that the setup venue has places to insert the poles. 
  • Depending on your prioritized features, it’s better to consider the important ones like the quality of tent construction or the volume capacity. Never compromise on these two factors, as this can make or break your event and tent purpose. 
  • If you purchase your own tent, ensure to apply seam sealers to extend its sturdiness and life span.

5. Stay Within The Budget 

Whether you’re purchasing or renting an A-Frame tent, it’s always wise to stay within your financial capacity. Set a budget before you go around and inquire from different tent companies.

Doing so will narrow down your choices, and you have a budget guide on how much you can afford. However, during your shopping journey, prioritize value over price. 

If you’re looking for a tent, talk to someone who’s used it – someone you trust to give you honest, unbiased advice. You can also join forums and chat with people who have experience using A-Frame tents. If you want a tent you’ll love for years, you should do your research first. This ensures you’ll get enough value for your buck.


There are many ways to get the most out of events. Fortunately, your planned event can be made more successful with the help of these sturdy A-Frame tents.

However, it’s crucial to learn more about them before you go on your journey of sourcing one. Hopefully, the details and information above have shed some light so you can finally select the best tent to fit your needs. 

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