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Fast Food: How Do I Market My Online Food Delivery?

By Mashum Mollah

June 5, 2021

Online Food Delivery

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2020 was quite the year. While food businesses faced dining restrictions and challenges, they also had huge opportunities. In fact, research shows that the pandemic doubled food delivery apps’ business.

If restaurants and food businesses want to increase online food delivery revenue, a killer strategy is a must. These food delivery marketing tips can help attract customers, encourage sales, and grow your business. Read on to discover the creative ideas you can implement today.

Get On the Apps

Is your business listed on the popular or established food delivery apps? While these apps take commissions, they provide your business with incredible exposure to a wider range of potential audiences. There are countless apps to choose from.

So, you need to do the research to find which site functionality and commissions work best for your business. But if you do decide to get on the apps, your online food delivery services need to stand out. Consider professional food photography and detailed menu descriptions to entice customers.

Market Through Social Media

Harness the power of evergreen content to fill your social media calendar. This simply means having an arsenal of quality posts that provide users a basic overview of food delivery services and options. In your social media bios, call out food delivery services and include hours.

For example, many customers search “food delivery near me open now.” Capture customers and convert to sales by letting them know you are open and ready! If you have a specific food business, research relevant hashtags.

For example, using the hashtag “whole foods” will make your page and business searchable for someone looking for whole foods online delivery. If you want professional help developing your marketing strategy, check out these food delivery digital marketing services.

Create In-Store Promotional Signage

If you own a traditional restaurant or brick-and-mortar food shop, you have access to potential food delivery customers every day. Do these customers know about your online food delivery service options? Make it obvious!

Create in-store signage or flyers. Place posters in your store window and street signs in front of the shop.

You may even want to create postcard size promotional materials to tuck into your customer’s food bags. Or, create a call-to-action on receipts.

Create Your Own Contact and Delivery System

Market your own contact and delivery system to drive sales to your site and retain profits. Establish a phone number and texting system for orders. Or, create your own online order form.

Market these direct online order channels through word-of-mouth in-store, promotional flyers, or social media. Direct online ordering makes the process simple and easy for your clients. For example, include disclaimers like “Complete your order in under two minutes!” to encourage sales.

Online Food Delivery Can Grow Your Business and Encourage Repeat Clientele

Whether you have an existing online food delivery system in place or want to roll out this service option, your business will benefit. To market your online delivery services, it is important that your business shows up in the correct and visible places. That means on the apps or on social media.

Don’t underestimate the power of capturing existing clientele through promotional materials or word of mouth. Did you find this information interesting? Then, check out our other business stories.

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