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The A – Z of Flexible Staffing For Austin-based Business Owners

By Sumona

April 12, 2022

Flexible Staffing

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As the U.S. continues to recover from a global economic slump resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, more businesses are searching for ways to reduce costs, improve their bottom line, and remain competitive.

One way that businesses can accomplish this goal is by using a flexible staffing partner. Such a platform may offer temp-to-hire or direct placement solutions.

In this context, the guide examines the benefits of using a flexible staffing platform in Austin.

What Makes Flexible Staffing a Necessity?

What Makes Flexible Staffing a Necessity?

Finding the right employee can be time-consuming and costly. The American Staffing Association states that the average cost of hiring a new employee, including advertising and recruiting, is more than $50,000. And that’s for low- and mid-level employees.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the cost of replacing an employee is 50% to 75% of the individual’s annual salary, not including the time it takes to recruit and train a replacement.

Business owners or entrepreneurs can choose to hire, direct, or employ the services of a staffing platform to find the right employee for operations. In the case of the former, it will be up to the employer to personally recruit and screen candidates. But then, as earlier mentioned, it is often expensive and labor-intensive.

Hence, companies rely on staffing providers to find quality workers who can fill positions. These business-to-business services are designed to help employers find and hire the right talent to improve operations.

Why Use a Staffing Partner?

Why Use a Staffing Partner?

Using a staffing partner has many benefits, which are discussed below.

1. Reduced Turnover

From an HR perspective, poor recruitment practices and ineffective management lead to high turnover. This results in the loss of resources (including time and money) in recruiting a replacement, interviewing and screening the candidates, and onboarding and training the new employee. Effective employee recruitment improves productivity.

When a company doesn’t have a high “turnover” rate, it is sure to show up in its bottom line. The services of a reputable staffing partner eliminate such human resource challenges for businesses. The partner does the legwork to ensure the client gets the best fit.

2. Faster Response Time

Using a recruitment partner has the advantage of ensuring that the right people are available for operations without delay.

Unlike the conventional recruitment process where the hiring window can be long, staffing platforms offer clients an on-demand approach to filling open positions. Since these providers have access to a large talent pool, employers can fill job vacancies at any time.

Also, the company can be inundated with candidates for seasonal operations without investing heavily in manpower structures to accommodate them.

Companies experiencing an increase in sales and projects feel the need for flexibility, which platforms such as Upshift provides.

3. Cost-Efficiency

Companies that engage a staffing service provider gains access to a large pool of pre-screened candidates. Using this approach ensures a stable workforce and a low staff turnover rate for significantly less money. Platforms, such as Upshift, help business owners save up to 50 cents on every dollar spent recruiting skilled talent.

Staffing firms are in a position to test, interview, and hire the best candidate for the job, therefore lowering employers’ hiring costs. Using such third-party services also has the advantage of eliminating the need to outsource human resource services, which is a costly and often inefficient practice.

4. Transparency

Transparency is a necessity for most businesses these days. The reason is that information travels fast and reputation is paramount in any industry.

Companies that are unable to deliver on their promises or provide quality services risk losing customers and revenue. Staffing firms are aware of this fact and are committed to working with clients to ensure they have the right talent to stay transparent and meet market demands.

On the staffing platform’s end, transparency means providing clients with clear terms of engagement, information on their candidate profiles, and the entire recruitment process. There should be no surprise costs as well. Upshift provides easy access to candidates’ information so employers can make informed decisions for their businesses.

5. Reduced Burden

When a business engages a third-party recruitment platform, the HR department of that company can take on more strategic roles that will drive the business forward. The organization can move away from administrative chores and focus on long-term growth and goals. There’s also a laser focus on improving customer services, products, and team satisfaction.

UPSHIFT’s Unique Selling Points

UPSHIFT's Unique Selling Points

Upshift, a digital workforce solutions platform, leverages a combination of proprietary technology, including pre-screening and testing, automated scheduling, employee onboarding tools, and even on-demand payroll processing.

The staffing platform currently serves businesses in varying industries, including cultural, warehousing, catering and events, retail, and hospitality.

Clients can access an easy-to-use recruitment interface, paired with a vetted talent pool, which helps them reduce hiring risks. An expansive list of flexible pay and benefit options, from traditional W2 employees to gig workers, including hourly, salary, and freelance options, are customized to meet the needs of Austin-based employers.

Compared to other staffing providers, Upshift has a job success rate that is over 53% higher than the industry average, averaging fewer no-call, no-show cases less than 2%.

Upshift achieves this goal by helping Austin-based business owners manage short and long-term staff, including rehiring favorite Upshifters and managing invoices at the click of a button.

In addition, the platform’s suite of analytics tools allows employers to monitor productivity, employee engagement, and costs to gain valuable insights into hiring practices.

Companies in need of talent in the Austin area can rely on Upshift’s services to ensure their businesses are ready for any season or project, and at the same time, reduce recruitment costs.

The hiring process can be as seamless as posting a job opportunity and seeing the best candidates apply. Moreover, the service provider offers a demo of their platform to better understand how it works.


In summary, using a staffing partner ensures that employers get access to the right talent, reduces employee turnover, and saves time, money, and effort. The approach also increases staff productivity and strengthens employer branding. When looking for a top-tier staffing partner in Austin, TX, the search should focus on reputation, hiring expertise, quality of talent pool, and understanding of relevant labor laws.

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