Future Of Business Telephony: Fixed Number On Mobile

Business Telephony

With many people working from home, it is important to have telephone accessibility of the organization in good order. Some organizations have even switched completely to working from home or working remotely.

At a time when it is increasingly difficult to just walk to a colleague’s desk, telephone accessibility becomes more important; both for colleagues among themselves and with customers!

There are a number of options within business telephony that ensure customers have the best possible customer experience. Below you can read more about the possibilities that business telephony offers, which different options are available and what cloud telephony can mean for working from home.

Business telephony offers the opportunity to further professionalize and expand the organization. In addition, (online) business telephony offers the possibility to deploy employees more flexibly.

7 Future Of Business Telephony Types:

Business Telephony Types

Here are a few examples of how business telephony can support the organization:

 1. Simple and automatic call forwarding

With business telephony solutions, calls can be easily and automatically transferred to employees. Through preset routing and menus, customers are automatically directed to an available employee in the right department.

 2. Easy scaling up

Business telephony offers the possibility to easily scale up when your organization needs it. Thanks to various smart solutions, employees only need an internet connection to be available to customers.

So one no longer needs extra office space or physical devices during busy periods. When the organization grows rapidly or experiences peak times in the year, the home phone system grows with it just as fast.

 3. Separate ringtone

With a smartphone system, you can enable a separate ringtone. A separate ringtone makes it easy to identify whether the call is business or private. This way, employees can also answer appropriately!

4. From old-fashioned call centers to virtual telephone exchanges in the cloud

Does your organization have a physical call center and want to better equip it for working from home? Then one option would be to give your employees all a handset to take home. But this is often organisationally and practically undesirable.

A virtual phone system operating in the cloud is a godsend in this case. Employees only need an internet connection to be reachable and can therefore be deployed from any possible location.

In addition, supervisors have the option of reading availability, reachability, and other data online and responding to them directly. If your organization uses online business telephony, there are two ways to transfer calls to employees:

Fixed Number On Mobile

I. Forwarding to mobile devices

One option is to forward incoming calls to mobile devices. Any extension can basically be forwarded to a (local) mobile device. By forwarding calls to a mobile device, employees can also remain reachable at home or on the road to make business calls.

II. Forwarding to a softphone

The second option is to transfer business calls to a device with a softphone app. A softphone app is software that employees can install on a mobile phone but also on, for example, a tablet, laptop, or desktop.

A softphone can almost completely replace physical phones and gives your organization maximum flexibility. Again, in principle, the employee only needs a mobile connection to connect to the VoIP telephone system.

7. Different types of number extensions

Besides choosing different hardware and software solutions for your business telephony, you have a choice of different phone numbers. Currently, buying USA phone number is very popular among European companies.

Even international numbers can be forwarded to a (local) mobile phone or softphone.

Consider what you consider important when offering a business phone number. Consider what you want to project toward customers and think about what you envisage for the future of the organization. Do you focus on local markets? Or do you want to operate internationally?

What business telephony means for working from home

business telephony meaning

Implementing the right business telephony solution for the organization offers the opportunity to meet the growing demand for (telephone) accessibility. It also offers employees more flexibility in these times when a lot of work is done from home. It is easy to switch between private and business calls.

Also handy when, for example, there are children at home demanding attention in between! You are also able to easily scale up if the company grows or if you temporarily need more capacity.

Business telephony allows you to deliver the quality your customers are used to, even in times when a lot of people work from home. Without compromising on professionalism, you offer the same excellent telephone service. Customers will not notice any difference!


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