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How To Get Rid Of My AI On Snapchat?

By Shahnawaz Alam

January 2, 2024

How To Get Rid Of My AI On Snapchat?

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Do you find the My AI on Snapchat feature annoying as well?

Many of the snapchat users do not like the chatbot around. Of course, this new AI friend is supposed to help you. But we have our ways of using things, so if you want to remove the My AI bot, you should, by all means.

But how to get rid of My AI on Snapchat? Do not worry. Keep reading this article to find different ways of removing Snapchat My AI from Snapchat.

What Is Snapchat My AI chatbot? 

Snapchat My AI is a new chatbot integrated into the Snapchat app. This is a friendly chatbot and a useful one, according to Snapchat. Currently, the chatbot is in an experimental phase.

Snapchat claims that it uses this chatbot for the well-being of its community. The chatbot is based on OpenAI and is trained in various types of text communication. However, the My AI tool also abides by several of the Snapchat regulations and rules. It does not promote any nudity or sexual or explicit content.

Snapchat also integrates different safeguard tools and information they use across Snapchat. They are also blocking results related to drugs, keywords, slang, and any sexually explicit conversation.

How Do I get rid of my AI on Snapchat?

So you want to delete or get rid of My AI on Snapchat? If you are a Snapchat++ subscriber, follow these steps –

  1. Open the Chat tab to see your conversations.
  2. Tap and hold on to the My AI option.
  3. Go to Chat Settings.
  4. Next, Clear from the Chat Feed.
  5. Now, click on Clear.

But, if you want to get My AI back after you deleted it, you have to follow the different steps given here –

First, you have to use the search tool. Use the Chat tab. You have to use the chat tab as if you are looking for someone. There you type in My AI to find it. You can now send something to the bot. This will make the chatbot return.

Why can’t I delete your AI on Snapchat?

The answer depends on the type of Snapchat user you are. If you are one of the Snapchat + users, then this feature will be available to you. On the other hand, if you are a free user, then the feature of deleting My AI should not be available to you.

The Snapchat + users were one of the first to receive the My AI feature. That is why they get rid of the option. But they cannot get rid of the feature once and for all. They can only remove the threat from their chat screen. But you cannot remove My AI as a friend from your chat list. You cannot remove it as a friend.

Block My AI From Watching Your Snapchat Stories

However, there are different options to block or limit the My AI feature on Snapchat. Here are some of the ways –

It does feel creepy to know that someone or something is watching you. Although you do not want them/it to watch your Snapchat activities, you are still under their radar.

Many users usually feel too creeped out by the fact that My AI can see the Snapchat stories you upload. No, Snapchat does not reveal anything about the My AI bot seeing your stories. However, there is a toggle button under the privacy settings of My AI. it shows that that chatbot can access your stories.

However, Snapchat also elaborates upon this feature of the My AI tool on the platform. It is possible to use the stories to provide the users with a more accurate and catered response.

Here is what snapchat says –

“Content shared with My AI, including your location if you’ve shared that with Snapchat, will be used by My AI to provide relevant and useful responses to your requests, including nearby place recommendations.” 

You can block Snapchat from having any access to your stories on the platform. Here are the steps you must follow –

  • Go to the Chats Tab. 
  • Next, tap and Hold on to the option called “My AI banner” option.
  • Click on the option called Privacy Settings.
  • Turn off “My Story”

How Do I Get Rid Of My AI On Snapchat? Delete Your Data From My AI

I understand how creepy and annoying My AI can be. But you cannot delete My AI itself. So, what’s the solution? You can delete all the data My AI has on you.

Yes, this AI bot stores and keeps track of all the chat data you have with it. The data remains with the chatbot until you decide to delete it. How do you delete the chat and the post content shared with the My AI? Here are the steps you can follow –

  • Tap on the Profile Icon.
  • Scroll Down and go to “Privacy Controls..”
  • Click on the Clear Data option.
  • Now tap on Clear My AI Data.

However, you must know that these actions will only delete the data related to your conversation with My AI from the past. However, your other interactions with My AI and the data associated with it will not get deleted.

How To Unpin My AI On Snapchat?

If you just want to unpin the My AI from your snapchat, then follow the steps here –

  • Tap the Snapchat + banner visible on the profile screen.
  • Toggle ‘My AI’ from ‘Pinned’ to ‘Unpinned.’

Bottom Line 

So, how do I remove My AI chatbot on Snapchat? Hope you have an answer after reading this article. Usually, if you are a Snapchat user and not a Snapchat + user, you cannot expect to remove the chatbot. But, Plus, users do have some options that I have provided here.

But the truth is, you cannot fully remove the Snapchat My AI bot from the app.

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