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How To Apply For FedEx Small Business Grant Contest? – Eligibility & Prizes

Published on: November 11, 2021

Last Updated on: September 12, 2022

FedEx small business grant

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Are you a small business owner? Then I hope you’re aware of how challenging it is to get financial support from the very beginning. Funding your business, especially as its nascent stage requires long-term planning, support from grants, financial aiding programs, etc. One such corporate grant program that helps small businesses in strengthening finances is FedEx Small Business Grant Contest.

The majority of the small business owners overlook the area of opportunities they can enjoy from government or private grant programs. Moreover, the best part of obtaining money from these grant programs is you won’t require paying them back. Programs like FedEx Grant provide a range of facilities to the clients which we will be discussing today. In this guide, we will focus upon

  • Concept of FedEx Small Business Grant
  • Objectives Of FedEx Grant Contest
  • The Eligibility Criteria 
  • How To Apply For FedEx Grant Contest
  • Prizes From FedEx Contest

What Is FedEx Small Business Grant?

What Is FedEx Small Business Grant

FedEx Grant is a corporate grant program that facilitates the growth and financial development of small businesses. It grants business services, money, and more rewards to small-medium scale businesses every year. At the beginning of this year, FedEx announced launching the 9th Yearly Small business contest – FedEx Small Business Grant Contest 2021.

But What is FedEx small business grant all about?

The FedEx small business grant is designed to provide a help to small businesses during the initial stages of the start up. It helps them till they achieve a bit more stability financially.

The prizes and other benefits it gives are immensely helpful for startups, financially weak firms, and emerging businesses.

How To Apply For FedEx Small Business Grant?

Apply For FedEx Small Business Grant

In order to get the benefits, and prizes for the 2022 FedEx Grant, all you have to do is apply for it. Now here is the part where a number of candidates get confused. So here is a full guide detailing how to apply for the FedEx small business grant contest:

  • Applications need to enter certain information on the Contest Webpage including business name, FedEx shipping a/c number, short business profile, 4 photos of their logo, elevator pitch video, etc. There is a specific entry opening and closing period within which you have to apply.
  • After a few days of date closure, FedEx announces the name of the winners. 
  • The whole procedure takes 2-3 months.

Eligibility Criteria For FedEx Small Business Grant Contest

FedEx Small Business Grant Eligibility

There are certain eligibility criteria that you need to fulfill before registering for the FedEx small business grant 2022. Let’s check out those:

  • Your organization has to be of small scale with less than 99 employees
  • The organization has to be profit-based in nature. 
  • Must have authentic 9 digit FedEx shipping account number 
  • Must need an arrangement for shipping services
  • The business must not be under any bankruptcy protection or stuck in legal obligations. 

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What Prizes Can You Get From FedEx Small Business Grant?

FedEx Small Business Grant Prizes

As we have mentioned earlier, the FedEx small business grant contest 2023 gives away several prizes to the winning small business communities. Here is a breakdown of the prizes.

  • The 1st Place holder of the FedEx business grant will get a cash prize of $50,000 along with $7500 in the FedEx Office print services. 
  • The 2nd place holder will get $5,000 FedEx Office Print and business services plus Winner Of $30,000.
  • The 3rd place holder will get $1000 in the FedEx Office Print and business services as well as $15,000 in hand. Unlike the above two prizes where a single business will get then, 10 winners will get the 3rd Prize.

Apart from these, there are some more additional prize packages on the basis of the prize level. These are known as Website Audit Prize Package or Website Optimization prize Package:

  • The Grand Prize: The grand prize is a customized, in-depth Technical SEO website audit having all forms of SEO deficiencies. Also, it contains suggestions for improvement worth $2500-$5000. This depends on the number of website pages. The expiry date of this prize is 31st December 2021.
  • The 2nd Prize: The 2nd prize consists of a single Website conversion Optimization with a recommended enhancement for conversions issues. The price of the package is $1500 – $2000. It will take 30 days to finish the audit. The last date of the prize is 31st December 2021.  
  • The 3rd Prize: In the 3rd prize, you will get only one website audit with high-level monitoring and recommendations for the purpose of SEO. The value stands at $50, while the audit could take 14 days for successful completion. This prize expires on 31st December 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1. Do You Have To Pay Back A Grant For A Small Business Like FedEx Small Business Grant?

Any type of authentic grant, be it private or public, does not require paying back. Hence, be it FedEx small business grant or any other grant program, it’s a profitable financial program for small-scale entrepreneurs.

Q2. How Many Votes Did It Take To Win FedEx Small Business Grant?

The year 2020 FedEx small business grant contest received nearly 720000 votes. In addition, 4100 small businesses from all over the United States registered for this Small business Grant.  

Q3. Is It Hard To Get A Small Business Grant?

In a country like the United States, getting a small business grant could be difficult. It is because a number of things remain involved that reduces the potential of getting the grant. But with grant programs like FedEx grants, taking financial aid has become easier.

Q4. What Was The Date For FedEx Small Business Grant 2021?

The entry period for the 2021 FedEx Small Business Grant Contest is February 16 to March 9, 2021. Furthermore, the voting period started from 10th March 2021 to 24th March 2021. The team would release the names of the top 100 finalists on 31st March 2021. 

Wrapping It Up

That’s all about the FedEx Grant Contest. Are you a small business owner or a startup owner in the United States? Then you can definitely register yourself in this FedEx small business grant 2023. Make sure you are meeting all the eligibility criteria before applying.

Even though FedEx small business grant 2023 deadline is not yet declared, stay in touch with us to be updated. Who knows, you may also be the lucky one to receive the prizes!

Have any more doubts about FedEx grants? Shoot them in the comment area below; we are listening!

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