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Digital Strategist – How To Become Digital Marketing Strategist (Best Guide)

By Sourav Ganguly

February 8, 2021

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In this digital edge and connected world, each organization needs digital strategies. It is now an immense part of any business. In order to do proper marketing or branding, a digital strategist plays a huge role. 

But unlike normal marketing, digital marketing is a vast field and requires a lot of specialized skills that can not be compromised. The job of a digital marketing strategist is not at all easy, but I have not said it is impossible. Here I will guide you on how to become a digital marketing strategist. 

How Do You Become A Digital Strategist?

Digital marketing strategist is a huge organizational responsibility that a digital marketer has to handle. In this digital generation, every business needs a digital marketing strategist in order to get new customers, and retail the past or current customers, it is very important to represent one’s business in the digital platforms. 

But there are several things that will make you a digital strategist. You can do a marketing internship for that. Here I will let you know every detail to become a digital marketing strategist. The race is between strategists vs digital strategists.

How Much Do Digital Strategists Make?

digital strategist

Your knowledge and digital strategist skills will decide what your salary or earning will be. The average digital strategist salary is around $59k. The more experienced you will be, your pay structure will also increase, and it can be between $80k to $120k. A digital marketing strategist has options for your career, and it also widens the digital strategist career path. You can visit digital strategist Adalah for more detailed information.

The next step as a digital marketing director can earn around $154k on a yearly basis. He will also have more decision-making responsibilities, though it depends on the organizational structures. The top position as a marketing executive can earn more than $200k per year. But make sure you have an impressive digital strategist resume.

What Makes A Good Digital Strategist?

As a digital campaign strategist, you need to have some technical skills as well for digital strategist jobs, just as

  • Targeting segmentation, positioning, value proposition along with brand strategy.
  • Working knowledge or experience of HTML and web designing.
  • Expertise in Search Engine Optimization as well as some related platforms.
  • Skills related to CRM software, like Oracle, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SAP.

You also can earn some certifications in order to stand out from the crowd as a Digital marketing strategist. Here is a list of certifications like Google Analytics, Facebook Advertising, Google AdWords, DMA Certifications, AMA Certified Professional Marketer, HootSuite, Hubspot.

It is also important to do a digital strategist course for better scopes and opportunities in this competitive job field. 

What Does A Digital Manager Do?


digital strategist

A digital marketing strategist has several responsibilities that need to be taken care of with specialized skills. Those responsibilities are

  • Creating content and strategies for outreach and web presence as well.
  • In order to lead generation, he needs to identify new communities. 
  • Analyze how the web traffic is performing and optimize as per that.
  • Perform in-depth research on the latest digital technologies and strategies.
  • Building a strong and effective client relationship.
  • Monitoring marketing, SEM, SEO, along with sales metrics in order to forecast trends.
  • Working as a part of multiple teams, such as marketing, sales, and also creative. 

What Is The Role Of A Digital Strategist?

Though the job role of a digital marketing strategist sounds like only one job role, in actual the scenario is different. A digital strategist has to handle multiple roles, and they are

  • Digital Branding.
  • Managing SEO or Search Engine Optimization.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Internet marketing.
  • IoT marketing.
  • Communicate with clients.
  • Analyze the digital performances.
  • Optimize new strategies.

How Do You Become A Social Media Strategist?

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As a part of how to become a digital strategist, you also need to consider how to become a social media strategist. Skill and experience both are necessary for being a social media strategist. Social media platforms are driving the market in the current timeline. Your academic qualifications also can help you in becoming a social media strategist. You can complete the graduation degree in the following fields.

  • Public Relations.
  • Marketing.
  • Journalism.
  • Communications.
  • Other related fields. 

You also can opt for online courses. These are designed to let you gather all the necessary knowledge and develop some skills regarding your job role. Here are the skills that you need to become a social media strategist.

  • Organizational and interpersonal skills.
  • Research skills.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Of Course writing and creative skills.
  • Expertise in social media networking sites.
  • Web page developing and editing knowledge.
  • Expertise in video and graphic editing software.

Remember, the more practical and organizational experience you will gather, it will help you to be a successful social media strategist. Also, do not forget to develop a strong online presence of your own. 

What Qualification Do You Need To Be A Strategist?

There are so many business ideas, but in digital marketing, most digital marketing strategists have bachelor’s degrees in marketing at least. Some of them though, do not have bachelor’s degrees in marketing but have in related disciplines. There are also some innovative marketing programs that you can pursue in order to develop those skills, which are perfect for meeting the industry requirements. 

First, you need to set a career goal. Later you need to plan your academic structure as per that. Maybe a master’s degree in marketing will give you the option to choose from a number of different specializations and programs. 

In case you want to start or pursue your career in general marketing, then you have to understand the difference between a traditional marketing master’s and an MBA. A digital marketing strategist will prefer the first one. As a traditional master’s, it offers a technical skill-oriented curriculum. On the other hand, those who are interested in c-suits or managerial positions will opt for MBA. 

Always keep in mind that specialized programs are always the best options and they will help to grow your business. One of them is a Master’s in Social Media Marketing or Marketing Research, which provides in-depth training. Due to the shorter completion time and affordability, graduation certificates are becoming too popular. You also can enroll yourself in digital marketing programs that are available online. 

Digital Marketing Strategist Salary

digital strategist

As I have mentioned earlier that your experience, skill, and work will decide what will be your salary as a digital strategist or digital marketing strategist. Different companies have different pay scales for their digital marketing strategist. Though the average salary of a digital marketing strategist is $59k, based on your expertise, it can be between $80k to $120k per annum. There are also some well-reputed companies that offer more than $200k on a yearly basis. 


So, now as you know all the details of being a digital strategist, you can plan your academics as per that. You also can develop some extra skills to accelerate your career growth as a digital marketing strategist.

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