How Improving Your Memory Helps Your Career And Business

Career And Business

Memory is critical to properly function in every aspect of our lives. It helps us remember important details, deepen connections with loved ones, and avoid repeating mistakes. Conversely, a decrease in memory can be detrimental, affecting your relationships, health, and even career.

Having good memory ensures you keep a great connection with your clients, increases productivity, improves your presentation performance, and helps you with problem-solving.

Read more on why this is and learn some strategies to improve your memory. Click here to learn more about memory in general and how it helps other areas of your life.

How Good Memory Helps Your Career And Business

How Good Memory Helps Your Career And Business

Good memory is essential to being a productive employee and achieving your career and business goals. The following sections discuss just four of the many ways memory is beneficial to your career.

1. Remember Clients And Connect With Them Better

Memory is critical for successful networking or making sales. If you can remember the name of your potential client and their particular business needs weeks or even months after meeting them, then you have already made a good impression.

Even in a data drive world, many people look for humanness in the businesses they connect with. When you remember a client’s name or a coworker’s favorite snack, you bring that humanness into your career and business.

People feel special when these little details are remembered, so it means that they are more likely to work with you or help your business.

2. Increases Productivity

You can’t be productive without a good memory. Memory helps you concentrate on your tasks and remember details that save you time and energy. It also boosts your ability to multitask without forgetting important information that you will need later in the day.

Employees who don’t have good memory waste time revisiting important details in their work or fixing mistakes that they overlooked or forgot about.

Good memory ensures you don’t waste time or have to redo something, meaning you will be more productive and a better performer at your job.

3. Improve Presentation Performance

Which employee do you think will be admired more by their superiors: the one who remembered the details of their presentation without relying on their notes, or someone who read their notecards throughout their entire presentation? 

The person with the best memory comes off as impressive and more professional. They came prepared, and their good memory exhibits their passion and dedication to the topic at hand. The latter looks forgetful, unprepared, and uncommitted to their work.

Therefore, memory can be quite useful whether you need to remember key facts for an impromptu meeting or give a TED Talk. You will come off as more professional, prepared, knowledgeable, and charismatic.

4. Helps You Find Insights And Problem Solve

Helps You Find Insights And Problem Solve

Having good memory helps you problem solve, gain insights, and plan for the future.

Take an example that is a common situation at a retail store. A regular customer comes in looking for their usual item. However, it is not in stock. A good employee will remember their shopping habits, history, and preferences because they often help this customer.

 Therefore, they will be able to make recommendations that keep the customer happy even though their favorite item is out of stock. With their good memory skills, the sales associate solved the problem, all while making the customer feel special.

5. Strategies To Improve Your Memory

Memory is critical to function through every aspect of life, not just your career. However, due to aging and the increased dependence on technology, many people lose their memory skills over time.

Luckily, keeping a healthy lifestyle and using a few tricks can help bring your memory back. Here are a few strategies to help you improve your memory.

  • Meditate: Meditation increases the gray matter in your brain that is essential for memory and cognition.
    Furthermore, it helps you decrease stress and remain calm, making it easier to recall important information. You can also check a breath program to learn the proper breathing exercises to help you relax your mind.
  • Sleep well: Short-term memories are strengthened into long-term ones when we get enough sleep. This has been proven in multiple studies, which all showed that memory performance increased after a solid seven to nine hours of sleep each night.
  • Use mnemonic devices: These are the classic strategies to improve your memory. Creating these devices to learn important information can make it much easier to recall it in the future.
  • Play brain games: Training your brain is another great way to increase your memory. You can play brain-training games such as crossword puzzles, word recall games, or Tetris to strengthen your memory. There are even apps dedicated to brain training that provide an array of unique games and activities to try.
  • Develop a healthy lifestyle: Healthy brains lead to better memory skills. And to keep your brain healthy, you need to live a healthy lifestyle. In addition to sleeping well, make sure to exercise frequently and eat a nutritious diet.

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