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How to Create a Profitable Restaurant Patio

Published on: December 23, 2021

Last Updated on: December 24, 2021

Profitable Restaurant Patio

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Since many restaurants are reopening and offering outside dining throughout the summer months, adopting your patio may bring in new visitors and reacquaint existing ones with a dining experience. Restaurants are seeing an uptick in foot traffic and in-store visits following a pandemic outbreak. 

While the restaurant sector is regaining its footing, most business models have been modified to accommodate these new realities, such as the addition of delivery services or the provision of take-out meals. 

The restaurant outside seating, on the other hand, is a popular choice throughout the Summer months. Here are some excellent recommendations for how to organize a restaurant patio and make it a pleasant eating experience for customers.  

1. Create a Unique Experience 

The most crucial component of your patio is deciding on the sort of ambiance that will best represent your company’s image. 

Do you like a quiet or a noisy environment? Are you catering to a more informal or a more upscale clientele? For example, there is a significant contrast between the ambiance of a bar patio where people are often come to drink and the ambiance of a small restaurant where individuals are coming for excellent cuisine and nice conversation. 

Maintain the brand identity of your restaurant’s outside area and design it to appeal to the demographics of your consumers. You may create a tiny “lounge” atmosphere on your patio by including fire pits and couches. Additionally, consider providing a venue for live music. The majority of your clients will like you for it!

Once you’ve figured out what kind of mood you want to create, you can enhance it with elements such as ambient lighting, high-quality (weather-resistant) commercial outdoor furniture, music, plants, and other elements. 

Choose portable and easy-to-store restaurant patio furniture that is both functional and attractive. Plan the arrangement of your room in a smart manner. The number of tables you have should not surpass the capacity of your kitchen. 

Consider how you will arrange seats, tables, and other equipment to ensure that your clients and employees can move about freely and securely in the space. Fences and dividers of any sort can aid in the creation of a suitable layout and the better separation of tables in a more constrained area.

2. Take Care of Inventory Management

Take Care of Inventory Management

Increased business as a result of the building of a patio. It is critical to carefully design your menu and strategically order the appropriate number of items into your restaurant or bar in order to ensure that you maximize revenues.

To achieve this properly, you must have a thorough understanding of how your restaurant or bar’s inventory is utilized. 

Inventory management in the food and beverage industry necessitates understanding how much inventory you are buying for every accounting period, how much inventory you are marketing, and how much inventory you are really consuming. 

3. Strive for Privacy

Strive for Privacy

Some restaurants believe that the secret to creating an excellent patio experience is to make your patio feel like its own little universe. Is it feasible to hide your patio away in an exclusive spot, such as a rooftop, a location with a spectacular view, or an alleyway, without anybody seeing it?

You want your visitors to be able to enjoy all of the comforts of home while also enjoying the extravagances of indulgence in the process. Your patio should feel like a private spot for your visitors, where they can come to enjoy excellent company, a memorable experience, and delectable cuisine throughout their visit.

4. Offer Something Special

Offer Something Special

 By providing something extra on your patio, you may increase the level of enthusiasm among your clients. No, we aren’t talking about an entirely new menu at this point. It would be fantastic if you could just add an extra dish or two, or even better, create a new trademark drink. 

Establish an outdoor bar or cooking station, such as a grill or pizza oven, on your patio. Possibly the best way to attract new clients and encourage them to return to dine outside.

5. Get Ready for Unpredictable Weather

Even while the weather isn’t always conducive to outside dining, it doesn’t mean your customers won’t want to visit your establishment anyhow. 

As a result, because the summer months are your busiest, and because you have already increased your seating capacity with the addition of the patio, it’s unlikely that you will be able to simply transfer those customers to an interior table if it begins to rain.

Instead, it is your responsibility to make adjustments to account for the weather. Installation of rain covers, investment in outdoor heaters for cooler evenings, and the placement of umbrellas to provide shelter from the sun on hotter days are all recommended for outdoor entertaining.  


The patio season holds significant potential for eateries. It is an opportunity to make the most of what is expected to be a highly busy and profitable season by providing a greater experience to your customers than your competition. 

When it comes to creating a fully memorable dining experience and making your business the talk of the town, adding a patio to your restaurant may often be precisely what you’re looking for. As a result, your company’s revenue growth is aided as well.

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