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Fanfix Vs. Onlyfans: What Is The Difference Between Two Platform

Published on: February 27, 2023

Last Updated on: March 21, 2024

Fanfix Vs. Onlyfans

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The creator economy is on the rise, and the space is filled with content creators showcasing their talents and generating revenue.

Research shows that there are over 50 million creators worldwide, and the market is worth $100 billion. 

It’s no surprise that creator platforms like OnlyFans have become quite popular. 

And now there is a new player joining the list: FanFix. The platform has the potential to become the next OnlyFans, and let’s explore everything about FanFix vs. OnlyFans and how to monetize your skills and grow your following on FanFix.

What is FanxFix?


Launched in August 2021 by social media figure Cameron Dallas, FanFix is a premium subscription platform that connects content creators to produce content for their loyal fan base. FanFix promises creators and influencers more flexibility in content creation and more revenue generation opportunities.

Despite being a new player in the market, Koji has already expanded its portfolio of platforms by starting a leading Link in Bio app called Koji.

Koji is the first e-commerce platform tailor-made for social media sellers, with several features and temples that simplify selling products, services, and more.

How FanFix works?

FanFix is quite similar to OnlyFans, with a clean and simple-to-use interface. The platform allows creators, including artists, gamers, fitness trainers, chefs, etc. upload their images, videos, and blogs and monetize their skills. Creators and influencers can set subscription plans with prices that they think are the best. 

Fanfix can be used by creators of age 13 and above, but the private messages of creators under the age of 18 years will constantly be monitored.

Here are some of the features of FanFix that makes it one of the most popular creator marketplace:

  • FanFix is a premium subscription platform where creators can set their own subscription plans with custom pricing.
  • The platform has a clean interface that is simple to use, making it accessible for both creators and fans.
  • Creators can sell exclusive content and allow fans to access it by paying the price.
  • FanFix provides creators with a comprehensive analytics dashboard to track subscriber count, earnings, and other metrics.
  • The platform has its own link-in-bio feature called a super link that allows fans to buy exclusive documents and purchase requests like custom video requests.

What Is OnlyFans?

Content creation is a job and a business of some sort in today’s time. Many content creation platforms allow creators to sell photos, videos, and streams. OnlyFans is one platform allowing creators to sell their digital content for a price. This Platform works through a monthly subscription.

The subscribers of a particular creator get to consume the content they make and sell. This platform’s main types of creators are fitness trainers, YouTubers, models, content creators, and more. It is also a platform for many such creators to monetize their skills and professions. But, unlike FanFix, OnlyFans allows nudity and NSFW content to be published on the Platform.

However, be it the creation or the consuming part, OnlyFans policy does not allow people aged below 18 to use the Platform.

How Does Onlyfans Work?

OnlyFans brings an excellent solution to content creators by monetizing the content they create. It is a subscription-based social media platform allowing creators to charge viewers. Here are different tools for making money –

  • Paid Subscriptions
  • Pay-per-view messages
  • Private access to posts
  • Live streams
  • Tippings
  • Premium photo & video attachments through messages

There are two types of users on this Platform. Some of them are creators who create content. There are subscribers who consume that content. The creators need to create a profile and fill it in with information, photos, videos, and more. They also have to set up a basic subscription plan for their audience.

However, the earning part has some complications. It is regarding the policy of the Platform for monetized profiles. The creators can keep 80% of their earnings and give away 20% of the earnings to the Platform as a commission fee. Yes, there are other platforms, such as Patreon and FanFix. But OnlyFans has the most number of adult content creators who earn a lump sum of money by creating adult content.

FanFix Vs. OnlyFans

FanxFix is similar to OnlyFans in many aspects, but it does have some differences. So when you consider FanFix vs. OnlyFans, FanFix has strict policies against sexual content, unlike OnlyFans.

While OnlyFans primarily supports adult content, FanFix doesn’t allow explicit sexual content. The next notable difference when it comes to FanFix Vs. OnlyFans is that the payouts on the former are don’t on a daily basis. The platform uses Stripe as its payment processing app, which takes a few business days to release the payments of creators.

How to make money using FanFix?

make money using FanFix

FanFix is a simple subscription-based content creator platform that functions quickly. After creating an account on the FanFix app, creators have to verify the profile and configure the payment option. 

Configuring the payment methods is important to receive the payouts. After the verification profile is completed, creators can fill up the profile with personal information so that their audience can know them better. 

The primary way by which creators can make money on FanxFix is through subscriptions. FanxFix gives you the flexibility to set subscription rates depending on your goals. 

The higher the prices for your subscription tiers, the more money you can make. It’s simple as this. Creators are free to upload any content except explicit adult content. 

FanFix also deducts a fixed commission of 20% to cover the operation costs and platform maintenance.

How To Make Money Using Only Fans?   

Here is how you can earn some easy money using Only Fans:   



One of the most famous and convenient ways to earn money from Only Fans is through paid subscriptions. The subscription fee ranges from $4.99 to $49.99 for a month. Whatever you post on your account goes behind the paywall. So, if someone wishes to access it, they would have to first subscribe to your content to watch it. Only the paid subscribers get to enjoy the benefits. The website is easy and user-friendly. That is the reason why it is so popular among users. The viewers pay a monthly subscription fee, and accordingly, they get to watch your posts, stories, and streams.   

Newer creators may also take advantage of their built-in promotional content feature to improve their count of subscribers even when they are using a paywall. Creators may also offer discounts on the monthly subscription fees for three, six, or twelve months. It is indeed a great way to treat your loyal subscribers and encourage the potential ones.  

Paid Posts

Because multiple new creators are cautious about keeping their content behind a paywall, there is an option where you can keep some of your content as paid posts and the rest for free. The idea is that you can charge for your best content. And anyone who is interested in watching it should first pay for it.   

As per the philosophy of Only Fans, if your subscribers are way too excited about your free content, they will easily pay for the paid ones, too.   

Direct Messages   

Direct Messages 

Direct messages are just what you think they are. Here, you can directly send messages to your fans. And, for each message, you can charge them up to $100. Fans usually stay very excited to receive a very personal and exclusive that you send them.   


If you did not know this, tips are more like the bread and butter for Only Fans content creators. Viewers may tip on individual posts or your content overall. For the first four months, there is a $100 cap on tips. The amount may increase to a whopping $200 later.   

Live Streaming   

Live Streaming

Live streaming is yet another option that allows you to free accounts who wish to monetize their content. You sell access to these PPV streams where the price of the ticket starts from as low as $5. Live streaming is a very successful way to develop intimacy, authenticity, and community between fans and creators.   

Just as you have seen people on Instagram go live with other people, the same can be done on Only Fans, too. This is one of the best ways to partner with other Only Fans creators and grow your audiences together.   

Ghostwriting For Only Fans   

If you do not wish to show your body or face on the internet, ghostwriting is a great way to solve this problem and earn the bucks you want. Creators hire ghostwriters to respond to their private messages. While many people criticize this kind of practice, outsourcing is a very convenient way to ease the workload. 

Building a creator marketplace like FanFix

Now that you know about what is FanxFix and everything about Fanfix Vs. OnlyFans, you might be inspired by the success of the platform. You can build your own marketplace like Fanfix; it can be an easy procedure if you choose the right software. 

With advanced technology at our fingertips, launching a website like FanFix is an easy and affordable task. Leverage a content creator platform script like Fanso that allows you to build and launch subscription-based websites like Fanfix and OnlyFans effortlessly. 

Fanso has important features like subscription tiers, live streaming, a built-in eCommerce store, a dedicated content creator dashboard, a social feed with stories, and more.

Fanso is a 100% customizable clone script that provides complete ownership for users. Built with robust tech making, building and scaling your FanxFix-like website is easy.

Frequently Asked Questions!! (FAQs)

Here are some popular questions about OnlyFans and FanFix. I have also answered them for you.

Q1. Is Fanfix The Same As Onlyfans?

Ans. When it comes to operability and the model of income FanFix, OnlyFans, and Patreon, all offer a platform for creators to earn through paid subscriptions. However, there is a general difference that separates Onlyfans and FanFix. OnlyFans allows the publishing and promotion of nudity and NSFW content. The same goes for Patreon. It allows nudity on the platform, which is not present on FanFix.

Q2. Is Just For Fans Better Than Onlyfans?

Ans. It depends upon the priorities of a creator. Both of the platforms are compatible with bank transfers for payments. However, Just For Fans supports Cryptocurrencies for payments. But if you want to reach the payout limit soon, then OnlyFans remains the winner. It is good for fast earning.

Q3. What Is The Point Of Onlyfans?

Ans. Onlyfans is a membership-based content creation platform allowing creators to monetize their content. The platform started in 2016. However, now, it is filled with adult content, and the majority of the creators post adult content on the platform.


FanFix is an excellent creator marketplace platform for creative people who want to generate revenue using their skills and engage with their fans. With an easy-to-use interface and subscription model, it’s no wonder it becoming popular just like OnlyFans. 

Catering to cooks, fitness enthusiasts and trainers, gamers, and motivational speakers, the best thing is that Fanfix allows you to engage together and carry out giveaways and prices. 

If you are a content creator or an influencer who wants to expand your fan base beyond your OnlyFans and generate revenue by following your passion, FanFix is worth trying out.

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